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  1. 28-May 11 - Happy Birthday Jimmy :)

  2. 28-May 10 - Happy Birthday Jimmy :)

  3. Rumour is that another one of the PASE boys is off to Dagenham.
  4. Havant have called their game off too. So have Weston. Bognor
  5. Sigere could have won it without scoring too.
  6. It means it's broken, generally. It's busted for everyone.
  7. Jean Michel Sigere scored twice for Horsham (whether either of them were clear own goals that he claimed as his own is unknown). Jon Keeling scored for Chelmsford. Luke Gedling at Crowborough Athletic. Aiden Pursglove scored twice for Erith. Perry Spackman at Sevenoaks.
  8. Originally Posted By: Stu M Chris Triantis Good work - you'll be a Pat Gradley expert yet!
  9. Interesting that a purported Spurs fan who also supports Dartford is on the wind up - perhaps you'd be better looking at the history of your own club, Dartford, before throwing stones in glass houses.
  10. Liam Rosenior? You look old enough to pass for Liam Brady.
  11. Aero hot choc is gods nectar - available in massive tubs too and in "mint" and "orange" varieties!
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