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  1. Thanks for your posts, Swifty. I like to keep an eye on how Ashford are doing. The non-league paper never tells you much. I'm also having trouble with all these new divisions, as it's got confusing as to who's in what division, since the changes. Anyway,good to see that a couple of old stalwarts ie Mark Bitmead and Scott Weight are still doing well for your team. Good luck for the season.
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    Any signings yet?
  3. 3spirit


    Looks like two of your players have signed for Met Police, that of Jack Beadle and Alex Fisher.
  4. 3spirit

    Ash Trees 1 United 1

    Unless we win the play offs ! ........ and then it's Conference South for us.
  5. 3spirit

    Ash Trees 1 United 1

    Never realised that, Manurgrate. I rather like the East[central] division for local-ish action. It will be interesting to see what teams are placed where. My team, Slough, look like they are gping to be put in a newly formed South West Premier division rather than the Midlands orientated Southern Premier division, that we are in now. Not sure what to make of it, yet.
  6. 3spirit

    Ash Trees 1 United 1

    Thanks for the reply, Swifty. Being that both teams are mid-table this season, it will be interesting to see how you both do next season. Have a soft spot for both clubs,so hope you both can push up the table.
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    Ash Trees 1 United 1

    Swifty, what did you think of Thame United?
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    Harrow Borough v Enfield Town

    It's funny you mention Brad Wadkins and Ryan Blake. When they were both playing for Chesham under Andy Leese, they were both recognised as quality players, and were very much sought after by other clubs. The trouble is, players get injuries and get older and lose their edge, and time catches up with them. I was hoping for big things from Brad for Slough this season. He started the season well but seemed to lose focus and enthusiasm, with what our managers wanted him to do. He has been carrying an injury but I wonder if he's got a mental issue about it, thus affecting his game and holding him back from being the class footballer he can be. I think Andy Leese will change players, if he cannot get them back to their former glories. I think Enfield fans will need to be patient on this, this season. Although a 5-0 drubbing to any side is galling, because of Enfield's indifferent form, it's hardly shocking. What will be more worrying, is the lack of fight, consdering Harrow are hardly the best team in town. Ryan Blake will score goals and create opportunities. Is he really the player to blame for this defeat? I would be looking at other areas in your team, to see why goals came to Harrow so readily.
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    Home to Burgess Town

    Stopped the rot. Can you make it back to back wins?
  10. 3spirit

    Brad Wadkins

    As a Slough fan gutted to see that Brad Wadkins has joined you lot over yonder. Sure the Enfield massive will take a liking to him. He's getting over an injury but has been excellent for most of the appearances he made for us. I'm sure he will prove to be a great signing for Enfield. Not happy with our managers for this !
  11. 3spirit

    Enfield v Needham Market

    I read the Enfield forum regularly but am not an Enfield fan [ I'm a Slough fan actually] but what amazes me currently, is how fixated some of your fans have become with their negative views about Andy Leese and your team. To me many are missing the point by wanting short term success but are not looking at the bigger picture. I think many of you have been spoilt by Bradley Quinton's successful stint in the job, that it has clouded your judgement, with many expecting success to come overnight, for what is a difficult rebuilding job. Having watched Andy Leese's teams both at Chesham and at Potters Bar, the man you have recruited as manager is/was a first class appointment by your board and deserves longer than half a season to prove it to you. If I was an Enfield fan, I would be looking to see what he can do over a few seasons [ 3 at the very least ] rather than judging him on individual games. Of course all fans want to watch attractive football and for their team to be winning matches in style but getting a winning mentality and building a team to be proud of, takes time to do. Enfield are currently 14th in the table, is that so bad after starting with virtually no pre season,a new manager and a scratch squad? I would have thought if your team could push on and get a tenth place finish and maybe win a local cup,it would be a relatively good season. as a starting point for Andy's reign. Of course, plenty of room for improvement on a match to match basis but not as bad as some are saying, surely?
  12. 3spirit

    Leatherhead v Town

    Read this thread and am amazed how quickly some Enfield supporters are jumping on Andy Leese's back,when your team are not even halfway through the season yet. Seems quite mad,whatever results have been. These fans are totally unrealistic and seem to think the manager has a magic wand. I think you should be focussing on the long term and looking for Andy Leese to build a successful team over a few seasons,which he will do if given the chance. Building a consistent team takes time. Any team can be a flash in the pan one season wonder but building something special is a lot harder. I do, however agree that changes will need to be made but to me that is a natural progression of any squad ie lowering the average age of the players,cherry picking players, replacing injury prone players etc .
  13. What a comeback for Slough at Merthyr on Tuesday night 4-0 down to comeback and win 4-5. My team have got great spirit in the camp, pardon the pun ! The title race is certainly bubbling along nicely with Kettering,Slough, Hereford, Kings Lynn and Weymouth all currently hitting some form, and with quite a few other teams still hanging on to the aforementioned coat tails. A hell of a way to go yet but for sheer entertainment value, of the games I've seen this season in the Evo-Stik Southern Premier, it's proving to be a watchable delight. With winter to come though, results/form can change, so it wouldn't surprise to see me to see a couple of other teams making progress towards the top. Hitchin is one team that comes to mind.They are not the best footballing side in the world and games against them are always a scrap but they are resilient and always hard to beat. Can't see them winning the title this season but think they will take points off good sides. Come On You Rebels !
  14. Where have all the Ashford fans gone? Is no news, good news?
  15. I'm hoping Slough are going to win it ! Think you need to include Kettering, Banbury and Frome as potential challengers, too.
  16. 3spirit

    Nathan L & Bobby D

    Oh and by the way I don't know Andy Leese personally.
  17. 3spirit

    Nathan L & Bobby D

    But isn't that what managers are there to do, pick and choose who they think will be best for them ! When Slough was in a similar position to what Enfield are going through ie change of new manager at the helm, we kept three out of our previous squad, when I as a supporter thought we should have kept five. Later in the season the new Slough joint managers agreed they had been hasty letting too many go. However to their credit they still got our team promoted ! Andy Leese is no mug on non league football players. I think some Enfield fans need to give him a chance to prove himself.
  18. 3spirit

    New Striker joins Town

    I'm a Slough fan not an Enfield one but am interested in non league football and matters related. I don't know Andy Leese personally but have watched his Chesham team over the years, either in opposition or as a neutral. I think Enfield FC have made the right choice for their new manager. I totally understand Chesham fans having the hump with quality players leaving their team to join Enfield. Seeing a successful team split up must be galling, as the Enfield fans have witnessed for themselves. On the Drew Roberts situation, I think Chesham fans are missing a key point in regard to what Andy Leese is doing. Enfield need players regardless. He knows Drew Roberts and what he will bring to the field of play. This present time is about building a first eleven and those that will make up the squad. Drew Roberts may only be a short term solution. It's really down to what Drew achieves at Enfield, not what he's done at Chesham. Drew Roberts knows Ryan Blake and Sam Youngs talents and so from an attacking point of view, this can only be good for bedding into a new team. Re-building a squad for long term success takes time but in the short term, a half decent team can be done quickly with the right manager at the helm. If I was an Enfield supporter I wouldn't be worried but as a Chesham supporter I would, as the jury is still out on your managerial team of Danny Talbot and Jon Meakes !
  19. 3spirit

    New Striker joins Town

    Sour grapes. if you ask me. It is what an Enfield fan would say to a Braintree fan ! From a neutral perspective, take my word for it, your club have appointed well. First season may be an up and down one, in terms of finding the right balance, players wise. but rest assured long term Andy Leese will get it right.
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    New beginnings

    I would have thought the Hellenic Premier would be a better league for Windsor,in that there are a number of derby games for the team and probably less mileage to do. What do others think?
  21. 3spirit

    New Manager

    I'm a Slough Town fc fan and I was glad to see the back of Andy Leese in his managers job at Chesham fc because he was excellent for them and we hardly ever got a look in when we played our local rivals. I think Enfield fc, with their non league pedigree, have made a first class appointment, and to get Darren Purse also is a win-win for your club. I'm just glad you're in the Ryman Premier and not the Southern Premier ! ha ha !
  22. 3spirit

    Hatchet Harris

    Being a Slough supporter, I think you might be doing Hatchet a disservice given the fact that he has scored 10 goals this season in the Southern Premier Division and has been largely our 3rd/4th choice striker. He has been an excellent squad player for us and has proven to be very versatile in the positions he has played for us ie centre half, centre midfield and as a centre forward. He is easily good enough to play in the Central division, so I think Ashford would be foolish not to give him a go next season, if they can get him.
  23. 3spirit

    August 2nd Results.

    Windsor's formation is baffling as your suggested system has 11 outfield players in it ! ha ha !
  24. 3spirit

    Badshot Lea game and the state of things

    Think you have both got muddled up. Kyle Anthony joined Slough last season from Hemel Hempstead, along with Jake Parsons,Ryan O'Toole and Joe Chandiram,all of whom had played for Windsor. Steve Bateman,our then manager snapped all four up.which most of the Slough faithful felt was right at the time. They all promptly left when Steve Bateman was removed from his position. Kyle Jeffery started out with Slough. Came through from under 18's/reserves,which had been managed by Tony Thompson. Kyle Jeffery played a couple of full matches for Slough's first team and a few sub appearances under Steve Bateman's watch. He had one blinder of a game,due to his speed around the pitch. He was at this time,playing as a right back.Unfortunately for Kyle,Simon Sweeney,our very experienced defender,had the right back slot sown up. Rumours were that Kyle Jeffery left to play for Chalfont,as he had mates playing there.Don't know if this is true or not. From my point of view,I thought Slough should have kept him and it was a mistake to let him go,as with a bit of guidance and encouragement Slough would have benefitted from him. Steve Bateman wasn't good at bringing through young inexperienced talent,one of the reasons he is no longer our manager.
  25. 3spirit

    Badshot Lea game and the state of things

    Hi Rother,can't quote about how Windsor are playing,as obviously watch other local rival but totally agree with your sentiments. Fans pay to watch,so should be allowed an opinion on what they see. I go to be entertained and to watch exciting free flowing passing football.Often I come away from matches, thinking that the match I just witnessed was as entertaining,as watching paint dry!!!