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  1. I wouldn't mind Cassy and Della Verde in our ranks . We'll have to sort out a 4 or 5 dayer out for those two ? After all I'm sure they'll want to better themselves ?
  2. Its a position you're club will never be in . Fans owned ?? Don't make me laugh ?
  3. Still no fine or points deduction. ? BTW you should be fined for wasting the FA's time
  4. Well done you urchins .Keep it up . Sad you had some agro last night. Not sure what caused it as townies aren't usually a trouble type club. We don't like them and they don't us but never had agro problems with them. Hope you make it to the NLS this time.
  5. Your a strange lot over here. Big fines ? A ban for Frempah ? A 3 -12 points deduction ? Automatic Relegation ? Compensation ? A hint of a court case ? And on your FB site someone wants to hang one on Frempah. Not that they'll have the bottle ? Just to say thanks to the few who showed up on Saturday .Not all of you are so easily lead . And don't forget to pay your £10 membership like good little club shareholders. God help you all if the ship sinks ?
  6. How Sad that you feel the need for petty name calling . Just the sort of behavior I'd expect from those so green with envy.????? .
  7. My god your like a stuck record aren't you. I can just taste your envy .
  8. Looks like there's going to be a Waltham Cross FC starting up next season . Could be an opportunity for new tennents for you lot . ?
  9. Oh I shall pop along and torment you lot now and then . ? Got to say it may be a long time until you play us again . More chance of you lot playing Wabbey or one of the other Enfield's in a competitive match until you see us again Lol. ?
  10. Since when did Haringey have more parking than Cheshunt ?
  11. What not even two and a half miles to Cheshunt ?
  12. If Concord Rangers can survive then why shouldn't we ?? Our Chairman vowed at presentation night we are on the up. It took a long time to get the books straight after the previous regime left. Not only that but to get the club into a profit making business instead of making a loss. Craig Edwards applying for the job 5 years ago was a pleasant surprise and he was quickly installed and quickly turned fortunes around. Money has to be spent and will be spent on the ground . We have some good youthful players here and I'm sure we will add some experienced faces in due course. Thanks for your concern ?
  13. Thanks for the hospitality today and graciousness of handshakes and well dones at the end .I'm sure you'll be doing it all again next season. You are a great club with fantastic support and you'll come again . Good luck and thanks again .
  14. I think the nearest club to us would be Leamington if that was the case ..They stuck us in the Southern League once when T L was manager. I couldn't believe it then . Hardly any trips around the M25 at all. Almost every away game was a long haul . Vinny and Paul cut the playing budget to compensate and Broxbourne council upped the costs from their end around the same time not to mention Vinny's failed nightclub venture . No surprise we got murdered . All Vinny would say is we'd have to suck it and see ?
  15. Its been a great season for Ambers and for Urchins. We have had some great wins away at Chelmsford and St Albans in the trophy and a brilliant effort at Stockport. Wins at Worthing and winning against the Townies .Craig has assembled a good side but on occasions we do have stinkers such as losing to Merstham and a pathetic effort v Carshalton at home . I think it'll go to extra time and a single goal either way. Not sure. yet if its a North or South National league for the winners ?
  16. Typical townies .If they'd won it'll be splattered all over social media with the gut bucket wonderous achievement headlines Lol. They might just get round to it in a few days once they've stop crying ?
  17. Any highlights from your game at the townies ? Can't find any on youtube.
  18. Nobody is gloating matey. The job still isn't done yet . Bad luck Townies that must of been gutting to have it snatched away at the death like that. To be honest I was looking forward to a final against you lot . Hornchurch are a team that blows hot and cold and are a bit like us in that respect but still a tough nut to crack . I'm sure you'll be there abouts next season .
  19. Very good game . The header was a similar OG that we conceded v Hornchurch recently albeit a bit furthur out.
  20. We ain't there yet . As you know Stortford are a class act . But we did knock them out of the trophy so you never know . Lewes shot themselves in the foot yesterday and I'm looking for highlights of that seems like an interesting match . We still need something against Stortford tomorrow and hope Folkestone slip up one more time if we get nothing v Stortford ,It seems Folkestone signed four recruits from Gillingham recently so they are giving it a final push. It would be interesting to have you Townies in the P/O final as unlikely as it looks . I fancy our chances against you lot . Especially with your bobbly pitch , Long ball Andy tactics, and out of touch Mo ? Your excuses always brighten my day's ?
  21. I think we blew it when distracted by the trophy run to be honest .Had some very poor games prior to Stockport, Bowers at home was the worst of them . I can't see Folkestone blowing it now with lower half opposition left to play .After Saturday v us Lewes have a favourable run in . I think its over for us now . But good luck to our Urchin friends We always have good matches against you.
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