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  1. Not a surprise to me. Wish him well but our club moves on.
  2. Sounds like a lot of shenanigans going on in an effort to seize control of Stag Meadow. Reading an article about it in the Slough Express,it's hard to decipher who the good guys are in all this? Windsor FC owner Kevin Stott looks to be the victim of this takeover but is he whiter than white as Windsor have gone from bad to worse under his stewardship? Then there's these two entrepeneurs that want to buy Stag Meadow but don't seem to want to buy the 25 year lease off the Crown Estate, and then there's ex Windsor manager Mark Cooper and quite a few Windsor supporters who want to break away from Stott and form a new identity for the club. Are they pulling a fast one? I know one thing, I'm glad I don't support Windsor !
  3. As this is talking about managers, and reading the guff about Tottenham's plight to appoint a worthy manager, I'm praying Scott won't be a Frank Lampard in the making....I just heard that Frank went for a job interview and the chairman of the club said 'we're looking for someone responsible'. Well I'm your man' , Frank replied ' in my last few jobs when ever anything went wrong they said I was responsible. 🤣
  4. Never seen Mickel Platt play but from what Scott says about him,and given his age, he appears to be the right sort of striker we need. I like that he has chosen to play for Slough than others, I hope it's not just about the money on offer. On paper it looks a very good signing. I will look forward to seeing him in action. Good luck to the lad.
  5. Sorry IA but I like the 1 o'clock kick offs. Feels like you have more of the day left to do something else.
  6. When I say a top non-league keeper, I should have said a proven keeper [not a player from the league above]. Sorry phrased it wrong. Also he could come from one league below. Unlike SloughFlyer I thought Jonathan North was a good signing. The right amount of experience and established at our level. Jack Turner before him was also a brilliant signing. On the goalkeeper front Bakes and Unders come up trumps with their acquisitions between the posts, from Jake Somerville onwards.
  7. So we're in agreement now then ! ha ha !
  8. Why? To me the goalkeeper is the most important signing. If you get a duff one,the manager loses his job. Also some goalkeepers are erratic and barmy,so not what you need. A manager and his players need to have faith in their goalkeeper, especially for a newly put together team to develop. If I was Scott, this is a position I would 'push the boat out' for to make sure I get it right in the first place. Forget the loan system. Get a proper top non-league keeper in. It will pay in the long run.
  9. Surprisingly Dartford have let their highly rated goalkeeper Dan Wilks leave their club. Darts fans are not pleased. Rumours have it that ex- Woking keeper Craig Ross will sign for them as he has worked for manager Alan Dowson before.
  10. I think 'that boat has sailed' meaning that Scott must have doubts about Rhys, and from Rhys's point of view he must feel unfairly treated/demoted. If I was Rhys I wouldn't come back to Slough, and if I was Scott I would be looking for a new goalkeeper to serve him for the long haul [more than just this season], as long as Scott isn't shown the door because of bad performances from his team ! That's how I see it anyway.
  11. I still say getting a leader centre half for our team is more important than signing a holding midfielder. I would, though,like Slough to add a youngish[ 23 to 24 ish]centre midfielder to replace the loss of Aaron Kuhl and Lee Togwell.Someone with plenty of running in them and proper fit. A good tackler but not neccessarily a holding midfielder. Like we had with Ryan Hope,a good few seasons ago. I would then pair Matt Lench with him in centre mid, and then have Scott and Jeanmal and another proper midfielder as cover. Unfortunately Tyrese Owen failed to offer much.
  12. Ryan Upward is a very good midfielder and I'd be happy if he joined our club but I wouldn't say he is as important a player to sign right now and I would more chuffed if we signed Temi Eweka from Maidenhead. Someone to have the same impact and quality as Mark Nisbet did for us and would bring that assured presence and acumen to the heart of our defence. Funny enough Farnborough have just lost their centre half Kevin Lokko, I don't know where he will end up but given his experience he may well be the type of centre half we go after.
  13. I'm not blowing my own trumpet but I recommended Jeanmal Prosper to Bakes about 8 seasons ago[albeit Slough were in a lower division], so I think this signing is better late than never ! I haven't seen Jeanmal play for a long time but it seems like he's on top of his game playing for Chesham,so I'm chuffed he's joining Slough now. Great news.
  14. I find some non league football fans are wise about a player in hindsight but how many are willing to stick their neck out and call it before they get in league football? When Elijah Adebayo came in for Slough I thought he did well in a relatively short space of time but I wouldn't say I thought he would be playing for Luton in the Championship seven years on ! I don't believe George Alexander will reach those heady heights either but as a striker brought to Slough on loan I thought what he did on the field of play was exceptional and he certainly proved to be a very exciting prospect. For me his all round game was excellent and he was willing to put himself about for the team. How many strikers do this? Many are more self focussed on their own game, than willing to help out their team. So Curtis, we both may be viewing what we want to see from our Slough strikers differently. I don't have a set patent to what I think makes a great striker. Some of the best strikers I've seen in non league football over the years never played professionally,so to me it isn't clear cut what and who makes the best footballer. Luck,opinion and friends in high places often denote who actually makes it and who is passed over. In actual fact some of the biggest talents are not selected to play because they are mavericks and don't fit into team play. Managers make or break players.
  15. I don't think you would find a Slough spectator who didn't like George Alexander ! He was an inspiration up front and his work rate shutting down players and still scoring plenty of goals was a joy to behold. Best striker we've had in ages. As for Francis Amartey I think Slough would have been relegated had he not come to the club. He may not have scored the goals but when he was on the pitch he would frightened opposition defenders with his speed and ball control which would open up good attacking areas for others to play off. I do feel Ogo Obi was hard done by, though, as just when he started to get in his stride and began to score, Francis came in on loan and Scott Davies started to use Francis in preference to Ogo [although Scott did try to play them together on occasion]. I think Slough will be very fortunate if we can get either George or Francis back at our club for 23/24 season [Francis looking a more likely acquisition] but if it doesn't happen perhaps it would be better to start afresh as our goal scoring by our forwards has been woeful for sometime. One thing I would like to see Scott do this season is to favour having 4 strikers in the squad,as Bakes and Unders in later seasons would only have 3 and preferred always getting in an extra defender than an attacker. I'm hoping Ogo Obi will be one of those four strikers.
  16. Read my post Glen please, I never said Arnold should be seen as our first, second or third choice striker. I view him as an up and comer, not the finished article yet but a player with 'potential'.
  17. Players get loads of opportunities to play. It's a squad game,besides I wouldn't think a 19 year old player just released from Wycombe Wanderers would be in a position to demand/or mind if he was behind experienced older strikers in the pecking order. It's down to the manager who he decides to pick. I actually thought the young player on loan from a club up North [can't remeber his name] looked a better player but I wasn't as convinced that he should play as a forward. Arnold on the other hand suits being a forward but last season looked out of his depth for Slough in the NLS but to me he's a player that will improve and learn more with a team like Slough being around other better strikers, and also would be cheap and a potential good acquisition for squad recruitment, with the added bonus he now knows the Slough set up.
  18. What's wrong with just inviting Arnold along for pre-season? I thought he was promising and had potential in bundles but I wouldn't be thinking of him as our first or second [or even third choice striker] but I do think he would be a player that could grow into a useful striker for our club and to me would be a good player to have in our squad for 23/24 season and should then be given chances to usurp our other strikers especially when they aren't playing well.
  19. Apologies. I've been in hibernation for two years ! 😃
  20. I might be wide of the mark on this but it might be down to those local teams preferring to play on grass like they do week in and week out. I'm only guessing,though.
  21. Looks like Harrow Borough have had a relegation reprieve to stay in the Premier Division South.
  22. This is a surprise. I hope all is well with Neil [and family], and it is only work commitments that has got in the way of his football. Jon will definitely miss him.
  23. Slow drip feed? More like snail pace. Least we have Josh Jackman and Johnny Goddard nailed down to stay [if they are men of their word,as we know from past seasons, players can renege because they get a better offer from another club] unless of course, these two are contracted. I'm pleased both want to stay, as they have a lot to offer our team.Neither of them would be short of being tapped up by other clubs imo. Josh has been a favourite of mine since he first arrived at our club and he is my first name on the teamsheet. To my mind we are lucky to have him, as I think he could easily play in the league above. Now we just need Matt Lench........Ogo Obi.........Joe Dandy ........Shane Bush.......Gabe George.......whoever?
  24. I'm not a Met Police fan but a Slough Town fan. When Andy Leese was made manager for Enfield I wrote on this forum that I thought Andy would do well for you,as his Chesham team regularly beat Slough in derby matches and the players he brought together there did seem to contain a talented group of players with a few star performers. It amazed me when Enfield fans said Andy played long ball stuff and some of the football was dire,as that wasn't like the side I witnessed in Leese's Chesham. I digress. I often read the Enfield forum and like to keep up with the news from your club. Always think back to Enfield's glory days in the Conference and thus I have a fondness for Enfield. Anyway when I saw Gavin McPherson was leaving Met Police FC I straight away thought could he be on the way to you lot. Then yesterday I saw it was happening. I think the appointment is a good one. I've seen quite a few Met Police matches with him in charge, and have also watched Slough play them. too. His teams are never easy to beat. I wouldn't say he's flamboyant and plays an exciting brand of football but he does make shrewd signings and gets a togetherness in his teams. They are hard working sides with hints of panache but as he's not used to splashing the cash he gets the most out of his players. I would say he's a steady Eddie, efficient and no one's fool but definitely a dark horse because he turns his teams into winners. Hope this info helps. The one thing I recommend him doing first though, before any signings, is to get rid of that silly haircut ! ha ha ha ! It looks like he's got a wig on ! 🤣
  25. Quite a few managers moving on from their posts this week.To name three Steve King has left Gloucester City due to them cutting the budget and going back to part time, Gavin McPherson has stepped down from Met Police and Andy Leese has been given the elbow by Enfield Town.
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