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  1. Looks like he a bad night last night.
  2. Thanks Luke. If as much energy had gone into encouraging our own players as was directed at opposition players and the referee in the form of abuse, then we might have won last night. Abuse thrown at opposition players only makes them more determined in my opinion - I hope I'm not the only one who can see that. I'll shut up now.
  3. This particular person was standing on the Eastside. No one deserves that kind of abuse.
  4. You're probably all going to jump on me for this but I need to get this off my chest. I know football is a passionate game and we all like to eff and blind sometimes but some of the language lately has been pretty disgusting. Plus there was a report of one of our supporters doing something utterly abhorrent at this evening's match. Seriously guys, you need to start reigning this in otherwise you will lose supporters and - it pains me to say this after my long association with the club that I love - I will be one of them
  5. Does this mean we can't pay on the day ?
  6. Firstly, apologies for no archive game last week - i just couldn't get round to it. We're back though with this game. It's the season opener from 2007 away to Ashford Town (Middx). This game briefly featured the legend that is Jim McFarlane, who got injured early on and hobbled off the field only to find out later in the day that he had broken his leg ! Enjoy ! https://youtu.be/Kb-4IAuhFg0
  7. Unfortunately I wasn't at that game. I'm working on a game for this weekend but there will probably be a delay i.e. I might not find a good one before Sunday.
  8. I have our line-up but not Dartford's. Maybe Tony has the full sheet. 1. Darren Behcet 2. Billy Coyne 3. Andy Tomlinson 4. Mark Goodfellow 5. Elliot Styles 6. Jamie Dormer 7. Jonathan Hunt 8. Mark Janney 9. Duane Jackman 10. Wayne Gray 11. Michael Spencer Subs: 12. Paul Shave 14. Ronnie Fletcher 15. Kris Lee
  9. This week I've chosen Dartford v AFC Hornchurch from November 2009 in the league. A big crowd, a tense game and, from what I remember, a bit of a nail biter towards the end. Some great teamwork from the lads too. Apologies for the the not great quality and the poor camera angle. https://youtu.be/F4sHhOPptzQ
  10. Thanks, my mistake again. It should work now.
  11. Had to upload the video again so the link has changed to:- https://youtu.be/XZgXThE0poY
  12. Today we are going way back to May 2006. It's the Essex Senior League Cup Final against Brentwood Town which was played at the ground of Grays Athletic, which sadly is no longer there. Hornchurch are, of course playing in red, and our starting line-up included Danny Cowley (wearing 8 ) and Nicky Cowley (wearing 7) who are currently the management team at Huddersfield Town ! Apologies for the video quality (it was good at the time) and the sound quality. Clearly it was a windy day in Grays. Enjoy https://youtu.be/eUuBOV7JvpY
  13. OK, I'm working on one at the moment but might not be available until later. I've got a few others I can upload at some stage. If anyone can remember any particularly memorable games then let me know. I've noted the ones requested before i.e. away to Bromley in the FA Cup (Annie) and away to Dartford after the Weymouth game (Colin) and am still working on finding them and copying them over.
  14. Hi All, Simple question, do you want to see more games from the archives, or is it time to stop ?
  15. Yeah sorry, I changed it but forgot to save the change. Give it another go - it should work now.
  16. This week I have chosen an Essex Senior Cup Quarter Final match against Colchester United from January 2013. Hope you enjoy it. https://youtu.be/BhNZGvBQsq0
  17. For this week's archive game I have chosen our October 2013 FA Cup 3rd Qualifying Round match at home to Wealdstone. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/G_I5kx-TZdI
  18. The season would normally be over now, but you seem to be enjoying this so here's another game from the archive. It's Dulwich Hamlet away from August 2013 and includes bit of magic from George and Stefan. Enjoy https://youtu.be/DTyFJFMpin8
  19. Oh wow. What's the quality like on a big screen like that ? Looks good from the picture.
  20. As you are aware this weekend would have been Isthmian League play-off weekend and we could well have been one of the clubs looking forward to a special day out this Sunday. Of course, it was not to be and so here is a game from the archives for you to enjoy instead. It's from May 2012 and is a super-tense match, AFC Hornchurch v Lowestoft Town, which was to decide who would get promoted to the Conference South for 2012-13. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/gn689lRbC_U
  21. The videos are currently marked as unlisted which means that anyone watch them but they have to have the exact link. They can't be found by searching in youtube. I've looked before at a way of charging a small fee for access via a login but youtube doesn't seem to work that way - unless I've missed something. Maybe there are other platforms that can do this, but I would probably have to upload all the videos again to there and I would probably have to pay for that kind of service, hence there might not be much benefit. I haven't really looked into that at much depth to be honest. If I can get all the games off the tapes I have, then I've got maybe 15/16/17 seasons worth of (AFC) Hornchurch games. Wouldn't it be great if I could create something like a TV channel which constantly plays random games all day long ?
  22. I'm almost certain I've got all of these games somewhere. Unfortunately, anything before 2012 will be on tape and I'm struggling at the moment to transfer them over into a digital format. Technology has moved on so quickly...
  23. Tomorrow would have been the last game of the season so I have found something special to put a smile on your face which hopefully will last until we begin again, hopefully, in August. It's from about 11 years ago (!) and is a game that has become legendary - Weymouth v AFC Hornchurch in the 4th Qualifying Round of the FA Cup from October 2008. https://youtu.be/kvlLt27q9Fs Enjoy. As usual, any problems let me know. PS Next week would have been the play-off final. Whether we would have been involved in it or not we'll never know, but I'll try and dig something out for that weekend too. I have something in mind - I've just got to find it 🙂
  24. This week I have chosen AFC Hornchurch v Romford from August 2017. I'll be honest and admit that I have no idea whether this was a thrilling match or not but we won and it was against one of our local rivals. That should be enough to cheer us all up (unless you're a Romford supporter) https://youtu.be/maYhhtYl0mI Again, any requests please let me know.
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