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  1. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Player update please

    Leon McKenzie has left the club. Wishing him well at his next club. A player you could rely on to score goals. He's scored many key ones for us over the years.
  2. Got lucky today (could have missed a few if they were early games) Valencia 1-1 Sevilla Cardiff 1-1 Southampton Chelsea 2-2 man city Barking 1-1 grays athletic Hornchurch 3-1 Kingstonian Att 250
  3. Monaco 0v3 Montpellier Newcastle 2v2 WHU Sheffield Utd 0v0 Leeds (12:30) Maidstone 1v1 Hornchurch Oldham (FAC) Whitehawk 1v2 Hornchurch Att : 200
  4. Wivenhoe Urchin


    Unfortunately I've woken up a bit unwell and slow to get work done so I won't make it today. Wishing us the best of luck today. See you all next week and have a fun day!
  5. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Mark stimson

    Stimson marks red army? 😁
  6. Wivenhoe Urchin


    1 please, me, thanks
  7. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Thanks for everything Jim

    Thank you Jimmy for all your hard work. You've stayed loyal to this club and given us some great memories. Laurence also wishes you well and says "Jimmy Mac's a Super Mac" 😁 God bless
  8. At. Madrid 1v2 Barcelona Fulham 2v1 Southampton Tottenham 1v1 Chelsea Romford 0v1 Basildon Haringey B 2v4 Hornchurch Att : 220
  9. Wivenhoe Urchin


    Some good suggestions. I bring this up as I was speaking to a friend at the game who used to come occasionally but a long time ago. He last remembers home crowds of 700 and it got me thinking of reasons as to why the drop has happened. The youth setup has got better and it makes sense to link it more closely to first team. The language of anyone at the ground is just part of the passion. We have different places to watch the games and you can sit inside the clubhouse to watch if you want no offensive language. This league is strong and the football has more quality than last year, so now is a good time to push up our attendances.
  10. Wivenhoe Urchin


    We pride ourselves on being a family friendly club but we are really struggling to attract young families. I have seen a big drop off in recent seasons. I feel we have to come up with some incentives. Perhaps we can let one adult in free with another if they bring at least 1 child? Any other suggestions people have that might work long term to attract more fans?
  11. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Worthwhile draw

    Good performance and pleased we got something out of the game against a very good team. Worthing should be title contenders based on what I saw and with some games in hand, so despite going ahead I feel it is a point gained. We move on positively to try to get more points and maybe an unbeaten run starts right here? 😁
  12. Turkey 0v2 Sweden Albania 1v2 Scotland Italy 0v1 Portugal Falkirk 1v2 Partick Thistle Hornchurch 1v0 Worthing Att : 275 Very different predictions Jago, one of us will do well I reckon 🤣
  13. Wivenhoe Urchin

    Once again!

    Good start from Hampton tonight in the fa cup. Like Hereford last season it seems we drew the limelight team in the 3q round!
  14. Yeah we got off to a poor start but once we came into the game it was looking like we would get a result. Gutting to lose like that but I believe in our squad and ability.
  15. B. Dortmund 1v2 Bayern Munchen Cardiff 1v1 Brighton (12:30) Chesterfield 3v3 Billericay (FAC) Keith 1v1 Wick Academy Brightlingsea 1v2 Hornchurch Att : 200