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  1. 18-January 11 - Happy Birthday Spidermanor :)

  2. Spidermanor


    Ref Off Ref - Don't you and 99% of members agree with the above statement then Nope
  3. Spidermanor

    a hornet is getting old!

    Thanks peeps, there was muchos cake eaten at work which was then followed by a fairly quiet evening spent feeling slightly sick.
  4. Spidermanor


    Various shots taken by me from about halfway up the Rookery stand.
  5. Spidermanor


    Hi Ian Still no joy, I tried again and created a new gallery, I then selected the 'bulk upload' option from the action menu. It asked me to add a zip file, so I did and after a few secs I got the error message below: Hope that helps. Cheers.
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    No worries Ian, This isn't a priority fix, but it would make life easier to upload pictures if you can get the zip file upload working. Ta.
  7. Spidermanor


    Ian I just set up a photo gallery and the multi file upload button wouldn't let me upload zip files with the photos in. I had to upload them individually.
  8. Spidermanor

    Wingate & Finchley vs Aylesbury

    Photos from the FA Cup tie between Wingate & Finchley and Aylesbury. Final score 2-2.
  9. Interesting story just appeared on the Watford Observer website. Good luck to Oxhey and congrats. Oxhey Jets to front FA grass roots campaign
  10. Spidermanor

    Tokyngton Manor FC

    I don't know what grading you're referring to, but Viking certainly is nowhere near a step 5 grading without an awful lot of work done to it.
  11. Originally Posted By: Rhodes LATO - I'm not Club Secretary so I wouldn't know, presumably you have still got his mobile number so why not text him if you're so curious or alternatively talk to one of the Klartfield brothers who will gladly explain. I have to say that I did wonder myself as last season we gave Wembley a real run for their money in the competition and the fright of their lives. No they didn't, it was a game between two incredibly poor sides. If the TM right back had concentrated on kicking the ball rather than the opposition they might have had a chance. But once the game went to extra time, Wembley started to concentrate and walked it. But then again I was only at the game, and you were not, so you would obviously know how it went better than I would.
  12. Originally Posted By: PeterPan1 Willo - you dont have your own ground you play ringers and still get beat you think 10 points is a harsh a enough punishment? it wouldnt of made a difference if they took all your points away you would still stay in the prem so how is that a punishment?!! did the club get fined as well? id be embarrased to put a kentish shirt on with the way that place is run!! what clubhouse have they got to host guests apart from the little hall with food being served no bar no tele no nothing iv played at better sunday league grounds Now, now, just calm down. Yes Kentish Town played some ringers, they got caught, they got deducted points and they would have also been heavily fined. But there is not a single fan or committee member of another non-league club who can criticise them for that. Every club at this level for one reason or another has at some point played ringers, some get caught some don't but we all know it happens. Neither is ground sharing or playing at an athletics stadium a crime either, it happens in the professional game so you have no basis to criticise other clubs for doing so in this this league. Its unfortunate for Cockfosters that the League have been instructed by the FA to apply the ground grading/relegation regulations this season. But the regulations have been known for several years now, so there is no real excuse for not having it sorted. Rant over, enjoy your day peeps.
  13. Spidermanor

    SSML AGM - Saturday 20 June

    Originally Posted By: Rhodes Originally Posted By: Scottie_DTFC Breaking news from the AGM. Both Cockfosters and Hoddesdon proposed their inclusion in the Prem. Cockfosters asking to run with 23 teams. Both were defeated. King's Langley also proposed their inclusion in Div 1. They won. Forget all that, did Hoddesdon win the Division 1 programme award. Haringey Borough must be rubbing their hands as it will be a nice little earner for them with Sport London e Benfica groundsharing at Coles Park, hopefully they will be more hospitable to them than they were to Kentish Town in 2004/2005. No Hoddesdon didn't win the programme award, that honour went to Crawley Green. And of course Haringey will be hospitable (as they always are), after all you're not on their committee anymore are you.
  14. Spidermanor

    SSML AGM - Saturday 20 June

    Originally Posted By: monkeymonkey8 whats the story with hoddesdon?? why did they think they should be in the prem? It's just a standard item on the agenda. If the Hodds fail to get promoted via winning football matches, Roger Merton always puts in a motion declaring that grass roots football will shrivel and die if the Hodds aren't in the Prem. He then gets asked to leave the room so that all the other clubs can have a good laugh, before voting against the motion. Then they have another little smile at the dirty looks he gives to all the clubs who promised to vote for him before the meeting. Its become something of a ritual at the AGM.