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  1. Round and Round we go........Good luck to Basildon and good luck to Bobby.
  2. My point Basil-don is that whatever he has got to bring him to the top of the list must be better than the numerous others (your words not mine) of applicants. Looking at what you have said it takes to do ESL management i.e the dirty end of the stick. I am just genuinely curious on how this guy rose to the top of a long list. I appreciate that the job is more than training and matchdays but surely that is in the top two of credentials. But in the top 3 of importance along with that I would guess would be player pulling power and a resonable track record. If these arent at the top of a senior clubs management criteria then that would suprise me and I imagine many others. Of course I realise that all the other (Dirty) jobs are part of it but I would hope if a club is trying to attract playes and fans the footie bit would be a the very top. With this in my mind I just wonder how he rose to the top of your long list of failed applicants. However you need not answer as its absolutley none of my business and I was making a statement on a public forum. If he goes on to do a great job then I will be happy for him and the club.
  3. Sorry Basil-don, I wasnt mocking and I certainly havent applied to be manager of any team LOL. However if your saying that many were turned down for the job I am curious to know how Bobby Barnes rose to the top of the list with his levels of experience, and record. That isnt a dig just makes me wonder what caliber of applicant ESL teams are getting. As I have always said I wish and hope Basildon stay in the league and prosper for the future and I will be delighted if your new man takes you forward. Good luck to him and Basildon Utd as a whole.
  4. In thinking that the new Basildon United manager is fella who finished 2nd bottom of Olympian div 3 with Ramsden?
  5. I forgot to also say that if you and other ESL clubs dont care if they win or lose then shame on you and i wish ruin on you all. You shouldnt come on here calling people tight with money and help if the case is your are part of a football club that has little care for how well you do on the field
  6. A very valid point mate but you are answering the question with us. I cant help but believe that if either of the 2 Basildon clubs had better standard football then people would go to watch. yes your right its hard to compete with Billericay Ect.....But peolple watch clubs that are good at their level (Hence why people watch canvey instead of southend or woodbridge instead of ipswich) but for too long Bas and Bowers have not done so and there is nothing to make people choose either over billericay or concord. You havent got to be better than them just good value to watch and people will support. I go back to a much earlier post, I went to an EOL game and the ground facilities, Atmosphere and football was both comfortable and enjoyable. They wasn't competing with ESL clubs for crowds or players or my attention but they got it. Yes if they charged £5 probably only half or less of those there would have been but for what little they can offer they did so very well both on and off the field. However if the games over ther were poor week in and out, no matter what effort that put in off the pitch, no one would want to watch making their efforts worthless. Thats the starting point for ESL make the football and surroundings comfortable and enjoyable and people will want to watch. Dont compete with Bigger clubs compete with peer clubs and become a bigger club.
  7. Basil-don, obviously "The match " is a small part of a managers job especially at low levels but i wonder how many teams managers have been employed or sacked based on how much of the non-football related things they do or dont do. Once again for those who missed it the first time, in my opinion if managers were emplyed to soley do the stuff that effects the result then the football should improve, then the interest will improve, then the fan base would improve and then the number of volunteers would improve. This is just opinion. I can assure you of one thing though I am quite familular with mr Stringer and his time at Barking and although his work for what goes happens on the pitch was incredible and beyond doubt i'm quite sure he didnt worry about who washed the kits Ect.......All these threads are about either why ESL in in the dulldrums or why managers with poor track record move from club to club. I think we have answered the question. ESL clubs employ managers based on what they offer behind the scenes as much if not more then their abilities to coach quality football. This has led to poorer players, poorer games, poorer crowds and so on and so on. In my opinion "Get the football right and slowly everything else will improve". I dont have all the ideas on how to sort the other jobs while the manager gets on with the football but thats the real solution.
  8. If what Basil-don is saying is right (which i dont doubt) then I think we have found a real reason for the decline of things. There cant be many managers of real ability who would be willing to do all the grass cutting ground cleaning, painting Ect......Going by what Basil-don has wrote on here it would sem that anyone who went for a job at Bas Utd was told of these requirements and its possible that a few people who would have improved the football at the club didnt take the job, therefore the football didnt improve, the interest didnt improve, the amount of paying fans didnt improve and now they are where they are. Im not in any way saying that Bas Utd made the wrong choices or that the way they run things is wrong but you can understand how hard it would be to find a manager who was of a decent standard and take a job on that basis. I would say that Basil-don is unfairly basing his account of a manager on what he and his club expect from one rather than what a manager should expect. It would seem that if someone comes in and trains the team twice a week and then picks a team, picks the formation, chooses the style of play and basically runs the football "team" then Basil-don puts him in the brackett of tracksuit wearing wannabe. In Basil-don's opinion it would seem that a manager should expect all the other side of things too. In my opinion let a football manager, manage. If Basil-don is right and thats the way most ESL clubs employ managers then i think we can expect many more problems...........Brain surgeons dont empty the p*ss bottles, Top London Bankers dont work on the tills, Council leaders dont sweep the streets and for me Good senior standard Football managers dont wash the kit, cut the grass, paint the stand, clean the changing rooms, maybe they do a liitle of each now and then but not as part of the job requirements. "JUST MY OPINION"
  9. Firstly, may i say how nice it is for a real debate on here without the agro and name calling, now as for the subject, surely we all realise that many olympian clubs are not going to risk laods of funds getting into a league that is at its lowest ebb for many years. This isnt about any one club but what a very valid point reguarding how good it is to be an ESL club when groundsharing is in place for various clubs, meaning they dont even have a ground and in some cases havent for a while. I have no idea how good Olympian league is compared to seasons gone as i havent been to many games, I just stated that at Runwell on Saturday the surroundings, people and football all were very comfortable for me to be around and as I have attended many ESL games over the past several years I would say what I experienced at Runwell easily match up to many places in the ESL if not better and it was free. The topic here is can the ESL survive with attendances as they are,i'm giving a valid reason why people dont go ESL. Of course there are many more reasons but as I stated much earlier, the football quality is the main reason for people to go out on a cold winters day/night and pay £5-£10 to watch a game. At the moment I would say (in my opinion) you can catch a free game locally of simular quality.
  10. As I thought I had said I was attending the game at Runwell not Heronsgate (Aint been there for years) Your point about people being too tight to pay to watch senior game is exactly my point to you. You assume that because a team is issued the title senior club that the football is worthy of peoples support and £5. As I said, on saturday i watched a good game of football, locally, in very good surroundings for free. With the condition of grounds and clubhouses such as Basildon Utds (Sorry to say), with the standard of current footy being played in the ESL, the argument to convince people to go to senior games has to be stronger than just because they are senior. As for why dont these clubs spend ££££'s getting their grounds to meet the grading to join the ESL, why would they when at this point the ESL is far from the promised land. Your disrespect of calling these well run clubs park teams is not worthy of a football fan such as yourself and in the position of your own club seems a little foolish too. I'm sure that the facilities, support, volunteers and standard will be a stage better than Basildon Utds if the worse comes to the worse.
  11. On a serious note, the point isnt who has senior staus and who dont but the fact that many of the Olympian clubs are better run, better supported, have better support from volunteers and in many cases the games are better viewing. The "Senior Status" and "ground grading" only count come FA Cup & Vase in some cases, which of course is a great pair of competitions to be in but in fairness most seasons there are few that progress far enough to make real money from either (Southend Manor excluded this season). Personally I would rather a club survive then be in either of the big comps. I have a loose connection with Herongate FC and on saturday went to see them for the first time at Runwell in the olympian 1st Division. The pitch was in excellent condition (i'm told they have 2 groundsman) the facilities were good with a bar, tea bar and hot food available, there was at least 50-60 people watching and the game was very entertaining ( not as good as a top 3 or 4 clash of ESL but easily as good as many ESL games I have watched over the last couple of seasons). I dont go to very many games at this level but if the grounds, support and games are like this and better in the premier of the olympian then I would say that "Senior Staus" and "Ground Grading" proves little.
  12. Excellent....someone connected to Basildon Utd talking about getting ground "Up To Standard" made me chuckle a little Basil-don sorry just a little. I know that you need volunteers and cash to up keep the ground and you've been short of both for a while but it is a little ironic mate.
  13. Golden boots my friend i think that Rod Stringer moved on post cowley and scopes making him as quoted "the last" manager to move onwards and upwards from the ESL. Either way my point is still the same, SAME failing managers and SAME average players, season in and season out. Jenks you are in my mind one of the wisest on here however once again we differ on this one. They are the only managers that will do the job but they are in many cases (not all) but many just wanabes who like to tell people they are "senior" managers and have peple call them "Gaffa". thats why the problems the league has are there. the people running the clubs and managers are in many cases just blokes who like football and are prepared to do he sh*t jobs behind the scenes. Hence the clubs are in such bad shape they cant attract quality managment just people who will do it or think they can. i respect the time and effort put in by these people but there are so many who seem to wander from club to club achieving nothing on the pitch different from the last club they were at. I dont want to get personal but you know who they are. if the football is no good then nobody new will come and watch. If i go and watch a game at Bowers on a tuesday and a game at hullbridge on a wednesday half the people watching will be the same. Many managers or coaches or officials of other teams. When managers leave or get the tin tac for failing at a club and then other clubs dont then employ them who knows perhaps things will improve.
  14. Sorry Jenko, it really is that simple. Your situation may be different but in genral the problems i mentioned are the fundemental problems ESL have. Last manger to go on from ESL and prove to be worthy is Rod Stringer most of the rest have gone round and round and achieved the same at different clubs within ESL or ran out of chances (which in the ESL takes some doing). How many players per season step up successfully to ryman after learning at ESL. remembering that each team signs about 30/40 players a season. % is very low.
  15. Hookey i have had my say on another thread, but the short version is that ESL is committing suicide. The clubs in it employ the same faces both players and managers/ coaches. If you dont get a game for one you sign for another if you get sacked at one club another gives you the job and you take your players. Too many managers at clubs that have continuously failed or won nothing but act like they have made it and too many players like wise. Dont want to get personal but there is a manager who has now been at one club 3 times and another twice and still yet to leave either out of the bottom half as well as being at other clubs yet still gets a job in ESL. He aint the only one the league needs a complete overhaul from within the clubs. If John doe is managing at rag [censored] rovers and gets sacked coz they are in bottom 5 then he gets a job a month later a another club, brings in 6/7 of his boys from rag [censored] rovers what is that going to do are people going to think "oh they will be good now i'll go and watch that team" NO!!!!!! New managers, new generation of players and a few risks taken by several clubs and who knows what might happen.
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