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  1. pointless tv programme. could be done in thirty seconds instead the smugster Edmonds spins it out for an hour and laughs all the way to the bank.
  2. Irony really is lost on your rhodsey isn't it.
  3. I wasn't surprised by Jerry and Anton's departure as she is quite lazy when it comes to actually performing any dance steps. Michael may not be as good (though I'd wager he is still better than you rhodesy) but he is making an effort. As for viewing figures nosediving well logic suggests that it was the majority of viewers that voted Jerry off and since that has now happened then surely they will continue to watch!
  4. be interesting to see to see you attempt something similar at that age rhodesy......however the end of Johnny Ball does not detract from the fact that ONCE AGAIN you predicted the wrong couple to be evicted.
  5. wrong again rhodesy.....think it will be a few weeks before they depart. Richard and Erin, Natalie and Michael and Anton and Jerry will all go before them, possible some others too.
  6. I agree with you for once rhodesy, Kimberley Walsh was the best this week but no guarentee she will win. Funnily enough and why is the world not shocked here, you NEVER predicted the winner at all last year, infact you spend each week predicting certain couples would be voted off but they never did!!!!
  7. Having watched the programme I was left slightly aghast by the status and power that Jimmy Saville had at the BBC and the fact that no one felt they could report him for what would appear from the programme to be more that insinuations.
  8. Probably the majority of people under the age of 30!
  9. Why? People like what they like.Just because they disagree with you (not that we know as we still haven't seen your list rather a lot of criticism of other people...change the effing record please)
  10. What people like is very much their own choice so why you have to comment on it is unnecessary. However we all know the reason why and I've stated it many times. You would do yourself a lot more favours though if you actually bothered to answer a question or stick to the topic.........beyond you I know but we can all but hope.
  11. So your entire perception and thoughts about him and hence your reasons for 'cyber-attacking' himare based upon the words of 'mutual friends' and his posts on this website...............just about sums you up.
  12. This is the BBC Sports personality of the year therefore a lot is going to depend upon the people who vote and what access they had to watch the various sports events. Since Wiggins's and Murray's major acheivements were televised in this country on channels other than the BBC as were the Paralympians, it is highly probably that the eventual winners exploits will have been achieved on BBC TV i.e the Olympics. From sheer sporting achievement if I was voting I would go for Bradley Wiggins or David Weir simply for the range of their acheivement - Wiggins first Briton to win the Tour de France and also the joint leading British Olympic medalist of all time and Weir - four gold medals at the same games in distances from 800m to Marathon - incredible. However I think rhodsey is right and Wiggins's character may count against him (kudos for his twitter response to Piers Morgan though!) however to then dismiss the field in the Olympic 5000m and 10000m as our correspondent from Haringey has done is somewhat belittling but sadly predictable for him.
  13. One of my top five films ever...enjoy
  14. can't beleive I forgot The Clash. B einteresting to see your list rhodsey or will that 'give you away' too much.
  15. Interesting list Adam, glad to see XTC on there. My list is a little different though and in no particular order 1. Joy Division/New Order (strictly speaking 2 different bands but as 75% of the members are the same and the catalogues overlap I'll count them as one) 2. Interpol 3. REM 4. Half Man Half Biscuit 5. Sparks 6. Echo and the Bunnymen 7. The Associates (Billy Mackenzie is the greatest voice ever) 8. Pixies 9. Rainbow 10.Talking Heads I've probably missed someone obvious and ask me tomorrow and the list would be different.
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