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  1. Canvey will be a tough nut to crack. Billericay will come good at some point .
  2. Unlucky Urchins 😔 Football can be cruel at times . See you next season .
  3. Well done Urchins . Good luck in the final .🏆
  4. I very much doubt it old son , but you never know how the cogs tick in the FA minds .
  5. He did do some boxing in his younger days . Sometimes he likes to keep his hand in as that jerk south of the river found out 🤭
  6. We won't be sinking any further old chap. We haven't fallen that far short of staying up , Some of our new signings at the start of the season weren't up to the job" Mr Frempah" being one such example and I believe you have one at your place 🤭. More chance of Amber's getting back than you lot ever getting there. See you bunch of losers next season !!!
  7. Andy would probably do a better job at Cheshunt because he wouldn't have you lot picking holes in him and questioning everything he tries to do and generally getting on his back . If Andy has any sense he should leave instead of subjecting himself to the toxic open season's aimed at him on this website. As for Craig I hope he stays on as manager .Unlike you lot we don't crucify our manager because we have had a bad season . But we shall turn it round again I am sure of that.
  8. That's more like it good old "up who Townie" arrogance . You lot make me smile. 😄😄😄😄😄 F Y I The stadium needs a bit of Improving so not a waste Nice try 😄😄😄😄😄
  9. I haver never been abusive (even though Lovely stuff gets up my goat) .Just pointing out good honest facts and having a bit of neighbourly rivalry.
  10. At least we've been there sunshine .Most of you lot will be in the cemetery before the not so mighty Townies ever get there....Maybe another 20/30 years. BTW Our directors have shelled out over £200 grand to Improve the stadium and some of the time we are up against full time players so we have been up against it financially and very good teams from the off . See you all next season for 6 easy points 😊
  11. Now that's a real shame . I was looking forward to tormenting you lot again next season and point out the error of arrogant holier than thou ways. Great to see Andy doing a fab job as per usual .Long may it continue 😎😎😎. Looks like we'll have to give you Townies another football lesson or two next season . C O Y A .Cheshunt are massive everywhere we go !!!
  12. The boss is still experimenting with the squad . When I looked at the team sheet yesterday my heart sank to my stomach . I kind of knew what was coming . The clear out starts this week . Have a good season . Hopefully we'd of tirned it round by the time we see you next.
  13. Losing our centre half Crowther to Kings Lynn was a devastating blow as he wanted to go full time pro . Kasserate also a bad loss . It's difficult to replace quality like that . Two or three others look out of their depth and they need replacing. Our manager is a very experienced wily old chap . He has taken us from bottom of step 4 to step 2 in a short space of time. We will turn it round but it won't happen overnight.
  14. He was a silly boy . No need for that and asking for it . As for a long season its a bad start but changes will be made in due course I'm sure. Our chairman and his father won't allow the club to drop as we'll have to play them Townies again . Now there's a nauseating thought ?
  15. Hey Sluffies you got away with that today . Thank the lord for crap refs huh ? Nice ground you have . Last I saw you lot you was dossing at Windsor . How times change .See you at ours ?
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