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  1. Atalanta 1v1 AC Milan AFC Wimbledon 0v1 Millwall (FAC) Preston 2v1 Nottm Forest Southend 1v2 Portsmouth (12:30) Hornchurch 4v3 Enfield Att: 280
  2. Atletico Madrid 2v1 Real Madrid Watford 1v2 Everton Middlesbrough 1v3 Leeds (13:00) Stoke City 1v1 West Brom Bognor Regis 2v4 Hornchurch Att: 530
  3. Hibs 1v2 Aberdeen Brighton 1v1 Watford Wigan 2v2 QPR Canvey 2v1 Aveley Hornchurch 2v0 Cor Casuals Att: 205
  4. Wivenhoe Urchin

    What's happened?

    The timings of goals we have conceded have been a problem and particularly today, the first near the end of the first half where we had generally done ok up to that point, and the second soon after second half started.
  5. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Relegation Safety Net

    Yeah I don't think we've even been in the drop zone at all this season, unless I'm very much mistaken (the great Murray Walker)
  6. AC Milan 1v1 Napoli Arsenal 2v2 Man United (FRI 19:45) Doncaster 1v1 Hornchurch Oldham (FAC) Rothes 1v0 Wick Academy (Highland Lg) Merstham 3v5 Urchins Att: 190
  7. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Relegation Safety Net

    I think we have to ask ourselves if there are 3 teams that we can realistically finish above, given all circumstances, and personally I feel there are, but it is close. The team have to keep training hard and I'm sure they are already. We were close to a result at Carshalton and they have done well this season by beating good teams to get to the last 16 of the FA Trophy. The first main little gap above us seems to be 15th to 16th, Bishop's Stortford to Potters Bar of 5 points. We just need to keep up with Potters Bar and Margate, perhaps go above one or both of them, as the season goes into the final third.
  8. Wivenhoe Urchin

    All downhill for Burgess

    Excellent result, well done to the team. Nice compliments from Burgess Hill Twitter about how we are doing things the right way at the club 👍
  9. Celta Vigo 1v1 Valencia Bournemouth 2v1 West Ham The Arse 1v3 The Chels Basildon 1v2 Brentwood Urchins 3v2 Burgess Hill Town Att: 215
  10. Wivenhoe Urchin


    Disheartening to see but I know the league is hard. See we were 3-0 down at half time, we have to sort that out as although we did well at Harlow in the end it was a poor first half.
  11. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Predictions Harlow v Hx Bostik Prem Sat 29th Dec

    Did the siren run out of battery? 🤣
  12. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Predictions Harlow v Hx Bostik Prem Sat 29th Dec

    Superb character in the second half to keep going and get a much needed win! Well done to the team.
  13. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Predictions Harlow v Hx Bostik Prem Sat 29th Dec

    Good ground too, I was hoping it would be used by another club or even an AFC Thurrock like team.
  14. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Predictions Hx v Brightlingsea Bostik Prem Sat 22nd Dec

    Such a shame again v brightlingsea that we can't get the result needed. Performance reasonable and a good effort. What were we doing for their 2nd goal? Shocking. Best result was the attendance of over 200 which is decent considering it was a small group of brightlingsea fans and on top of Christmas.
  15. Melbourne City 2v1 Melbourne Victory (08:50) West Ham 1v2 Watford Huddersfield 0v2 Southampton Canvey 1v2 Bowers Urchins 2v1 Brightlingsea Att: 205