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  1. Potters Bar Town - Fair do's, that's fine by me, I will probably get a slap on the wrist from Gregg for discussing the matter with you but I don't mind as long as he doesn't shake my hand. I think you should lighten up a little though, it's all in the past anyway and water under the bridge, life's too short.
  2. HTFCew - Well you will be meeting us next season as long as you don't get promotion although I suspect that you might. I am the opposite to you in having a great belief in my own teams ability but don't take my word for it, we start the season against the teams who finished third and second respectively last term and I am fully expecting six points, if not I will hold my hands up. As for comparing us to Man Utd this was only in comparison to the 1974/1975 season when they were in the 2nd Division in old money, it was a cup final for every team that visited Old Trafford that memorable season and it will be the same with us and Hendon's ground this season. As for comparing us to Brazil, well that was intentional!
  3. Rak - Hi, yes I got the paper yesterday when I was over at Hendon, fame at last eh! Perhaps you can describe Takumi's goal from yesterday at Braintree for all the doubters on here, I suspect that the goal was actually better than described in Non League as 'juggling' (George Best style) the ball past a 'number' (possibly four or five) players and 'fired' (Wayne Rooney style) home from outside the area was probably played down if anything by the reporter rather than talked up. I have always found Non League to be fair and transparent, I'm not sure what Potters Bar Town's beef is with them. Anyway I hope that I haven't upset er indoors, my life won't be worth living but if so I'll worm my way out of it, I normally do.
  4. Paula - Sounds good or we needn't go to a game at all, there are other things to do!
  5. As this seems to be the closest thing to a Hendon thread I'll copy something from the Non League paper today and the match report from their impressive 3-0 win at Braintree yesterday: 'Hendon scored their first goal in the 52nd minute when substitute Takumi Ake juggled the ball past a number of home players and fired home from just outside the area'. Er anyone got anything to say!
  6. Hi sexy, just about to PM you, at the moment we have no game but I'm trying to get one arranged, we're open to offers but the way we're playing I doubt there will be anyone brave enough to want to play us.
  7. Horace - You should have more confidence in your own team and haven't you got this so called World beater Kevin Cooper playing for you this season, I'm sure he will hit the net at Berkhamsted.
  8. Potters Bar Town - Yes I received your e-mail this morning but am only telling you what was discussed and it wasn't my intention of ruffling your feathers which I appear to have done. If what I have said is inaccurate then I apologise and have obviously only been given one side of the story but I was under the impression Kentish Town had a two year agreement at Parkfield as opposed to just the one, was anything formal drawn up and put in writing. Perhaps it has all turned out for the best as Potters Bar was quite a trek and the players very rarely trained last season if at all, now they are training three time a week and Hendon is local for the majority of the squad.
  9. Well Berkhamsted finished bottom of the Southern League East Division last term but were dealt a get out of jail card through restructuring and will now be in the Southern League Midlands Division. In theory they are our level and there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to go there and win with a decent travelling support behind you, I'll have a wager if you like and put my money where my mouth is that you oblige.
  10. Potters Bar Town - Well keep your hair on, I'll pass your PM onto Gregg but he will be the first to acknowledge that you did indeed help Kentish Town out in a big way after they were cruelly and unceremoniously shown the door at Haringey Borough. I gather however that they had a two year agreement with you yet you made it fairly obvious you were keen to see the back of them last season due to your Reserves playing at Parkfield and suggested they leave giving them very little time to find a new ground for this season. I also understand that you were not keen for them to enter any of the cup competitions or even be affiliated to the Hertfordshire FA. Anyway lets not fall out over this as we're cool about it, at the end of the day Kentish Town are survivors and take everything people throw at us on the chin, Henry Cooper style, only to come out the other side bigger and stronger. If our groundshare agreement at Hendon also goes pear shaped then so be it and we will find somewhere else until such time as we get our own ground, preferably in our home Borough of Camden which I am currently talking to the Council about.
  11. Lato - You're cheeky as ever, I was just thinking that by some fluke we might get pipped at the post on goal difference by 'favourites' Brache Sparta, all the other Club's in Division 1 are currently two or three weeks ahead of us in terms of preparation as we only started pre season training shortly before meeting you on Thursday evening, what was the result by the way, I received a knock on the head yesterday and am suffering from memory loss!
  12. Paula - Won't you reconsider as it will be a laugh and many of the Soccerettes on Soccer AM have gone on to bigger and better things such as modelling contracts. Can't you be persuaded, I'll make it worth your while such as a lifetime season ticket at Kentish Town unless you can think of anything else you might want.
  13. HTFCew - When did you first hear that the game was off out of interest, it is certainly a poor show and didn't seem to give you any time at all to contact another Club to come up to play you, I hope you didn't produce a programme. We would have grabbed your arm off if we would have know about it say on Friday evening and given you a good game too the way we are playing at the moment, ask Ruislip Manor. How did your First Team v Reserves match go, I expect a lot of punters showed up expecting to see an exciting game with Brook House and were disappointed.
  14. AWK - Thanks for the vote of confidence, bizarre is certainly the right word to use to describe the goings on at Haringey Borough and turning down financial help such as the lucrative friendly with Spurs is only the tip of the iceberg. According to the league rules, which I've downloaded from the excellent new SSML Website, should one of the top two Club's in Division 1 not be eligible for promotion to the Premier Division due to ground criteria then the third placed Club will be promoted. This is good news for us as a 'safety net' but to answer Gavin's question I definitely think we will go up this season as either Champions or runners up.
  15. Gavin - Well I gather from a reliable source that that is exactly the case, the articles go out of their way to reiterate that Barnet will continue to play at Underhill whilst using the new, all singing all dancing, facility as a training ground but get real, who do they think they are kidding. I'll get hold of the Minutes from the Harrow Council Cabinet meeting on 3 August and cut and paste the discussions on here for you which will no doubt make interesting reading.
  16. I plan to send a circular e-mail to every SSML Club Secretary, well apart from Haringey Borough, in the next week or so with a link to the Forum, that should do the trick. I need to tell them I have left Haringey Borough and am now with Kentish Town incase there is any confusion so it will kill two birds with one stone and we should then get a lot more new Clubs represented on here such as er Hoddesdon Town.
  17. Gavin - You made it too easy for us this time, the second photo is a giveaway as it's easy to recognise the New Den from the stand, I doubt many would have known from the first picture. Do you have a soft spot for Millwall as you watched them recently against Charlton, are they your 'second' Club, you still wouldn't get me going to the New Den as I remember the grief I always used to get when going to games at the infamous old ground in Cold Blow Lane.
  18. Yes I was round our Chairman's house after our friendly match yesterday and as most people on here who know him, such as Lato, Manorborn and Potters Bar Town, will tell you he does move in high circles so I guess I was honoured to be using his state of the art computer to post my brief match summary. Just to reiterate that it was another frightening performance from the team despite us going two goals behind in the first period possibly through over confidence which is no bad thing. Chris Zanre who is the Manager's son was on great form pulling a goal back just before the interval and hitting two more great goals in a one sided second period when we could have added another two or three. Interesting to hear about Biggleswade Town's tactics at Canvey Island, they are not normally renowed for strong arm play but I believe have a new Coach who has possibly brought in some of his own men, at least Lato has been warned by the lovely Paula for when they meet Ruislip Manor during the season.
  19. Potters Bar Town - I assume Kentish Town would not have been eligible to enter this competition. I see you have an interesting trip to Hertford Town if they, as expected, beat Berkhamstead Town, you will be able to see Elaine!
  20. Potters Bar Town - I wouldn't get your hopes up if I were you, you know my reputation for having stamina in abundance even if I'm getting on a bit. Incidentally I had a good chat with Gregg and Frank about you this evening amongst other things as I went round Gregg's place after our friendly, were your ears burning. Apparently you didn't treat Kentish Town particularly well when they played at Parkfield last season and were somewhat dictatorial as to what they could and could not do.
  21. Well that's not very nice Potters Bar Town, are you trying to put Paula off me as you feel that you might have a chance yourself when she visits Parkfield on 23 December, that's some way off and anything can happen before then. Surely if you are all too young to remember the Carry On films, and I don't believe that for a minute, you will have seen the constant repeats, Carry On Camping is my favourite for obvious reasons! Glad you enjoyed the trip to Amsterdam Potters Bar Town, clearly you went for other reasons than purely the football though and you will have to fill us in.
  22. Paula - Hi I'm round the Chairman's house using his computer, I'll be home later. You're home early, no drinking today then!
  23. Kentish Town 3 Old Aloyiusios 2 - Yet another excellent performance from Kentish Town this afternoon in a hastily arranged friendly with 'Old Boys' outfit Old Aloyiusions played on the training ground behind Hendon FC's 'palatial' Claremont Road ground. Aloyiusions raced into a 2-0 lead early on catching Town cold however a Chris Zanre hat trick won the game following a one sided second period. More later.
  24. Also reminds me of a game last season at Haringey Borough against Leverstock Green when there was an interval downpour of biblical proportions that flooded the hallowed Coles Park turf in 30 seconds flat, I had never seen anything like it and the game obviously had to be abandoned, I've got a picture which I will try to post on here. I gather Hendon's drainage is half decent so hopefully we won't have that many games called off this season.
  25. Folks - Any of you interested in coming to Hendon this season to watch us in action let me know the day before on here or PM me and I will leave a complimentary on the gate for you including a free programme, can't say fairer than that can I. There is method in my madness though as you will then want to come every week, we are modelling our playing style very much on Brazil 1970, just ask Ruislip Manor who we beat 3-1 at their place on Tuesday.
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