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  1. Actually our forum was taken down by our committe due to prophet and one or two others harranging Tom Loizou at every bad result which at the time was a regular occurrence. Nice to see you Theo You finally had the front to show yourself . Be careful as the annoying fly might just end your play off dream . Stockport here we come 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
  2. Tell you what Sweetnicker you can just feel the envy here . 😊 Come on Theo where are you sunshine ??
  3. Now then Theo my old son... Remember those infamous words of yours when calling Cheshunt a "two bob" outfit have come back to haunt you wouldn't you say. Two rounds furthur on from your club's exit and a treasure chest of prize money is hardly the work of a two "bob outfit". Just have a little think with that pea sized brain of yours next time you make such a statement !!! Oh yeah Almost forgot Amber's have been drawn away at Stockport County in round 5 who are one of the biggest clubs outside the football league. This will be played in front of a 3 to 4 thousand crowd so a big pay day jus
  4. No !! Him with the beard was at the game when you won 3-2 . Although he was quiet .
  5. No prizes for guessing those two . The little foul mouthed gobby fella with the beard and his clone no doubt 😂😂😂
  6. I believe the key words here for you lot should be Pious, arrogant and sanctimonous 😠😠😠. See you in the playoffs ...Thats if you have the staying power 😊😊😊😊
  7. You Townies really think your holier than thou don't you. The foul language from your end wasn't exactly a good advert for your club either . " Can you hear the Cheshunt sing etc etc..... I can't hear a xxxxing thing " .Do you saintly people still want to play ping pong here ?? 😌
  8. Most from level 5 or middx cup where you played other teams ressies/youth .Nice try . 😊 BTW if the Williams family were planning on stitching us up they'd of done it long ago . I think they've been in control for 11/12 years now. Again Nice Try 😊
  9. Have you people ever questioned why you have only gone up two s##t leagues in 20 years ?? Reed's son is your chairman . You can't get any more "Keep it in the family " than that 😊 20 more years you might just manage one more promotion if your lucky. !!! If it wasn't for Andy you wouldn't be anywhere near the playoffs anyway.
  10. Whats the matter LS. Are we suddenly coming to terms with the fact your not the dominant club in the area anymore 😊 Times are changing old chap take a deep breath and accept it 😊
  11. Nice to see a good ref in charge today .He had the measure of your players antics . The only thing he got wrong was not sending judas off for hacking down Adam.
  12. Never mind Townies Best team won 😊😊😊😊😊
  13. The ground staff have done an amazing job today. Just need the rain not to be too heavy.
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