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  1. What does it say about our club when the likes of Wingate & Finchley and Chestnuts are above us in the table . How is this allowed to happen ? Very frustrated and a big improvement required on Saturday .😡
  2. That's not going to happen any time soon.
  3. T B Q H Lewes will probably be this seasons whipping boys . If memory serves me correctly they were in freefall prior to the expungement of last season .🥴 looks like that's going to continue this time around .
  4. This is a disaster for the club given the current situation . A loss of prize money revenue is going to hurt us badly . If fans are stopped coming into matches again then I dread to think how much further the purse strings can be squeezed. They must be getting near choking point by now .!!
  5. A very dissappointing last few games ,and upon looking at these highlights make your heart sink to your stomach . Lets just hope this is just a wobble .
  6. Down to earth with a bump then. But they have made their money, Respect to them , looks like we'll be up against Maldon next season .
  7. I was merely stating the obvious fact that I don't believe your club is up to the standards of this level . No need to take it so personally. BTW we have always referred to you as Chestnuts just like you and others call us Townies get over it .!!
  8. Hi fellow Towners, Its been a very long time since I have posted on here but I am in the area this weekend from my retirement reatreat in Suffolk . Looking forward to tomorrow and i shall be attending the game with my wife. Can't see anyting other than a routine 3 points against a poor looking Cheshunt side which looks well out of its depth and surely going back down, and we should rack up the goal difference a bit as well . I predict a 3 or 4 goal goal margin here. So pleased for Andy Leese after the negativity from some people last season. I knew he would come good in the end . Also glad the Hornchurch defectors hasn't done the damage I thought it would . I have a feeling this is our year at last . COY Towners. 🏆
  9. A very poor and lame effort today , A waste of a rare away journey for me, If your reading this Andy Sorry you got it wrong today , Players on the bench that should be on the field and vital Income unnecessarily lost as a result , Feeling very low right now. Cheesed off bigtime.
  10. Arthur old bean. Yes I am saying exactly that . If we dont change then we will wait a very long time for more success. It may well be we would have to wait for other clubs to burst their bubbles . But then again how many go tits up in one go. The usual 1 or 2 a season may never be enough.
  11. The problem with remaining a fans run club is that it can only go so far. I think last season proved that. The emerance of Guernsey FC is a fact we cant ignore . It may well be they too overtake and leave us behind. We are not big enough to rival Wimbledon and FC United's progress to a higher level. We must change our constitution to a business type owner or stagnate.
  12. I think you need to add Concord Rangers to your list above Steph. Conference South looks a long way off for us.
  13. You get the feeling we've been left in their wake havent we mate. We need to change our constitution " and soon" Time to duck here comes the Inner circles mates to tell me otherwise lol.
  14. Good to see Guernsey promoted . Could be the breath of fresh air the Ryman needs. Same old teams year in and year out. A welcome change.
  15. Couldnt agree with you more C D . very well put and layed out. The weaker less enthusiastic players must be moved on in order for our club to progress. The tree needs shaking to make the dead wood fall out. Lets face it we have more than we need. The bigger challenge is holding on to our better assetts . Money talks louder than loyalty I'm sorry to say.
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