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  1. Our forum was taken down by our committee because of negative trolling Barney. Some of it by you lot on occasions . . I don't come on here that often but I do have much respect for Andy the messiah who worked wonders at Cheshunt .. but then again you lot are entertaining to say the least with your moans and groans . I always smile at something when I do bother stopping by.😁😁😁 You lot never dissappoint .
  2. The stadium will still be used while the building work goes on around it . Nice try Lovely Stuff we are staying put . No disrespects but this fans owned thingumy club went to your head years ago . Do you really think you have any influence in the boardroom ...? Nah only if your name is Reed or maybe 2 or 3 others from where I'm sitting . I agree with the above comment its gone as far as it can . From what I have seen you have an ageing fanbase mostly from your Southbury Road days ...How much longer before people start ebbing away ? . However I do admire your enthusiasm even if you are blinkered with tunnel vision after all these years. 😁😁😁😁
  3. Great result Haringey . Very pleased for Tom Loizou . ☺☺☺☺ Back to the drawing board for you Townies 😀😀
  4. Well done you Urchins . Good luck in the L C Final . Don't let them Townies win Not my favourite people. Very up their own backsides 😣
  5. The last bit seems like a good description to me 😄😄😄😄
  6. So are we back to giving Andy the tin tac again this week ??? You Townies make me smile 😄😄😄😄
  7. So Andy won't be sacked this week then ... Only a few days ago some of you wanted him out . You lot are a strange and unusual bunch of people 🤑 But pleased for Andy the messiah .
  8. Yet again you townies call for Andy's head after a couple of bad matches. No manager on earth gets it right all the time . Its your boardroom that stumps up the cash for Andy . He can only spend what he's given . You lot still don't get it do you. Get a proper chairman , Get shot of the palsy walsy club . They have taken it as far as it goes. 😜
  9. Never mind Townies .There's always next season and so on and so on etc etc... 😂 On a serious note stick with Andy he will get matters back on track.
  10. Never mind Townies , There is always next season, Now which one of you is going to say that it free's up the season for a crack at the league title. Come on somebody usually does Well done to Bedford , Seem's like it was well deserved
  11. Does this mean they go out of existence or start again in the lower levels ?? Not too sure what the Essex senior league will look like next season with all the restructuring .
  12. Nothing to due with your budget of course eh sunshine , Your a fans owned club , Dig deeper in your tight fisted pockets and stop blaming Andy. FFS,
  13. You townies really do think the world owes you don't you . How is Andy supposed to get anything right when you bunch of morons question his every move , I'm guessing he's had just about his gutful of you lot already with all this up your own backside shite . You have a great manager there , Give the man a chance for christ sake.
  14. Thats not a nice thing to say about Andy , What must he think when he sees these sort of demeaning comments, No wonder he keeps out of the way
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