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  1. Ash Utd v Lymington Town tomorrow (saturday) KO3pm at Ash Manor School
  2. Ash utd v eversley..called off by the match referee
  3. Good to hear...keep the good work up Big JR & take it easy
  4. Pitches are still hard, we've had 10days of below freezing & day temp hasn't been very high either. However a warm night may thaw enough of the ground to play but rain is also due which could leave pitches waterlogged as it cant drain away
  5. Very true but also got to think about groundmens who all week have had the same problem as they still have to get the pitch prepared against the weather only to find its off
  6. Badshot lea v hanworth villa also falls late to a frozen pitch
  7. frimley green v ash utd has just been called off
  8. Very fair report Darren. We wasn't at all at the races yesterday & you deserved the win. Pitch was always going to be difficult to play on especially as it was the 4th game on it in a week after frost, rain, snow, & with a heavy shower 30mins before ko, but still playable as your side clearly showed
  9. well beaten by a good organised side, who were just better in all departments than we was. Apart from the results the lose of key players due to injuries & suspensions now in the forthcoming weeks when we go back to the normal bread & butter football right Saturday now chris
  10. was going to be a quiet member this season as people just get fed up with me being grumpy & boring, but today i just can't be quiet. Firstly i will not take anything away from Banstead as they are a very good side & deserve all the credit today as they could easily have won by more This is my view & my view only & no-one elses at the club but today was an ​EMBARRASSMENT, ​but it's not just today though. it seems we haven't learnt from last season. Started so badly that I had to rant week after week, but at Christmas we seemed to have gone in the right direction & was really looking forward to this season. However this will be my last rant but its no better than last season start or even worse I'll will never stop following the side, it won't be me....but I just will keep myself to myself & keep thoughts to me sorry to be a moaner but that's what Grumpy does
  11. I can but hope & pray that i managed to get some other ground half as good as your pitch is look Great job tony
  12. Yep it sure was....will look forward to going back next season
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