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  1. I must admit I am missing the football but its the right decision to write the season off .. Hopefully its a lesson for the world to learn and adapt to . I am still working albeit on reduced hours so its not that tedious for me . Looking forward to renewing rivalries next season with you Townies and to turn the tables next time .
  2. I'm banking on you Townies to get a result tonight . It'll drag them into the dogfight a bit more. No slip ups like you normally do please. 😁
  3. Deffo not mate . As soon as I posted that they rattled two in Lol. ...You see your not the only one who puts the jinx on their team 😌
  4. Well I guess its a bitter pill to swallow for us but thats football. We are still missing our centre half which showed up badly especially with the second goal . but begrudged congrats to you lot . Nice to have a good crowd for a change . Thanks for popping by .
  5. Err.. We are in South Herts not surrey 😌
  6. We lost the Bowers game a couple of weeks back but that was an almighty deluge on Friday and early hours Saturday morning. Its no good checking the forecast as its always wrong. Hopefully it'll dry up tomorrow.
  7. Its A10 derby day for us again but be advised of the following Info... There is no access from Inside the Stadium into the clubhouse prior to half time. There is a sign at the turnstile but people still walk past it. If you wish to use the clubhouse prior to the game then use the carpark entrance. Don't forget to give yourself a few minutes to get in before kick off ..See you Saturday Come on you Ambers 😍
  8. So whats wrong with a bit of friendly rivalry . You Townies need to lighten up 😌
  9. I wouldn't put anything past you lot 😁😁😁😁😁
  10. Very funny ...Lovely stuff incognito yet again ...Get a proper life you dipstick instead of making up imaginary friends 😊😊😊😊
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