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  1. A mention for bedfont sports youth who won the middx county cup last night Top effort well done all involved
  2. Not a problem I will be in touch , maybe one day next week ,
  3. I'm more than willing to sit down with any club that wants too and offer any advice I can on pitch maintenance, free of charge aswell , Some of you I have already helped out and I have been to most grounds in both leagues during my time involved in playing managing and even spectating , You will find something's are cheaper than you would think , I'm sure Jj would say I'm more than approachable when it comes to grounds issues
  4. Could not tell you what drainage is underneath , I very much doubt either have installed drainage , just what's natural in the ground , plus a good maintenance regime helps no end , and both clubs listen to the advice given too them regarding what to do and what not to do ,
  5. No bad guy don't do bedfont no more but would like to think I laid the foundations for the decent pitch they have got today , and thanks for the comments regarding ashford we got a decent little grounds team down there , and we will have to be at our very best to get it back in shape after that game , pressure what pressure
  6. Thanks for the calls smudge , much appreciated , yes everything is going well and hopefully I get signed off by the consultant next week , Can tell you that it's a great weight of my mind , as this is the fa cup thread see you all at wembley either with Lammas or Qpr , Thanks everyone for the get well and good luck messages , And credit to smudge for having the bollocks to call and firstly apologise and secondly to see how I am , he didn't need to apologise as no offence was taken ,
  7. Hear there's a 10-1 score line in div 1 ,
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