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  1. & to think only a couple of seasons ago Hoddy were an average Div. 1 side. Poor loyalty shown to the Management it seems.
  2. Hmmmmm that's a strange one. Don't know too much about him. Only that he was boss at Harold Hill in the Olympian League. You would have though that with the job being advertised in The Non League Paper for as long as it was, they would have found someone with a bit more of a pedigree. Thought Frank & Jake etc did a very good job holding the fort as well. How comes they wasn't given the job on a permanent basis ?
  3. Looks like there's been a clean sweep at Lowfield, with the whole of the 1st team management leaving the club. Not too sure but I don't think they had too much say in the matter either. Wonder who is going to take on the job ?
  4. Nice guy Marc. Played a couple of games for me at Cuffley, although he was carrying a bit of timber at the time (nearly as much as me !) ; - ) I know he's been doing a bit of academy coaching at Dagenham.
  5. My god Cliff, what a truly sad & warped life you lead. Dragging up old posts from 4 & a 1/2 years ago just fuel your appetite for trolling. Can't you be happy for 2 people & to be quite honest what the feck has it got to do with you ? Everyone else has moved on with their lives, yet a sad bitter outsider like yourself has to dig up crap & make lies & tasteless accusations. I for one know that Gordon invested heavily in the club to keep it going. I also know that he was the only person Sally wanted to be with. He & Sally went way beyond their duties for that club &
  6. Haha it's the reason they call it silly season. Roll on July, pre-season friendlies & everyone's high hopes for the season.
  7. To$$er, why drag up events that happened nearly 5 years ago. Disagreements happen at every club in the land. It was dealt with & everyone that was involved moved on. You wasn't involved yet you still seem affected by it. Now go back to my original question, what have you done to help Tony other than post rubbish & set him up for ridicule ?
  8. Ar$ehole !!! Don't know why I'm bothering to answer, because he will only come back with more lies to use as bait, but when it came to training equipment we were more than well catered for. As for Tony we still chat & email each other frequently about football. I've helped him out with players & he's tipped me off about good youngsters. What have you done recently other than try to ridicule his name ?
  9. Well for starters, he isn't a Geordie, he's from East London. Secondly, he was only with us over pre-season because of his work commitments in Ireland. Tony was very much part of the management team & he knows that he was a big help to me with his coaching & his opinions.
  10. Another League probably a mixture of SSML/Hellenic/UCL covering the West Herts/Beds/Bucks areas. Not too clued up on clubs in that region to be honest but I bet you would still get a decent league.
  11. I'd like to know what opinions would be if there were an Essex & Herts League & say a Greater London League. In the E & H you could have Hertford St Margaretsbury Hoddesdon Enfield 1893 Sawbridgeworth Stansted Saffron Walden Takeley Southend Manor Basildon Bowers & Pitsea Hullbridge Colney Heath London Colney Hadley Clacton Halstead Wivenhoe & in the Greater London League you could have London Bari London Greenhouse London APSA Tower Hamlets Barking Ilford Sporting Bengal Haringay Borough Clapton London Tigers FC Romania Cockfosters
  12. Boll0ck$ is that your point. Your point is to be a pain in the ar$e to every club in the league.
  13. Jesus Christ, give it a rest will you !!! If Tony wanted to put his name about on here he would do it himself. Stop being an ar$e & stop associating yourself with him because he'll get tarred with the same $hit you get which he doesn't deserve. He's a good bloke & a good coach. Leave it at that.
  14. Well good luck to all involved. Sure there'll be a few funny comments & doubters, but it would be good to see an Edgware team playing again. Especially if Steve Newing takes charge.
  15. Well I've heard this as well. Through my 'In the know Sources' Davids will take over at Hoddy as Player/Manager. Will wear 0 as his shirt number. Make himself Captain, Kitman, Tea Lady & Bar man & will join Jonno's band as lead singer !
  16. Haha you're right Jonno. 95% of these people 'in the know' get their info like the rest of us from Pitchero or nonleaguedaily.com, hardly exclusive news then. It does seem a very strange decision though. Has Roger's MBE gone to his head ? Lol
  17. Regardless of the lack of budget, he was never going to get any sympathy from people on here for the way he acted on here in the past. But let's face it did anyone think he would be a success ? Going from a mediocre SSML Div.1 side to a Southern Orem team was never going to be easy.
  18. That was an absolute joke. Sam Sloma was cheating himself playing at step 6. Hope he's playing at least Ryman Prem now.
  19. Good luck to him, but on a local level he hasn't achieved much success. To be perfectly honest I thought there would have been bosses of a much higher calibre applying as there is potential. Judging by the lack of responses on The Mercury's twitter feed, everybody could be underwhelmed by the appointment. Good luck though, because if he gets it right with their support base, they could go from strength to strength.
  20. In terms of potential, I would have thought so, but maybe it is seen as a slow building job rather than going in & hitting the floor running. If Lee Judges thinks he has served his time & done his apprenticeship at Step 5 that's fair enough. It's certainly a job I would have gone for if I had the time & right people in place.
  21. It's a good job for someone, they've got a following & there is potential. Think Rob Patwell would do a good job after his success at Cheshunt ressies but might not have the time after taking up a position at a League club. I thought Lee Judges would be an obvious choice as well.
  22. Good player, but a little unreliable. I had him with me for a short spell at Cuffley & he was quick & powerful. Let's hope he has credit on his phone now to reply back to you ! ; - )
  23. Clifford old chap you're posting to a dead forum & a nearly dead league. Don't think you'll get many bites on here.
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