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  1. First match I've been to for a while and i was impressed. Lots of new faces who all showed good qualities imo. Bit of a slow start and went behind to a great strike. Grew into the game, created some very good chances and deservedly equalised. Personally thought first half we were 4-2-3-1 with togs and Scott in front of the back four and Obi up top. Actually thought we lost our shape a bit second half and huffed and puffed a little. I like Obi, nothing fell for him today but he has a bit about him. Francis scared them witless first half but struggled to get into the 2nd half. Two centre backs were refreshing. Mobile confident and lots of potential. Nice little cameo from Matt Burgess. Showed flashes. Gabe put in some good crosses and gets up and down well. Think Joe needs to be a little more confident going forward particular when you have wise old heads like Scott and Togs who will fill in for you. Shame we couldn't quite get going second half and grab the points but certainly a game we would have lost earlier in the season. COYR
  2. Very sorry to see this news. Great guys who have served the club with honour and distinction. They were a breath of fresh air when they walked into the club and have always been so open with the fans. They will be greatly missed. Wish them all the best for the future.
  3. Did anyone see Leeds 4th goal which was ruled out against West Ham at the weekend? Hit Rodrygo on the line and was ruled out for offside. Very similar to that Southport goal.
  4. Enjoy the game everyone. Great draw. Great city. COYR
  5. Safe to say that when Newcastle became the richest club in the world I didn't anticipate their first signing being a former Slough player but apparently they are looking at Elijah https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-scouting-mission-luton-22478719
  6. Steve Lovell has resigned at Welling to make it 4 departures on this manic Monday
  7. Surprised to see Dan Roberts has left. Thought he always looked lively and a goal threat and had bags of potential. Good luck Dan.
  8. He definitely isn't 6ft 2. Maybe when he signed for Staines he had hair and a big quiff. Excellent keeper though
  9. Dan Roberts is self isolating. You would hope to beat ten men with 71 minutes to play. But clearly Havant will have modified their game plan
  10. I agree Big JR. With teams having to postpone games left right and centre for covid positive test let's hope for a dry mild winter. If we get the usual slew of winter postponements teams could be playing 4 times a week by April/May. This season is over as a pure sporting contest.
  11. Thanks for the insight! ?
  12. Is there an embargo on reporting the Bracknell game? Anyone go?
  13. Potentially a great signing. He was the one opposition player I googled after watching last season.
  14. They got a reprieve linked to Bury I believe. They are the modern day Telford.
  15. It has never been about the fans. Absolutely bottom of the list of considerations. Personally think the whole thing is a disgrace.
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