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  1. Think we all guessed something was up since yesterday ... hopefully there will still be a club to compete ? I'll be there , as ever , through thick and thin . Is there any way the club can link to this forum from the main web links on EUFC homepage , so that fans can stay in touch with the news and each other ? It's kinda heartbreaking to think there are people ( owners/fans/terrace tramplers alike ) who have the Fleet's best interests at heart that don't even know yet .
  2. Mate ? Isn't that what animals have when they want a sh*g ???
  3. 1 - 1 FT ... second half all Fleet , Eastbourne put nine in defence by the sound of it .
  4. GASH !!! 1 - 1 !!! Assisted by Ricketts Get in !
  5. What I posted is the "general non-league commentaries available when you visit that page today" link ... if you click on listen live Ebbs v Eastbourne you should get a choice - high or low quality , Real player or Media player . The link is still worth bookmarking - if you can't get RK , sometimes the other team have their own commentary available .
  6. Got it - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_conf/7546974.stm Had to switch from media player to low quality real player
  7. Great - NUFFINK !!! I love it when the Beeb tries a new idea .... anyone else got a link that works ?
  8. Next Sat's fixtures look good ... apart from us at Wrexham , there's Salisbury v Barrow , Crawley v Mansfield and Kettering v York ... could be a good early shake up for the league - it's getting congested in the top half , with everyone taking points off each other . 3 for the Fleet , though ...
  9. You'd think the official site would get it right , wouldn't you ? Click on September results .... tin pot BS !
  10. Not with the bulge in the old onion bag ....
  11. And congrats to the missus ... 3-1
  12. Well done Fleet ... terrific win despite the conditions . Liam - a masterful lesson in tactics - well done all
  13. You sound like my missus last night !
  14. YES !!! Lance pen save from Mohammed !!! GO REDS !!!
  15. 4-1 !!! Kezie Ibe's first touch - GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL !!!
  16. "Would you like to hold my pepperami ?" Carlsberg don't do chat up lines , but if they did ...
  17. Originally Posted By: mnickels I was only communicating the thoughts of some of the other members. How much does a mindreader earn these days ?
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