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  1. 14-February 11 - Happy Birthday brit06 :)

  2. Rhodes As potters bar Fc and Doctor who said on another post you continute to live in a kind of dreamworld its kinda freaky, You DID NOT have any dealings with Glenn or Stuart, You DID NOT leave a message on Glenn's Phone, Your obession with former players of a very average team and players of the poorest quality in the spartans league is stupid....NOW STOP IT!
  3. Have you seen rhodes make an apperance on the glenn page without replying to our comments doctor? About him being a shady so and so!
  4. Thats true he has, he must be the longest serving player there now? some achievement?
  5. Doctorwho has hit the nail on the head........well done my friend well done!!
  6. Oh and doctor, tommy catainia out for two weeks is a shame as u said he is a good player, sure he will be able to win his place back after all the stars are coming in...
  7. Gavin mate dont class me as a fan....More as an onlooker, observer, not a fan......
  8. Look "doctorwho" U have a point, i've heard haringey's new players are actually really good,or better than the start of the season but as the old saying goes.....the league table doesnt lie.......good luck for 2mora!
  9. Does anyone else think rhodes is just insane??? I cannot believe he is touting around all haringey's so called "best players" when he takes no notice of his current team? And of course he is forgetting the great Tommy Catainia the current "hard as nails Captain" and "Santos" another youth team starlet! As well i have seen Lambourne play and he is an average Spartans Player and my sources tell me that he gave a pen away againist the vale.... How do u feel rhodes!!!!!!!
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