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  1. Martin

    Oh Dear

    No he is our only signing (two others sort of confirmed). It was a statement to try and appease the supporters not an announcement that we have signed the player that is going to keep us up/achieve midtable security/push for a play off position/win the league.
  2. Martin

    Player Signings

    I would be amazed if Jarvis joined Slough. It would be hugely unpopular amongst the supporters.
  3. Martin

    new players!

    Ooops - forgot about the switch to the Southern league. We were under the impression that no-one could sign Ryman forms until next week. Dodgy Deji Davies is a player Slough signed from Wembley a few seasons back. He was hailed as "a proven goalscorer at this level" by our managerial maestro Steve Browne. He was awful - could not hit a cow's [****!!****] with a banjo - never scored for the club and was soon on his way back to his natural level the division below.
  4. Martin

    new players!

    A proven goal scorer at Ryman Division One level - is it Dodgy Davies? Mal how have you "signed" anyone? I did not think that Ryman forms were out yet. You offering contracts?
  5. Seems a complete over reaction to me - not surprised though.
  6. Her new found fame from Green Wing meant she was "too good" for such low brow adverts.
  7. Martin

    Supporters Match

    Classy - a whole hour after the pubs open.
  8. Ok so it has been mentioned on several occasions but finally we have a date in mind for Slough v Windsor Supporters Match. It has been suggested that we play on the 9th July at the Polish Club with a kick off at around Noon. Several hours before the World Cup final so we needn't worry about a "clash." Would you lot be interested? No ringers allowed.
  9. It is good to see Tubbs alive and well and living in Windsor.
  10. I guess the theory is that the plane alleged to have flown into the Pentagon was shot down elsewhere and that a cover up was to blow a hole in a largely unoccupied section of the Pentagon. It would seem unnecessary to me because given the circumstances any action to shoot down hijacked aircraft would surely have been justified.
  11. I really enjoyed the Lithunanian entry which was as the mighty Wogan said a football chant along the lines of "we are the winners vote for us."
  12. Sorry Big JR I was referring more about the plane than JFK. It seems a bit to neat to me that JFK was shot by a lone gunman who was miraculously then allowed to be killed himself. A cover up to some degree - almost certainly.
  13. Martin

    2-1 Windsor

    Don't criticise the pitch Woody. Tut tut tut.
  14. Nobody has to justify their vote to you. However, in my view Blair is not representative of the Labour party and it is just unfortunate that a vote for the party saw him remain as Prime Minister. If the war is your main gripe you presumably voted Lib Dem? It is hardly as if the Tories can get sanctimonious about sleaze or ineptitude. Just ask Neil Hamilton and Norman Lamont.
  15. I never voted for Blair as I am not a constituent of Sedgefield. I don't disagree with you on the issue of Iraq but just wonder why you feel the need to spout the same stuff in here every three or four days. It is just boring now and I can't see that it serves any purpose so why bother?
  16. A Bus!?! My, that is "modern."
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