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  1. its the Lady Di effect Rhodes,anyone remember her??
  2. RIP Nelson Mandela,i think the fact that he never re offended shows that prison does actually work.
  3. Always struck me as a tedious,self absorbed, attention seeking media whore,really couldn't care less whether he goes with Arthur or Martha.
  4. i did come on here months ago and predict exactly what has happened-the crown prosectution for years wouldn't bring any cases against celebrity nonces despite substantial evidence they then got caught up in the public hysteria and decided to prosectute every celebrity going with no concrete evidence,if that's not reacting to public hysteria then what is?
  5. A world renowned justice system???? if you think the law has anything to do with justice you really are living in a dreamworld.
  6. The British public wanted someone to 'pay' for Savilles crimes that's why such cases were brought to court in the first place, the CPS were simply going along with the public mood for vengeance.
  7. This of course is what happens in hysterical witch hunts,i exactly predicted this happening many months ago,once the tabloid press and their gutter readership get themselves in a frenzy theres no stopping them.British people have a unhealthy obsession with child sex cases, theres nothing they love reading about more.
  8. don't people take stimulants and watch hardcore porn in Romford? it all sounds rather dreary to me.
  9. you know it Rhodes and it will be the decent,law abiding citizens like us who have to foot the bill !!!!!!!!!!!
  10. cant say I miss it that much either im approaching 50 so I think its fair to say 'I did the session',enough's a enough mate.
  11. the birth rate has been falling because working parents cant afford to have kids, the only people breeding appear to be benefit scroungers and immigrants,hardly inspires a lot of confidence in the UK's future.
  12. well their parents wont be British will they and probably wont be speaking English around their new child,my post is clearly about immigrants breeding like rabbits,now no one can accuse me of being racist and certainly not patriotic but personally I think immigrants need to stop having so many kids.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23618487 interesting report full of statistics, no one seems too keen though to publish one statistic -the enthnicity of the babies being born, funny that isn't it, every time I apply for a job they want me to answer 100 questions about my enthic background. apparentely the ethnicity of babies is irrevalent.
  14. not really no,every alcoholic and drug addict I've known has been a selfish pr1ck chanting their mantra "life isn't fair", does alcohol affect people in different ways?- most definitely,i decided some time ago not to drink as i'm not prone to have 'one or two' for me going for a quick pint can lead to a three day drink and drug binge, therefore I don't pick up the first pint.some people can't drink therefore its their responsibility not to do so.
  15. he sounds like a nasty piece of work and thankfully he isn't still in a uniform but think its fair to say he hasn't harmed society or cost the taxpayer millions in the same way Tomlinson has.
  16. The 'slight push' didn't kill him, years of self inflicted alcohol abuse killed him,if you walk in front of policemen during a riot while you're intoxicated I feel that they are at least entitled to give you a shove. i'm not in favour of police brutuality but lets remember what it was -a shove, nothing more.
  17. in my opinion any man who has 9 children and doesn't contribute a penny to the nation's economy is definitely a menace because of his actions that day the taxpayer has now had to pay out again giving his family some lovely 'compo',i have no sympathy for the copper but theres only one person to blame for all this and thats a pathetic alcoholic, how much he and hes family have cost the British economy I dread to think.
  18. are the Police there now to protect the vulnerable? I thought their job was to uphold law and order,then again you are probably right they are just another branch of the social services. go back to the 70s/80s and i'm sure there were some right racist,nasty asshole coppers I would imagine most of them of hopefully have left the force.was the copper involved a angel? probably not but for fck sake Ian Tomlinson was a alcoholic idiot who decided to wind the police up during a riot,the bloke was a menace and his family doesn't deserve a penny.
  19. yeah you're right the Met should have made a full apology immediately for one of their officiers giving a slight push to a alcoholic with 9 children who had never made any contribution whatsoever to society.
  20. excessive force?? the copper gave him a push,thats the least someone deserves for trying to wind up the Police during a riot.
  21. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23573327 so a p1ssed,unemployed father of 7 goes out of his way to wind up the Police during a riot and his family hit the jackpot with a lovely bit of compo from the taxpayer-British justice at its best !!
  22. Germany kept its industrial base as the Unions actually co operated with Management,give a trade unionist in this country a decent job with a decent wage and the first thing they will do is go sick for a fortnight on full pay,then come back and slow the job down so they can get overtime, i've worked in these factories where trade unionists have sabotaged work to get Sunday overtime. greedy,money grabbing,reactionary,racists who take their opinions straight from The Sun editorials.your average shop steward wouldn't know who Karl Marx was.
  23. yeah would be great if everyone joined a trade union,we haven't had a power strike for years,dustmen on strike rats roaming the streets,remind me what happened in the seventies when most workers were in a union?? oh I remember every manufacturer left the country and set up elsewhere. what a great debt the working people of this country owe the unions. if you feel that £350 a week isn't enough for single benefit claimants why don't you organise a strike for your comrades,oh no im forgetting you only organise industrial action for the most selfish, money grabbing reasons. sorry im not be
  24. so the tories have finally brought in benefit caps- so a single unemployed person can still get up to £350 a week for doing jack sh1t,remind me again how much the minimum wage is?? £6-20 a hour so basically sign on the dole and the law entitles you to £100 a week more than the minimum wage. great to see that this country puts benefit claimants before working people.
  25. actually feel inspired by Murray's success,if only we had more people in this country with his determination,backbone and bolocks.
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