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  1. Like everyone I am pleased by the 5 new signings, my only reservation is they are all from step 3. I was hoping that we could have attracted two outfield players from the NLS to add proven quality to the team,thus not breaking the bank but addressing the players that have left our team.

    I'm glad Nathan Minhas is finally joining Slough, at last a goal poacher but with Mickel Platt a raw,young and not necessarily Bracknell's first choice striker I'm worried that we have no back up if Ogo Obi does seek greener pastures. It also looks exacerbated if a wily experienced NLS campaigner like Elliot Benyon leaves,too. With Scott also showing Imran Kayani the door, we need a bit more firepower than just Nathan and Mickel. I hope Scott has someone/s else in mind up front, as to me that looks a priority.

    What is good with the new signings is they are all of a good age and no one is 'over the hill'. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do in pre-season.  

  2. 3 hours ago, Wycombe Rebel said:

    Had this debate before… Josh has always been a full back, playing Championship Manager with him wouldn’t work!

    Just because he gets forward well and scores a few goals doesn’t mean he’s able to play other positions. Playing right back then asking someone play right wing may not work as they prefer the whole pitch in front of them, playing them higher up stifles their understanding of a game.

    I don't agree.

    I don't say every full back can do this but Josh is a far better player than you give him credit for.

    You're the type of bloke that would have kept Gareth Bale playing at left back for the whole of his career !🙃



  3. 59 minutes ago, Wycombe Rebel said:

    Is everyone forgetting that Prosper can play CM?!??

    Looking at it, I cannot see Josh losing the right back position, he occasionally may play left back but that disrupts the balance of the team.

    It would not surprise me if Prosper partners Lenchy in CM this season.


    While Josh is a great right back, I also find it a waste putting him there.Yes, he is a noteworthy right back when we play the best teams and we need solid defenders to match and thwart top opposition wingers but for a lot of our games I wouldn't play him there and I would use him in an abundance of positions including centre of midfield,right wing and even as a makeshift centre half. He has matured fully and now is ready as captain and a leader to be so much more than a right back. With Jeanmal Prosper,Scott Davies and possibly another youngster/up and comer like Gabe coming through,and if we also have Joe Dandy, we should be well covered for  that one position this season  

  4. 44 minutes ago, Reading Rebel said:

    So, having a strong ball winner in midfield can make a difference but is not necessarily needed at this present time and you wouldn't look to bring one in yet unless of course a class one becomes available 😵

    Well RR, I appreciate what you are saying but until we see who Scott has recruited and is keeping from last season I don't see the urgency of signing a holding midfielder yet. Unless someone offers Slough someone like Godfrey Poku ! He isn't only a holding midfielder, though, and that would be doing him a disservice to say so. Like when Lee Togwell is called a holding midfielder. He can do that sort of role but he isn't a one trick pony.   

    Jeanmal Prosper can certainly play in midfield but I'm not expecting him to play centre-mid all the time either. He should offer our side versatility, though, as he is a clever player on the ball.

  5. 34 minutes ago, Reading Rebel said:

    Although I agree we need those players with Lee Togwell gone imo we are missing a ball winning type of player in our midfield.

    As I've already said, Togs will be a huge miss[both as a player and in coaching].

    When you say a ball winning type of midfielder, shouldn't it just be centre midfielders that can tackle and do more besides? To me centre midfielders are not all the same.As in everything it is really about what type of game Slough want to play, or need to play when under pressure. Having a strong ball winner in midfield can make a difference,  granted but to me is not necessarily needed at this present time. I wouldn't look to bring a player like that in yet unless [a class one of note became available !].

    To me pre-season and the first couple of months is a settling down period about finding out what our new players can do [and how they shape up with last season's squad]. 

    Let's just see who Scott signs first before we get negative !    😉   

  6. 13 minutes ago, Reading Rebel said:

    Of course we don't know exactly what wages these players are on but a good number of them will be on a lot more than we can offer.

    There will always some of the 'lesser lights' so to speak that will be on less which is the same at most clubs.

    Which 3 players?

    Chike Kandi is 27 and possibly in our range, Reggie Young is still in discussions to stay and Louie Paget is a right back who's gone back to Hartley Wintney having not played a game.

    Whether our new owner has any money is anyone's guess and just going by Companies House they won't be splashing out the money any time now.



    I got the wrong name with Louis Paget. I mean Jonathan Page he is 21 years old. Michael Fernandes was the other one.

    Chike Kandi, I just mentioned as he seems surplus to requirements at Farnborough and is a striker and seems to have played at higher up clubs. Whether he's better than Elliot Benyon and Imran Kayani,I don't know.Might be worth finding out though.


  7. 3 hours ago, GlenSTFC said:

    We have no assets or own anything so no buying took place more of a taking on the running of the club. Not sure these accounts show their true worth as there are ways around with smart accounting. It could be Ashley or some other individual(s) who are putting funds into the club, or there may be some big sponsorship deal we’ve yet to reveal….

    It still seems a mystery where the funds are coming from to fund our club but they must be there somewhere, as the football club would be 'like a petrol tank running on empty' ie you won't get very far until someone fills up ! 😃

  8. 19 minutes ago, Reading Rebel said:

    Well it's happened.

    Farnborough have signed Ryan Upward.

    I certainly hope we were in the market for him and at the very least held discussions and only the money stopped him signing for us.

    Ryan Upward is a good player but I can't say I'm desperately disappointed that he has signed for Farnborough and not Slough. Our focus needs to be on a centre half and a centre forward.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Reading Rebel said:

    I didn't mean of interest to sign just of interest to know as an ex Slough player.

    No chance of John Oyenuga he has his sights set on going higher and besides Farnborough want him back so why would he come to Slough?

    All these players you mention from Farnborough would have to take a drop in wages.

    No harm in asking but unless they were desperate I doubt they'd be prepared to do that.

    How do you know about their wages?  It seems like you are guessing. Besides 3 of the players mentioned would likely be lower wages.

    Slough with new owners must have some money in the pot to attract players, I know the club will need to shop wisely but nothing says Scott can't find bargains, or NLS players that might disillusioned at their clubs or wanting a new challenge/new experience in a different team. To me Farnborough being a local-ish club is a good place to pick up one or two players from, especially as in the last few seasons they had some success in what they've been doing.     I don't mind Slough being a poorer relation in terms of finances to Farnborough but I wouldn't say we are in status.In terms of stadium and fan base Slough easily match Farnborough.



  10. 3 hours ago, Reading Rebel said:

    Farnborough have only announced players retained and leaving.

    The only one of interest is Freddie Grant leaving.

    Looks like he wanted more money and Farnborough weren't willing to match the offers he's received from other clubs. 

    I found it odd RR that you said there is only one of interest that being Freddie Grant, as I thought Farnborough have quite a few players of interest.

    Scott Davies needs a coach to replace Lee Togwell. I thought it would be a bonus if Slough could find a coach that could still play occasionally, and what would be good was if that coach happened to be a striker ! There's a player called Ricky Holmes at Farnborough that is a highly qualified coach and played League football. He has had injuries but to me might make a good coach for Slough and help our young strikers get better[and other players] and may be of use as a bit part squad player.

    Then there's a young striker called Chike Kandi played for Dover and Farnborough last season.Good age and may be worth looking over for Slough pre-season.

    Then there's a wide defender called John Oyenuga who has been Farnbough's best player for two seasons,who hasn't signed for them yet.

    Plus one or two young midfielders [Paget I think is one of them,can't remember the other's name] that might be worth a view pre season, and then there's Reggie Young a player not the biggest but certainly a good creator of attacks reminds me of Paul Hodges ie short,quick,breaks into the box,can go past a player,passes well and scores the odd goal.

    So to me Farnborough have a number of players that should be of interest to Scott.   

  11. 4 minutes ago, GlenSTFC said:

    I thought Grant was good but nothing spectacular and he seems to chase the money after leaving us for more at Farnborough and now doing the same to them. Gabe is as good if not better plus has time on his side to develop even further.

    I don't agree.

    Freddie Grant is a better player than Gabe George but he should be as he is older and is far more experienced than Gabe. Freddie can play a number of positions and will be in demand.Could play one league higher. Gabe is still learning his role in our team and is still very much a novice. He has plenty of potential but we shouldn't expect too much from him yet. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Reading Rebel said:

    Farnborough have only announced players retained and leaving.

    The only one of interest is Freddie Grant leaving.

    Looks like he wanted more money and Farnborough weren't willing to match the offers he's received from other clubs. 

    We need a left back. I thought Freddie Grant was good at what he did. I like Gabe George but prefer him as a wing back. Freddie I can't see him coming back to Slough but you never know.

  13. Sounds like a lot of shenanigans going on in an effort to seize control of Stag Meadow. Reading an article about it in the Slough Express,it's hard to decipher who the good guys are in all this?  Windsor FC owner Kevin Stott looks to be the victim of this takeover but is he whiter than white as Windsor have gone from bad to worse under his stewardship?  Then there's these two entrepeneurs that want to buy Stag Meadow but don't seem to want to buy the 25 year lease off the Crown Estate, and then there's ex Windsor manager Mark Cooper and quite a few Windsor supporters who want to break away from Stott and form a new identity for the club. Are they pulling a fast one?

    I know one thing, I'm glad I don't support Windsor !

  14. As this is talking about managers, and reading the guff about Tottenham's plight to appoint a worthy manager, I'm praying Scott won't be a Frank Lampard in the making....I just heard that Frank went for a job interview and the chairman of the club said 'we're looking for someone responsible'.

    Well I'm your man' , Frank replied ' in my last few jobs when ever anything went wrong they said I was responsible. 🤣


  15. Never seen Mickel Platt play but from what Scott says about him,and given his age, he appears to be the right sort of striker we need.  

    I like that he has chosen to play for Slough than others, I hope it's not just about the money on offer. 

    On paper it looks a very good signing. I will look forward to seeing him in action. Good luck to the lad. 

  16. 2 hours ago, Irishadrian said:

    I notice that the two home pre season fixtures so far announced by Beaconsfield both KO at 1300 hrs This seems to be a developing thing I prefer the traditional 1500 hrs KO  How about you?

    Sorry IA but I like the 1 o'clock kick offs. Feels like you have more of the day left to do something else.

  17. 27 minutes ago, Reading Rebel said:

    I know we've got new owners but to get a 'top non league keeper' would more than likely be way beyond what we could afford.

    A good capable keeper keeper for the NLS is more likely to be within our budget and what we'll get.

    You've also got to remember we still need to fork out on a decent striker or two which won't come cheap.


    When I say a top non-league keeper, I should have said a proven keeper [not a player from the league above]. Sorry phrased it wrong. Also he could come from one league below.

    Unlike SloughFlyer I thought Jonathan North was a good signing. The right amount of experience and established at our level.

    Jack Turner before him was also a brilliant signing. On the goalkeeper front Bakes and Unders come up trumps with their acquisitions between the posts, from Jake Somerville onwards.

  18. 1 minute ago, Ian g f said:

    Don't think you can plan that far ahead Lots of coming and goings in a short time at Slough 


    To me the goalkeeper is the most important signing. If you get a duff one,the manager loses his job. Also some goalkeepers are erratic and barmy,so not what you need. A manager and his players need to have faith in their goalkeeper, especially for a newly put together team to develop. If I was Scott, this is a position I would 'push the boat out' for to make sure I get it right in the first place. Forget the loan system. Get a proper top non-league keeper in. It will pay in the long run.        

  19. Surprisingly Dartford have let their highly rated goalkeeper Dan Wilks leave their club. Darts fans are not pleased. Rumours have it that ex- Woking keeper Craig Ross will sign for them as he has worked for manager Alan Dowson  before.

  20. 18 hours ago, Irishadrian said:

    Surely the question that needs asking is Why shouldnt he be first choice?

    I think 'that boat has sailed' meaning that Scott must have doubts about Rhys, and from Rhys's point of view he must feel unfairly treated/demoted. If I was Rhys I wouldn't come back to Slough, and if I was Scott I would be looking for a new goalkeeper to serve him for the long haul [more than just this season], as long as Scott isn't shown the door because of bad performances from his team !

    That's how I see it anyway.


  21. 23 hours ago, Reading Rebel said:

    I would say both are important.

    Yes, if the center half Scott mentioned was Temi it would be a major signing for us but at the same time a missing piece of the jigsaw in our midfield imo is that player who can get stuck in and break up play, the old fashioned ball winner.

    So in a nutshell both would be massive signings for the challenges that lie ahead. 

    I still say getting a leader centre half for our team is more important than signing a holding midfielder.

    I would, though,like Slough to add a youngish[ 23 to 24 ish]centre midfielder to replace the loss of Aaron Kuhl and Lee Togwell.Someone with plenty of running in them and proper fit. A good tackler but not neccessarily a holding midfielder. Like we had with Ryan Hope,a good few seasons ago. I would then pair Matt Lench with him in centre mid, and then have Scott and Jeanmal and another proper midfielder as cover. Unfortunately Tyrese Owen failed to offer much.  

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