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  1. I don't see any problems for us from a team that's a level below . I know they've done us over before but this time its going to be different , I'm pretty confident our class will shine through . Not Impressed with the basic ground facilities from our last visit which resembles an old cricket pavilion clubhouse in one corner and a small stand stuck next to it , Don't remember much else about it apart from noise of the nearby A40 .
  2. That's a great result for little Chestnuts . Nice to see them do us a good turn. I see there was a 1200 odd crowd at Worthing , It must of been like a cup final for the Chestnuts. I'm sure we can claim the usual 3 easy points at Christmas time and another cup final for them . LOl 😁 On a serious note who got caught up in that dreadful traffic on the M25 roundabout ??😡
  3. I won't name the chap concerned but I shall say this .... Signing ex Chestnuts players has never seemed to work for us in the past , Its not a progressive step in my opinion , We need to sign players that can't quite cut it at national league level , I'm sure somebody will shout me down but If we can't Improve the squad then we'll just stay as we are for another season . There's something not quite right about our recruitment of players ... Just saying !!
  4. The 20 years have gone fast , I would of expected we'd be national league by now . 😖
  5. Its pleasing to see most of the squad have returned but it doesn't look Improved to me . Not too sure about one player in particular , When a player has had so many clubs you ask yourself why ??
  6. Good lord , Not for me , The sash spoils it 🥴
  7. I have never belonged to the trust as I can't see the point or the plusses of belonging to it. "The Inner circle will only tell the members what they want you to know."
  8. POLICE ARRIVE at Abandoned Aylesbury United Football Stadium! - YouTube Its quite extraordinary how this place has been left pretty much intact while the Ducks have to groundshare between Chesham and Tring Athletic. We had some good moments there in our EFC days .I can only recall us losing on one occasion there which may of been our GMVC days , I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong . There are a couple of annoying ads that pop up during the video but just cancel them after 5 seconds .
  9. Andy Leese also took Chestnuts from a level 5 club to a Ryman Prem club , A great achievement for club with a small level of support , Also got the ball rolling at Boreham Wood as well, and guess who is two divisions higher than us with similar crowds . 🤑
  10. I guess I expected hints of condescending ridicule and sarcasm from a few of you, but what's new huh . Don't you all see that a club of our size should be up to National league South at the very least and the fact that we have only jumped up from two very poor leagues in almost 20 years . Have we ever explored the possibility of finding a benefactor to fund any future success,?? The answer is probably no !! I am not saying the Inner circle have to leave the boardroom but just stand aside for a business person to push the club on . It can be done "Concord Rangers" have risen from where
  11. The problem isn't Andy Leese . He has had reasonable success wherever he has been. In my opinion the structure of the club has to change such as the Inner circle have to make way for business Investors . Lets face it the same old faces get re -elected time and again , if this goes on then the club will just keep going around in the same old circles for years to come . As long as the stadium is kept out of developers hands (and that's up to Enfield council anyway) then surely this has to be the path we need to take . I have suggested this before and been shouted down by some of you but a f
  12. Not sure if its an old story or not but I have picked up on Facebook that there are a few Gypsy caravans on the Donkey lane carpark . I know we had the displeasure of them in the playing fields in 2013 for a while but surely not again. 🤢 Last time they were there my sister had her dog attacked by an Alsatian which belonged to them and yobs chasing and terrorising kids playing on the fields , Not to mention the piles of rubbish left in their wake. 🥵
  13. What does it say about our club when the likes of Wingate & Finchley and Chestnuts are above us in the table . How is this allowed to happen ? Very frustrated and a big improvement required on Saturday .😡
  14. That's not going to happen any time soon.
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