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  1. 01-August 11 - Happy Birthday club sec :)

  2. 01-August 10 - Happy Birthday club sec :)

  3. Originally Posted By: blues06 Rhodes for chairman!!!! Never
  4. Originally Posted By: NoseyParker I hear you could be looking for a new manager too very shortly! well thats interesting where di you hear that one or do you have us mixed up with Enfield Town
  5. Brimsdown Rovers Football Club is looking for a Chairman. Current Chairman Gary Brooker has stepped down from the position to concentrate on the Position of Sports & Social Club Chairman and feel there could be conflict with him holding the 2 positions. With this in mind the Football Club Committee would be interested to hear for anyone interested in joining Brimsdown Rovers Football Club and becoming the New Chairman. If you have experience holding a similar position or fell this may be something you would be interested in, we would love to hear from you. Brimsdown is a fast moving club we have raised from the Spartan South Midlands League Division One as League and Cup winners and are this season challenging for the top spot in the Premier Division. We are still in the FA Vase and run teams from 7-year to 18-years of age. If you feel you would like to join the Revolution at Goldsdown Road Contact Rob on 0788 060 3108
  6. Originally Posted By: paulb Did you not hear that loud noise over London last night about 9:30pm???? It was Brimsdown breathing a huge sigh of relief that they wouldnt have to play KTFC in that competition. why a huge sigh from Brimsdown KTFC are no match for the Mighty Brimo check our meetings last season.
  7. well 8 messages later and about 40 calls to the Brimo Chairman and its all sorted. The Players has been banned from ever playing against Brimsdown Rovers thats not saying he cant play for Brimsdown Rovers. He has also been fined the sum on of £10 or the cost of a round of drink for the Brimsdown Rovers Committee whatever is the cheaper.
  8. Not sure what started it all but one of the ETFC Players was in the bar on saturday night and attacked Gary Brooker I understand he was injured as well. Strange turn of events the Medievial Night breaking out into a war of the roses between the Blue & Whites and Black and Whites. I understand there is a photo as well knocking around.
  9. i have no idea why teh Roy bailey one is not linked up I will issue the Roy bailey Fixtures when i have them At present things are on hold as St margretsbury messed us around last season by not informing anyone that they were pulling out of teh competition this ment while Brimsdown were trying to contact them and they were not contacting Brimsdown the quarter final was held up Cheshunt now have to meet Brimsdown at some point and then ware play the winners in the final. I have changed the format of the competition as well to yearly rather than season to assist teams so we have untill xmas to get 2 matches played
  10. This is the Brimsdown Rovers Thread and wil be used as an information add on to the web-site. 9th August 2008 - Update Saturday 11th August 2007 Brimsdown Rovers v Aylesbury Vale kick off 3.00pm Admission £4 and Programme £1.00 Capital League fixtures are out once i have compiled them into a list they will be published on here and the web site Rob -----
  11. Originally Posted By: Mr Happy Club Sec. The attitude that Brimsdown SSC have shown to Town recently probably put fans off from coming. True, there are some decent people there but others clearly don't want us there. I only do one or two friendlies each season and this was one game I had no intention of watching. As others had stated, there was little in the way of publicity about the Roy Butler thing and, bearing in mind he is your groundsman too, the poor turnout is a bad show on your club too. Firstly any attitude that BRSSC has for supporters has nothing to do with it, supporters could have gone to teh game and not used the bar if they wish as they already do. Secondly This game has been arranged for over a month, I will agree the Brimsdown rovers web site only carried the fixture and date and not that it was for Roy, Not having checked the ETFC web-site i cannot comment on weather ther stated what to game was for or not Thirdly not really a poor show from us I know committee members that turned up and paid to watch last not I know BRSSC members that dont normally watch even Bromo game pay to watch last night, Brimsdown Rovers had a full committee turn out and a full team turn out with Gordon Boateng even attending and presenting the trophy in the bar after the game. maybe Jim can give us some answers. our full committe was there and we put out our first team
  12. Brimsdown were away but plenty of people stayed as the things that were going on at the club involved us as well
  13. right lets really stir thing up and some of you may well be surprised What was the game last night all about Well it was to raise some money for Roy Butler, now some of you will know Roy and myslef dont see eye to eye and that is between us. But over the past 5 or 6 years he has done a great job on getting the pitch in good condition at goldsdown and he was rewarded last night for his efforts by Town putting out a reserve team and very few supporters even bothering to turn up. all i will say is its a very poor show lads, it was a nice night it only rain very last on, entry fee was less than your league matches, your committee all turned up and run the game just like any other so when was it decided to put out the reserves and why did so few supporters even bother to turn up. Roy deserves far more respect form you guys than he got last night.
  14. Originally Posted By: Football Man Originally Posted By: club sec sitting in the Bar some 30 minutes after the game on Wednesday night having My Birthday Drink with my 2 nephews Hope you didn't spill any on your new LA Galaxy shirt! if you no me well enought to has seen my shirt you will also know i dont spill my beer
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