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  1. What happened to this forum? Used to be a good read for Ashford news?
  2. Most managers hype it up. No manager will say to fans at a start of a season, that their team is likely to finish mid table. Even Slough's joint managers over egg what the team will do. If fans thought from the outset that their team was going to finish mid table, a lot of them wouldn't bother going to matches. I sympathise with the Enfield fans, if the football being played is awful, as I've been watching Slough for over 30 years and we've had some shocking managers in the past. Ironically,one of our more successful seasons,when we were in the Conference,we had to endure the long ball game all season and that for me that was as tedious as hell. I would have rather, we had played some good passing football and finished mid-table but we fans don't always get the choice. I've been keeping an eye on Andy Leese's signings over the two seasons at your club, and on the player front I think he has recruited well. I know a few people that don't go a bundle on Andy Leese but as a manager he is no one's fool and has steadied your ship, so I would have thought one more season under him would be worth it, as your team has progressed over two seasons under him, and it isn't like he has spiralled your team down to the relegation places but it's not me, that has to watch Enfield ! Anyway, best of luck for the rest of this season and the next.
  3. AnfieldTowner, thanks for your response. The difference between Slough and Enfield in terms of league position,is that Slough are in their first season in the Conference South. Most of the Slough fans just wanted to avoid relegation this season but our managers and squad have been excellent and we have matched most of the teams in this league. Two weeks ago,we beat 2nd placed Woking at their place and even against leaders Torquay away from home,we got to half time unscathed 0-0 but then had a man sent off and lost 4-0. Torquay are a full time side and the best team in our division,so it was no disgrace. Yes,we are very fortunate to have our joint managers,they have been a breath of fresh air since they came to the club and they are great at communication with the fans, and even join in the talk on our fans forum on occasion. As Behind-the-goal said Andy Leese is not good with communication to the fans.Our previous manager, Steve Bateman,was like that.Perhaps it's just an old school thing.
  4. Just an observation from an outsider, I thought Andy Leese would do well for Enfield when he became your manager,as his Chesham team was a successful one over the years and he appeared to be good at spotting talent and he did built a very good side there. At that time he had Jon Meakes working as a coach with him. By what I've read on your forum, most of the Enfield fans view the football being played as poor and Enfield just don't seem to be consistent enough to challenge for the play off's. Do you think all the blame should be laid at Andy Leese's door, as he now has younger rookie coaches beside him. Steve Wales was Chesham's best player back in the day but I don't know what he like as a coach. I'm not watching Enfield play week in week out but getting rid of a manager after just two seasons,might not be the best move for your club.Look at Kingstonian as an example.They are on their third manager of the season and have wasted money galore. I believe to build a team that consistently challenges at the top, season after season,takes time to build. Yes, you can get a flash in the pan manager who gets promoted first season but 9 times out of 10 the team then gets relegated straight back the next season! To me finishing 18th with a hastily put together new squad, and then this season hovering around mid table, after recruiting more new players to your squad, in a division that Andy Leese has only had two seasons to find out about, isn't as dreadful as some of you seem to think. Nobody wants to watch dull uninspiring football but sometimes building a team to entertain and get consistent results takes time to do. At Slough,the club I support, our joint managers have been at our club six years, and we hope to keep them for a lot longer yet, before them our previous manager stayed for 5 seasons [one season probably too many but still did a reasonable job that season]. It appears to me the difference between Slough and Enfield is that Slough are enjoying their fruits because of their stability,on and off the pitch, whereas Enfield [a club known as historic name in non-league football] have become impatient for success and have not got stability. It may be, that you have the wrong manager to build the dream team you want but I think you may also be underestimating what another couple of seasons could do for his team, and you fans. If Andy Leese could get your team to say another 7 place leap in his third season, so from 11th to 4th position, would you not be happy with that? As surely you will be challenge for the title within the next two seasons. Sacking Leese means you've got to start all over again,which means back to the drawing board.
  5. Apologies, it appears Dean Brennan, ex Hemel Hempstead and Billericay boss has today been appointed new manager at Kingstonian.
  6. Apparently your ex manager Bradley Quinton is lined up to be the new Kingstonian manager, after Leigh Dynan was sacked after their drubbing today.
  7. Thanks for your posts, Swifty. I like to keep an eye on how Ashford are doing. The non-league paper never tells you much. I'm also having trouble with all these new divisions, as it's got confusing as to who's in what division, since the changes. Anyway,good to see that a couple of old stalwarts ie Mark Bitmead and Scott Weight are still doing well for your team. Good luck for the season.
  8. Looks like two of your players have signed for Met Police, that of Jack Beadle and Alex Fisher.
  9. Unless we win the play offs ! ........ and then it's Conference South for us.
  10. Never realised that, Manurgrate. I rather like the East[central] division for local-ish action. It will be interesting to see what teams are placed where. My team, Slough, look like they are gping to be put in a newly formed South West Premier division rather than the Midlands orientated Southern Premier division, that we are in now. Not sure what to make of it, yet.
  11. Thanks for the reply, Swifty. Being that both teams are mid-table this season, it will be interesting to see how you both do next season. Have a soft spot for both clubs,so hope you both can push up the table.
  12. Swifty, what did you think of Thame United?
  13. It's funny you mention Brad Wadkins and Ryan Blake. When they were both playing for Chesham under Andy Leese, they were both recognised as quality players, and were very much sought after by other clubs. The trouble is, players get injuries and get older and lose their edge, and time catches up with them. I was hoping for big things from Brad for Slough this season. He started the season well but seemed to lose focus and enthusiasm, with what our managers wanted him to do. He has been carrying an injury but I wonder if he's got a mental issue about it, thus affecting his game and holding him back from being the class footballer he can be. I think Andy Leese will change players, if he cannot get them back to their former glories. I think Enfield fans will need to be patient on this, this season. Although a 5-0 drubbing to any side is galling, because of Enfield's indifferent form, it's hardly shocking. What will be more worrying, is the lack of fight, consdering Harrow are hardly the best team in town. Ryan Blake will score goals and create opportunities. Is he really the player to blame for this defeat? I would be looking at other areas in your team, to see why goals came to Harrow so readily.
  14. Stopped the rot. Can you make it back to back wins?
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