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  1. Mark Holloway has been appointed manager of Harlow Town. I hope you all remember him because he apparently 'took control' of AFC Hornchurch to secure promotion to the Isthmian Premier League. My memory must be getting worse... https://www.harlowtownfootballclub.co.uk/news/club-statement-first-team-manager-2505701.html
  2. Agreed. Players or officials betting on games is discouraged and anyone who is caught is banned and potentially prosecuted. So who sponsors the league ? A f**king betting company. Shameful imo.
  3. Or, one of them at least:- "When there is a 'wall' of three or more defenders, the attackers are not allowed within 1m (1yd) of the wall: an attacker less than 1m (1yd) from the 'wall' when the kick is taken will be penalised with an indirect free kick"
  4. I think the record is about 10 mins:- https://www.theguardian.com/football/2007/may/21/newsstory.sport5
  5. The match is off according to the Isthmian league website
  6. Whatever happens next will depend on the referee's report, the view from both clubs and any film footage.
  7. There was a sending off and a mass brawl in the 93rd minute apparently.
  8. Just now. Away to Stowmarket or Romford
  9. I really enjoyed Elliot's testimonial match on Friday and it was great to see so many ex players. There was a tinge of sadness for me when I heard about the passing away of a friend of mine, Ted Harris, the previous weekend. Ted was secretary of this club for many years. I'm not sure exactly how long for, but certainly from sometime in the 1970's until a couple of years before the Bryco takeover about 15 years ago or so. He put his heart and soul into this club and worked tirelessly, along with the Chairman at the time Jim Bradshaw, to keep us afloat through the many major and minor challenges which often beset small clubs. Being a Secretary of a football club is an incredibly tough job, and when I took over from him I could never really fill his shoes. His two sons, Chris and Tim - affectionately known as the 'hasbeens' - played for the club and are often seen at the club in and around the bar area :-). Ted had many great stories to tell and on his occasional visits to the club we tried to encourage him to come back and have some kind of hospitality role for visiting officials in the boardroom or in the bar, but he claimed he wouldn't be remembered or welcomed. This was clearly nonsense, but I suspect he was afraid that it would consume his life again and take him away from enjoying time with his wife, sons, their wives, and his grandchildren. Personally, I don't blame him. He was a really nice man and you would have loved him. RIP Ted.
  10. Sounds to me he's giving as good as he got on Saturday. Agree with Jago & Burdy. Why don't we concentrate on encouraging our own players instead of bitter ex-players ? If they win, then congratulate them and wish them luck in the next round like true sportsmen.
  11. It'll be the death of both clubs imo
  12. Not really. Dulwich are at home to Kingstonian and Lowestoft are at home to Harrow. A defeat OR a draw for either home side would suit us should we win.
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