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  1. 04-April 11 - Happy Birthday Red Marauder :)

  2. 04-April 10 - Happy Birthday Red Marauder :)

  3. Quote: I see that Bet365 are offering odds on this competition and have us at 33/1 !! A real insult and must be worth a small bet !! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wow.gif" alt="" /> Talking of Bet365, I put a little wager on Manny to be top Conference goalscorer at 20/1. Anyone else had a flutter and got better odds? I had heard that Manny has been 33/1 at some stage?
  4. Quote: I, for one, appreciate FF's train information posts. Me too. Cheers for the updates FF and keep 'em coming
  5. Quite agree, let them cover all the so called 'big' boys and we'll carry on with winning games. By the way, good match report by Chas.
  6. Quote: gnfcman said: What has happened to him? Has He Gone? Despite getting sent of in the Notts game i still think he looks a good player, and think we should keep him if we still have him To be honest, after Skinner's superb performance against Halifax last Saturday, we certainly don't need Gibbs.
  7. Quote: Bluesnet said: And there are plenty who want him so take your place in the queue. So who's going to open the bidding, shall we say........ What's he like then Bluesnet? Is he scoring plenty of goals, etc, etc?
  8. Do you have to be a member of the supporters association to travel on the coach?
  9. Not only for being 3-0 up but I think I heard on Radio Kent that Craig had scored 2 of Dover's goals! Nightmare!
  10. I hope Shearer's injury isn't too bad and he is fit for next Saturday, I reckon he's been superb so far this season. Do we know why Margate let him go? They must be kicking themselves he left.
  11. Let's have a nice easy home tie and not another Conference team, please.
  12. Quote: Jeff said: Ade Akinbiyi has been totally awful wherever he has been - I guess he'd fit right in then Good suggestion Brian. I seem to remember that he scored a lot of goals for the Gills. I know he had terrible time with Leicester in the Premiership but surely he could something for us at Conference level.
  13. The suggestion with regards to getting a Premierahip/League player on loan is something that recently crossed my mind but surely the club must have explored this option and it may not be as easy as we think. We might not be able to afford all of the players wages but we might be able to strike up a deal witht the club concerned, maybe pay half the wage, etc, etc. Millwall, Charlton, Gillingham, West Ham all these clubs are located not that far from Gravesend so the players travel shouldn't be a problem. Gillingham must have a decent striker that they could loan to us for a while, they have got Shaw, King, Johnson, Wallace and must have some promising youngsters coming through. I think they are even trying to buy Jason Roberts from West Brom. Hessenthaler is a Gravesend lad so what better way to help out your home town club by loaning us a player and Pennock used to play their recently so he knows Hessy. What about Stansfield at Yeovil, I know he unfortunatley broke his leg against us last year but I am sure he is back in training and what better way to get your fitness back by playing Conference football.
  14. I know we need to get behind the players and I for one will always back the team but we've got to be honest with ourselves and say that the team we have at the moment just is'nt good enough. They are giving their all but the majority of them are not Confernece standard. I felt sorry for Perkins, Shearer and Owen who are the only ones with any idea. We won absolutley nothing in the air today and Haworth, what the hell has Andy seen in him! However, I am glad that Andy realised that Matt Lee was being turned inside out in the first half to take him off at half time. McKimm, his heart doesn't seem to be in it. Anyway, it could be worse, we could be playing Chester at home next week.......Help!!!!!!!
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