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  1. 08-July 11 - Happy Birthday Martin :)

  2. 08-July 10 - Happy Birthday Martin :)

  3. I wasn't one of those 36 as I arrived 40 minutes late having been stuck in a blizzard and therefore wasn't counted through the turnstiles (and didn't pay either) so I don't think it is the ideal game to use to back up your point. We actually still managed to outnumber the home fans despite the conditions. It was a very weird game particularly as Luton 11 miles away was called off. We once played in supporters match against Hampton which had a bigger atendance than that! Our attendances are actually pathetic for a town our size. It has everything to do with losing the ground, slipping dramatcially down the pyramid and becoming nomadic ground sharers. A bit of success and we'd have decent crowds again as some people simply will not watch this standard of football. But I think we can all agree that Saturday's game had plenty of entertainment value.
  4. Our cup final? Jesus christ make your mind up. One minute you think we are too big for our boots and still think we are a massive non-league club mixing it with "village" teams and the next you are telling us that a league game with you lot is our cup final. We celebrated that result as we would any other. Particularly given the circumstances of the game. Of course perhaps it was a bit sweeter given the abuse some of you lot continually hurl at Slough and the fact we got so embarrassingly turned over at your place. A neutral would have been enthralled by the game. It had everything if you ask me. A good advert for this league even though you weren't at your best. The ref was crap but I think he was equally awful for both sides. So far this season you've still impressed me as the best side we've seen and on previous form you should still be able to get promotion. Good luck to you.
  5. I met this really kinky girl last night. "Humiliate me" she said...so I bought her a Spurs shirt.
  6. Martin


    Originally Posted By: Woody WEFC even more silent than they were last night it seems!! I could honestly say the same for you guys though and that is despite the fact you have clearly picked up a few more fans these days. The mob behind the goal seemed larger than in previous years but we couldn't hear you/them from the other end. I honestly do believe it is because the ground is so open and any noise just seems to drift away. That said you don't need to worry about stoking the derby atmosphere when you have Scott etc on the bench roaring the team forward and clear passion from the players. Some beautiful goals which meant I didn't begrudge the
  7. It has been a tough choice selecting ten but: Automatic for the People - REM Everything must go - Manic Street Preachers The Bends - Radiohead The Queen is Dead - The Smiths Sam's Town - The Killers Funeral - Arcade Fire The Beatles (The White Album) - The Beatles Rum, Sodomy and the Lash - The Pogues Nevermind - Nirvana Thriller - Michael Jackson
  8. If you mean a picture by your name like mine of Monty then if you click on my stuff in the bar near the top and then profile you will have your profile settings and in there you will see that you can add URL details to upload an avatar. If you mean in a post itself then I'm not sure - only just get the hang of adding external links!
  9. Originally Posted By: Windsor_Sec Will was being chased by Jamie Jarvis and in most peoples' opinions has taken the easy option to go there rather than fight for a place here. Incidentally Windsor Sec by your own admission that is an opinion and therefore is incorrectly placed in your "facts" section. It is all a bit Orwellian on here. Good for a chuckle mind.
  10. Born statesmen is Boris. Not sure whether he is a genius playing an idiot, or an idiot who stumbled across a talent for success. It was a fairly inevitable result given where we were on polling day. Interesting to see that James Whale has been sacked from Talksport after telling his listeners to vote for Boris. It will probably be one of the traditional Talksport sackings that last a couple of months before the presenter is reinstated.
  11. Martin

    website news

    Nothing going on at all. Game postponed for non-payment of a fine, manager sacked, new manager appointed, the emergence of an enigmatic poster called Mrs Cat...all newsworthy....
  12. Martin

    Game Off?

    Ah "legal reasons" - nice excuse that.
  13. Martin

    Game Off?

    I do find it very funny the way you let Staines Rebel get to you. This coming from the "if you can't take it don't dish out bunch" who spent more time singing anti-Slough songs than pro-Windsor ones whilst knocking Hampton out of the Trophy (think it was the trophy maybe the cup anyway a while back). Back on topic I don't know why someone official from Windosr didn't just come out and say we've been suspended for a £24 fine. If that was the case most people would say it was the B&BFA being petty and ridiculously unfair and heavy handed.
  14. It must be the same waterlogged pitch as yesterday. Presumably Windsor carry it round with them just in cases.
  15. Martin

    Game Off?

    It was announced at our game that yours was postponed due to "a waterlogged pitch." Obviously the real story had already got out by then so that was met with howls of derision. Good to see that your PR machine works though. And your manager didn't have the night off he came down to scout our game.
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