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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to LukeXIX in Tinas Memorial Bench   
    It’s arrived and hopefully weather permitting will be installed next week! Pics below

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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Jago in Pred'n Lg - Wk 13 results, wk 14 (FINAL) matches by 15:00, Sat 10 April   
    You're right - I missed that fixture nuance.  You have, of course, got form in this department... 
    The hallowed trophy is currently on our mantelpiece following Lady Jago's unstoppable performance last year.
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Riverside Urchin in Tickets   
    I hope there will be enough to go round. I am not a season ticket holder nor do I fall into the other categories mentioned. But I have been at all home and away games for 18 years unless I’ve been on holiday! 
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Fisherman's Friend in Tinas Memorial Bench   
    They did Tina proud today x
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to and1inthetree in Notts County 3 - 3 Hornchurch (HFC win 5-4 pens)   
    HFC vs HFC.  personally, I hope HFC win.
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to LukeXIX in Tinas Memorial Bench   
    As some of you may be aware Tinas memorial bench was stolen from the memorial garden within the club very recently. This has obviously caused a lot of anger and upset amongst all at the club including Ken and his family.
    I would like the bench to be replaced at no cost to the family and ask for any form of donation no matter how big or small. We will also invest in securing the bench in a better way.
    Those who knew Tina knew how much she loved Hornchurch FC and her contributions to the club will never go forgotten. 
    Any donations can be made on the following PayPal link - https://paypal.me/pools/c/8xYbqR2Vpp
    Thank you all for you kind donations, Luke.
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Riverside Urchin in FA Trophy Semi Final Draw   
    If we raise the dosh for the overnight stay I think we can win. We must not underestimate the strength of the team spirit. When you have that you can achieve anything. We also have Nathan and Chris back. We can do it. 
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to cup of tea in darlington 1 - 2 hornchurch   
    What an amazing achievement, everyone involved should really be proud of this. Well done to all.
    home tie for the semis please
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch in Tony Incenzo with Colin & Hornchurch   
    I posted on twitter and will post on here that I like the fact that Colin has Hornchurch colours in his house!
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Lettie in Darlington FA Trophy match   
    Some of us Urchin fans have decided to try and raise a bit towards the away costs for the trip to Darlington. Any donations can be made on GoFundMe -  https://gofund.me/2a27aac0
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to CMcBride in Donations   
    From the club and players a big thanks for the wonderful donation, especially to Neil for organising, Neil sits over Riverside with Trevor and arlette, but are more renowned for cheating and winning the quizzes, we are short on numbers but not on heart 
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Dinamo Urchin in Food Bank Donations   
    With the move to Tier 2 restrictions here in Havering and the potential economic impact that this will bring as we approach winter, the Supporters Association has agreed that we will now collect foodbank donations at each home game, rather than on a monthly basis.  Contributions can be left at the Track & Trace stations or Clubhouse entrance.
    The recent campaign by Marcus Rashford to provide free school meals for children in need during the school holidays and fans of Premier League clubs boycotting Pay Per View fees of £14.95 and instead donating their money to local charities and food banks, have shown how football can help those less fortunate in our society.  I appreciate that many of us may also be struggling right now, but even the smallest of contributions can make a big difference, so please do all you can to support this when and if you are able.
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to cup of tea in Bishops Stortford 0 Hornchurch 2   
    Great win today - Jordan Clark was immense - how much of the pitch did he cover? Well deserved win , particularly for the second half performance. Going to give a shout out to my fellow supporters who were brilliant and kept supporting the team throughout the match . Well done Hornchurch 
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Kel in New Harlow Town manager   
    I remember him putting some cones out occasionally
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Fat Tom Daley in HFCSA Membership now available online!   
    Just a quick update from me.
    Our membership numbers have way surpassed expectations which has led us to run out of scarves. 
    We are in the process of ordering some more scarves, however these will take 3 weeks to arrive.
    Therefore please be aware if you join at this moment in time, there will be a delay in recieving your membership scarf.
    Thanks for your understanding.
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to blackballed in Seasons Greetings...   
    To all Urchins everywhere wishing you a great Christmas and promotion in the New Year ....... COYU'S  
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to kimbles left foot in Friday night   
    Was a great night. Well done all. I'm sure there was some cheating going on...the winners only dropped about 4 points from the whole quiz! Was like competing against the egg heads.
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to CMcBride in Friday night   
    Just want to thank all the teams at Fridays quiz all the usual lot plus some newcomers great fun and night cheers  Colin   have a great Christmas 
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to blackballed in Today's game at East Thurock is off (21/12)   
    Off looks like Christmas shopping  then ... hope everyone enjoys their Christmas. 
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to The Hatted Urchin in Prediction Lg; Wk 13 results, FINAL week 14 games: 30 Nov by 15:00   
    Genoa 12  v 16 Torino (17:00)
    Burnley -3 v +2 Crystal Palace
    Wigan 330/4 v 287/9 Reading
    Kingstonian 133 v  51 Fylde (FAC)
    Hornchurch 100 V 0 Bognor
    Att :76000
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch in Not bitter at all....   
    From Oxford City Forum...
    To anybody not in attendance a 4-4 draw that goes to penalties would sound like an exciting pulsating game that probably had everything, this was definitely not the case.

    A poor game with very little in the way of quality from either side.

    Some positives, delighted for Elliot Benyon who has worked his bollocks off in every appearance so far, took both of his goals very well and they are beyond deserved.

    Stef again on the scoresheet, his goals/minutes ratio must be very good

    Thought Josh Ashby was our best player, but i'm unsure why at 2-1 we suddenly decided to revert to 6 across the back and trying to lump the ball up in the hope that Benyon could do something with the scraps, we invited the pressure on and they deservedly equalised, at times we looked like a Hellenic league side literally just smashing the ball into the air.

    We couldn't cope with Marvin Morgan at all, he is an awkward customer but not exactly the most cultured of footballers but he tied Jefford in knots.

    Extra time was bizarre, again a bit of quality from Josh with the freekick and a nice finish from Brown.

    To rub salt into the wounds we ended up stuck on the M25 for a further hour on the way home!

    All the best to Hornchurch, although i imagine Dulwich will give them a good hiding
    😂😂😂😂😂 🍇🍇🍇
  22. Haha
    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Jago in Pred Lg; It's all about Dinamo Urchin - Wk 11 by 9 Nov, 15:00 pls   
    Yes - I know Baby Jago has transgressed the rules by inserting blank lines.  I've had a word but feel an official warning is a little unfair on the wee lad (plus I'm scared of him - he's got that red-head temper thing). So he's had a pre-warning only.   I now await accusations of favouritism and nepotism from Mr One in Ten * 50,000 (Dinamo) and his sidekick, Hatted Tightwad.   * That's a rather good 1980's  Midlands reference for us old boys and frankly I deserve a "like".
    Please note - this line feed business only seems to happen when you use Chrome on iPads (or maybe other tablets)- which is what B.Jago used (and Blackballed a few weeks ago) so please take care with that particular combination.  What's wrong with Safari anyway?
    Enough wittering - here are the correct scores :
    Bayern Munich 2-1  B. Dortmund
    Leicester  1-2 The Arse
    Burnley Clarets 1-1 West Ham Blues
    England Ladies 1-2 Germany Damen
    Basildon 0-3 Urchins
    Att: 161
  23. Haha
    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Dinamo Urchin in Pred Lg; It's all about Dinamo Urchin - Wk 11 by 9 Nov, 15:00 pls   
    1. Do I get to keep Baby Jago as a reward?
    2. Why didn't I do the lottery?
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Fat Tom Daley in England game shown in clubhouse Saturday!   
    The clubhouse will be open for the England game after match as there is no function. 
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    Wivenhoe Urchin reacted to Fat Tom Daley in Fixture Poster   
    Hi All,
    The Supporters Association have produced a fixture poster that can be printed off for display. 
    You can download yours here;
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