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  1. Remember supporters you will be up against finely tuned athletes who pride themselves on being coaches and ex players and who’s honed bodies will perform like a Rolex on a whores arm I myself as a internationally recognised coach and goalie will offer the sternest test in goal and Colin Mc on the wing can only see a massive defeat to the plain old beer swigging supporters and there rag tag team be nice if some of you turned up to the match just watch the staff go through there paces we may reduce the size of our squad to give you lot just a glimmer of hope 7.00 10 th BE THERE no ringers we know who you are 👀👀
  2. One for sir Gary please Thanks Gary - now added to list
  3. If it’s exciting football you wanna watch trust me the place to be will be afc Hornchurch at the bridge tomorrow playing kingstonian fc win loose or draw l can promise a new look team more exciting brand of footy come along have an opinion and a pint bring the kids no swearing I promise
  4. Great noise from our supporters I for one get encouraged bye you attempt at singing ( where’s Simon cowell) I’m sure the players also get a buzz we just need a positive result to get us going again we don’t become a bad team because of a few poor results 2 or 3 wins puts us back in the hunt again I’m sure all on the playing staff expect to win every game we will do everything in our power to get positive results we need you fans it’s all part of the journey , onwards and upwards keep the faith keep the support thanks
  5. dont let your mrs here you say that otherwise no fans are going
  6. ahmen to that ps thank f**K we sorted that
  7. get real people first you want promotion so we assemble a team that stayed in top two last half of last season maxed out our budget, fair sized crowed for playoffs and final. new season starts new quality players brought in most others stayed loyal to our club . good feelings all around , the chairman of our club can only assemble this team with your help, turnstiles. clubhouse. sponsorship. just turning up and watching a game of footy. match price is as it should be, the problem is you fans want it all promotion or you dont turn up, cheap beer ,and every player when they become available . Ok now the plus points we have possibly the best back room staff in the division we have exellent coaches for the players the pitch is in good shape a great manager none of the people concerned with the day to day running of the club take a penny colin and jimmy run the club and team on a tight honest budget we dont overspend we dont promise what we cant deliver cutting prices cuts profit bigger gates at the same price is what is needed to go forward remember we need money for stadium bills as well players ALL YOU NON LEAGUE FANS HAVE TO DO IS TURN UP AND SUPPORT YOUR CLUB its all about enjoyment for £11.00 lucky we are not premier league hot doge are a fiver
  8. cant find a link to the forum and im not smart enough to navigate around twitter am i doing tings wrong
  9. i agree nice fellow first and a decent footballer had a good brain and always time for a chat i hear he is a good teacher aswell,, and simons dad good bloke too...hope they find time to watch a bit of footy aswell
  10. serge would like scotch served please any night will do me bring it on cant wait to see the bretherand all jolly again.. up the urchins
  11. hi big mam hows it hangin come back soon we need ya
  12. suit me fine aswell need to streatch out every now and then chelmo offerd little resistence
  13. get lost you northern loving inbread thought you waz loyal londerner
  14. im goin to wembly just to make sure northerners dont win this is a north /south divide game
  15. could it be biggleswade town topend m11
  16. i will fly back from spain that day then fly back in the morning cup game only
  17. so its goodbye from him looks like karen bradey pulls the strings down the ammers
  18. when u get to my age old cheese is all you can look at all the camenbere is in the crackers
  19. call me dull boring but how about the mums of the calender girls doing there next shoot at the club
  20. why should we have to play a cup tie when it suits colchester manager with only play off games and no major fixture congestion as the reason game should be played when fa say
  21. your poxy team gooner bring leeeeeds back to the prem
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