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  1. In my eyes the way the league should have approached this development league was reach out to the clubs and state they were running the reserve leagues as normal this season. Any clubs who were interested in a development league could try following the DL within their club for this season, this would give them a guide to any issues that could occur and that whether moving to an actual DL for the following season. This would also give the league a chance to come up with a suitable plan for clubs who do not wish to join the DL to ensure they have a a competitive league with a minimum of 12 clubs. A DL can look an attracting proposition on paper but in practice most clubs will struggle to stay within the rules. What if a first team manager leaves taking the team and the DL team has to fulfill/move up to the first team not only will you have to find a whole new team but one with the correct quota of players. (This happens a lot at this level as players play for managers rather than clubs) It is my belief a lot of clubs who have signed up for the DL will not wish to continue under the same guidelines after one season. What does the league do then ??? Lose more clubs to other leagues ? Admit they were wrong ? To many people running these leagues seem to be all for the clubs that have money and can afford to keep upgrading their facilities and sod the little village/small town clubs that have kept the league going for years
  2. When I was at New Bradwell and were in Division one we got told that we had to make some changes to meet the gradings or we would be relegated, We had to double the amount of seats in the stand although no-one really sat down in it and even if they did their were enough seats for the amount of spectators we got. We also had to install a pay box even though we did not change for admittance.
  3. Yep, the league have done it many times. It more to do with the facilities rather than football ability
  4. I have heard the league is replacing them with clean slate !!!
  5. We are all for players succeeding and playing at a higher level providing we know it is a club that will help them improve etc and that he would be better off. Unfortunately there are not many clubs in MK that I would consider a step up from us. At the end of the day a difference of the odd league nowadays is nothing, facilities and ambitions (not dreams) count for a lot. luckily for us the players has had a few days thinking the move over and having seen what we are trying to achieve at the club and how he has been part of the club since we were in Sunday football he has decided to turn down the dollars being offered.
  6. As much as I would like to I won't as the committee were totally unaware when I contacted them. Another manager promising the world then when it goes tits up its the club that have to answer the questions
  7. its a shame Money comes into football at every level and is causing major issues, just this week we have had another local south Mids club offer one of our players £50 a game.
  8. Saturday 3rd August Wolverton Town Firsts V Tring Athletic Reserves 3pm Kick off, replacing the Barton Rovers game
  9. Rhodes, Wind you neck in. organising the fixtures is not an easy job. some people will be happy so will not. Its all part of football. Look at all the premier league managers that moan about fixtures. It makes a nice change to have all the fixtures at the start of the season although some will change due to cup, weather etc.
  10. Some Summer news from Wolverton Town F.C http://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/wolvertontownfc/News/view/778301 http://www.clubwebsite.co.uk/wolvertontownfc/News/view/781548
  11. Latest from New Bradwell from the MK Citizen http://www.miltonkeynes.co.uk/sport/local-football/peters-pray-for-new-players-1-5184694
  12. I have not heard who the new managers are at Cranfield, Stony or New Bradwell.... All very quiet in the local papers
  13. I do not know much about Willen apart from that last season they were in the MK Sunday League. I will need to find some info
  14. Not all, not everything someone says has to be a dig
  15. The people who were left to run the club had been there for years, even before we went there and it was their time to take over and push the club on. They were certainly not left in the lurch and are now running the club in the way they want.
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