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  1. They lost because we scored two goals and they only scored one. Doesn't matter how they go in.
  2. You've had your answer. Perhaps you'd best leave it at that otherwise some people might begin to suspect that the real reason for you to post on here was not really to extend your congratulations.
  3. ...or the alternative answer, already given, that no-one really knows for sure if he was there. Thanks for the congratulations and so sorry if you feel offended by the responses. You're a funny man - keep up the good work.
  4. I don't think you understand. The club that was reformed in 2005 was the one he bankrupted. And then he nearly did it again a few years later. I don't think many people can deny that he did some good things for the club when he was involved, but our progress since he walked away, culminating in Saturday's momentous victory, was despite him not because of him. The only guests of honour at the game were the ones that dug us out of the dire situation we were left in. Does that answer your question ?
  5. No idea. We lost contact with him 10 years or so ago. If he was there then he kept a very low profile. Or maybe he doesn't care any more.
  6. Well done to Mark, his coaching staff and the squad for today's incredible achievement against all the odds - you've done the club and yourselves proud. You will always be remembered at Hornchurch FC as legends. Well done also to Colin, Alex, Jordan, Ken, anyone from the Supporters' Association etc etc etc. I've missed out loads of names and some I don't know, but you know who you are and, as someone who saw his first Hornchurch match in around 1982 and where pretty much every season the hope of getting to a Wembley final would be dashed by around mid-October, rest assured you have my undying respect and gratitude. I know from past experience how difficult it is to keep a football club running - many don't see the immense amount of work that goes on in the background - so huge kudos from me for all of you. I'm certain, also, that people I have known that have worked hard for this club over the years, and are sadly no longer with us, would be super proud of you too. Unfortunately for me, after patiently waiting for this moment and despite the fact fans will be allowed to attend the Final, I cannot, at this moment in time, attend as I'm due to work that weekend. I feel a conversation with my manager is in order on Monday morning...
  7. Well done everyone. Awesome job all round. Live feed and commentary were superb - you guys are naturals.
  8. Looks like he a bad night last night.
  9. Thanks Luke. If as much energy had gone into encouraging our own players as was directed at opposition players and the referee in the form of abuse, then we might have won last night. Abuse thrown at opposition players only makes them more determined in my opinion - I hope I'm not the only one who can see that. I'll shut up now.
  10. This particular person was standing on the Eastside. No one deserves that kind of abuse.
  11. You're probably all going to jump on me for this but I need to get this off my chest. I know football is a passionate game and we all like to eff and blind sometimes but some of the language lately has been pretty disgusting. Plus there was a report of one of our supporters doing something utterly abhorrent at this evening's match. Seriously guys, you need to start reigning this in otherwise you will lose supporters and - it pains me to say this after my long association with the club that I love - I will be one of them
  12. Firstly, apologies for no archive game last week - i just couldn't get round to it. We're back though with this game. It's the season opener from 2007 away to Ashford Town (Middx). This game briefly featured the legend that is Jim McFarlane, who got injured early on and hobbled off the field only to find out later in the day that he had broken his leg ! Enjoy ! https://youtu.be/Kb-4IAuhFg0
  13. Unfortunately I wasn't at that game. I'm working on a game for this weekend but there will probably be a delay i.e. I might not find a good one before Sunday.
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