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  1. Solid first half and superb second half, well done Urchins keep it up!
  2. 1 seat for me please, thanks
  3. We should finish higher than last season; How much higher depends on consistency over the season. I'm encouraged by what I've seen so far.
  4. That's a pretty decent game for non league day, advertised this game well in advance and we should have a big crowd.
  5. According to 1 database he's at bishop's stortford and has been with them for the last 4 seasons!
  6. Such sad news. Thinking of Ken at this time. Wishing him and his family well.
  7. Come on the United Kingdom! Can see us doing well tonight.
  8. Wishing Alex Bentley the very best if he moves on. A player who puts everything he can into his football and always has time for the fans.
  9. It was great fun trying to stop our great players and staff from scoring. What was the final score? Does it usually take this long before your legs stop hurting?
  10. A very good performance from the Urchins. Liking the singing all round the ground and even the Riverside joining in, is this a return towards the atmosphere of old Hornchurch FC too? Not much from Harlow really. Could not hear them sing today! Saying that, not much for them to sing about, they've struggled to cope in this league. Agreed it's doubtful they will come straight back up.
  11. Akhisarspor 1v2 Antalyaspor (14:00) West Ham 2v2 Leicester Newcastle 2v2 Southampton Romford 2v1 Soham Kingstonian 1v2 Hornchurch Att : 280
  12. Seattle Sounders 1v1 Toronto Brighton 1v1 Bournemouth Reading 2v1 Brentford Corinthian Casuals 2v1 Wingate Hornchurch 3v1 Whitehawk Att: 265
  13. Sampdoria 2v1 Roma Newcastle 1v2 Palace Hearts 1v0 Hibs (12:30) Harlow 2v3 Potters Bar Hornchurch 3v2 Haringey Boro Att: 270
  14. Yes, they were stronger than in our home game. We seemed to play them at a bad time. We should still be ok as teams below are not going on good runs. Great result for Burgess Hill. Every team near the bottom can still stay up.
  15. Girona 1v1 At. Bilbao Brighton 1v2 Southampton WHU 1v 1Everton Hearts 1v2 Aberdeen Worthing 0v1 Urchins Att: 840
  16. A copy too for Laurence Pickering please, thanks. Thanks - Laurence added to list. Anthony can you confirm - is it Laurence or Lawrence?
  17. Copy for me please (Anthony Whitaker). Thanks! Thanks - now added
  18. Yeah could have got a result but didn't work out for us. The gap remains the same, looking good for more prem footy next season, 1 more win needed?
  19. 2 seats please, me and Laurence. Thanks. Hope you're doing well.
  20. Malta 0v1 Faroe Islands Colchester 1v2 Tranmere Wingate 1v0 Potters Bar Hornchurch 2v1 Bishop's Stortford Att : 275
  21. Sassuolo 1v2 Sampdoria (14:00) Burnley 2v1 Leicester Watford 1v1 Hornchurch Palace (12:15) Brentwood 1v2 Aveley Potters Bar 0v1 Hornchurch Att: 190
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