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  1. You somehow managed to get away with it yesterday . The big shock yesterday was Dulwich 0-1 Befont . I still think you'll get through as much as it pains me to say it. 😌
  2. Do I give a monkey's ??? 🐵
  3. I think you'll find the 1893 bit has been chopped of the name. It seems they beat you to it before you chopped Townies off yours 😊
  4. I call it tight fisted and penny pinching myself . Your committee should be ashamed of themselves . But thats who you vote in ....Not that there's much of an alternative 😄😄😄
  5. Yeah and we'll slip some exlax in it for good measure 😄😄😄
  6. Wasn't there myself today but was told it was a game of very few chances. 😒
  7. I'll moan that you don't lose enough 😄😄😄😄
  8. Congratulations 🏆⚽🏆⚽🏆⚽🏆⚽..Well deserved 👏
  9. We have all our players back except 1 or 2 . We have signed Ken Charles who you Townies are familiar with. C O Y A ☺
  10. Yet another Lovely stuff I D . You really are one sad little man . Yet again your textual sarcasm gives you away . Get a life 🔔🔚 .
  11. Well we did do last time smartarse . Can you Townies live it down 😉
  12. Just seen it on the FA Website .Lots of waffle that drones on.😵 Wouldn't it be easier to say the season has been null and voided and we start again in september.
  13. A lot depends on us all having our second covid Jabs . I'm still waiting for my first.!! I can't see the new season starting until October . The current season is looking a dead duck now. Frustrating as I never realised how much I miss my Saturday afternoon fix and with Ambers in a good position for once. 😔😔😔
  14. If we'd drawn you yes . Otherwise don't give a monkeys .
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