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  1. Olyfan - I completely understand what you are saying, and in reality, it's very difficult to argue with........but it's a bit old fashioned don't you think.....? The "We sent you a letter in February, and you can't make amendments at the AGM" sounds more like a dodgy banking process. The AGM is where most people are present, therefore if a valid point is raised and backed by sound reasoning, then why can't it be amended, suggested or implemented there and then. The club secretary's do a great job as do the managers and everyone involved in running a club at this level, so why not cut them some slack and allow for a system that improves the league rather than a ridged one that only allows the problem to be half addressed or in some cases made more difficult. It's easy to spout "The rules are the rules" but in reality, it's clear in this instance that the problem has not been addressed so who's the real winners here???
  2. I agree mate, the new rule does seem to have a few lmitations. But my biggest concern is this. Last season we had a very good youngster, who has been offered the chane to step up and play for Maldon this season. Quiet rightly, he accepted the challenge. Now, if he plays '4 games' but it doesn't work out, his only option is either the ESL (Which he has said he doesn't want to play) or park football. Doesnt really seem fair on a young lad who is trying to make his way in non league football. So like you say, the best solution would have been you can't play anyone who has made more than 4 appearences at the level above after a certain date.
  3. First session back for RT tonight, so I will let you know how we are looking in the next few days..... Lost a few (Maldon / Southend Manor) but hopefully picked up a couple as well. Be nice to be there or there abouts next season, but consistancy killed us last year with players commitment (Never played the same side in two consecutive games all season) but thats to be expected at this level I suppose....plus the 7 games in 12 days to finish the year didn't help. Be a strong league next year.....my mate smallsy will put a good side together at Southminster although I know he's not putting to much pressure on the lads on their first season....and Aldborough were strong in the cup final as well, so lets hope they have kept their squad. No entertaining this talk about money, its irrelevant, if Harold Hill have money and thats results in them being the strongest side then good on em.....as a player I want to play against the better players, if I get to do that because HH are paying money then thats a bonus, a challenge and good experience for thr youngsters....so fair play..!!
  4. Ha Ha if you're gonna have a rant at least get the name of the team correct......!! You san say what you want about Sporting Bengal last night, but I'm sure they were all clever enough to realise they were playing Witham last night...!!
  5. I Agree with Piper and Jenko. The ESL hangs on to its senior name, purely due to ground gradings, when in reality, most set ups are either similar or worse than that of a lower stadard. I know there is always an argument that if clubs at a lower level are so well run, then they should step up, but look at the shambles that is Clapton. The pitch is worse than most public parks, the changing rooms are basically derelict, the bar is falling apart, the area is shocking, the team are terrible and other than make up the numbers and provide a diffcicult horrible away day what else do their offer. You could replace them with a 100 other teams that would provide a better standard of football, and a better experience but they are 'not allowed' because they don't have floodlights and a fence..!! I'm all for ground criteria and the Ryman league has something to protect and standards to maintain, but what are the ESL maintaining....Clapton? It will get worse as well, because Whitam are going up, no one will come down, thats one less 'decent club' and next year Burnham could well go up and what you left with..!!
  6. Richard - It'a ll to do with risk vs reward. No one's syaying that it doesn't take more effort to run an ESL club, they are saying that there are well run clubs in the ESL who probably can't afford to play in the ESL or would put the club 'at risk' in oder to do so. Now, if the ESL was in better shape then they may think it's a risk worth taking - but at the moment risk does not equal the reward. Therefore something needs to change. I'm under the assumption that not every ESL ground is gonna improve and the players get better over night so there needs to be some kind of restructuring. As you know, fencing, flood lights etc etc are expensive which is why EOL teams can't afford to get promoted to the ESL. If the FA relaxed the rules sligtly transition would be easier, relegation would exist and the league would be fresher. That in turn would bring new faces, players and mangers into the division. I think the point Piper is trying to make is, the only people who benefit from the ground gradings etc is the FA in regards to its pyramid structure. You have to admit that change is needed..!!!
  7. Piper - Your now my favourite person on the forum.....well constructed, well thought out responses..!! I agree with almost everything you say as well. I think the main point is that you can watch a decent olympian league game for free or if you are willing to pay, you can go to Concord, Canvey, GWR, H'Church to name but a few in the surrounding area. Why pay £5 to watch and ESL game..?????
  8. If I'm correct, Manor are 6 points behind with 2 games left (Witham have 4 games). So for Manor to win the league they would need to win both there games by a MASSIVE margin and Witham to lose all 4 of their remainaing games. I must admit, it would have been nice to see Manor win the league as I have a few mates there, but I also have a couple at Whitam...so congratulations, looks like its in the bag..!!
  9. Isn't a pear already pear shaped Another season, another assitant manager, another out flux of players .........always consistant at the bridge..!!
  10. Whilst it's hard to argue, because results speak volumes I think statements such as you "Play the style to win the game" or "We don't have the players to get the ball down" is whats wrong with English football and probably the dropping ESL attendence figures. It's boring to watch and stunts player development. All that happens is Whitam will get promoted, they will get rid of most there squad because you need to be able to get the ball down at that level and all your left with is players back in the ESL who are programed to play the a direct style of football and havn't improved. Why do you think there are fewer youngsters playing in the ESL? If you have a promosing, talented young player why are you gonna send them out to the side that are top of the league who's policy is "We don't have the players to get the ball down" Like Jose said, "In England they teach you how to win and not how to play football"
  11. Richard, I totally agree with this - I think it would make a massive difference. The fact that the games finishe earlier not only means you can watch the results come in, you also have that couple of hours before you go out in the evening and not rushing home from games etc If you take Rayleigh Town as an example, most Saturdays you have the First, Second and Third team in the bar plus two of those sides opositions, so thats 5 teams (At least 55 people) all in the bar for an hour or so buying at least one drink each..!! I also think that the every ESL team should be made to have a reserve side, I know these cost money to run, but I don't see why you cant charge these players subs each week as most players would have either been paying subs anyway or are under 18's. This will then allow a better rotation of players and allow the youngsters to come through - It's hard to ignore a reserve team player who is actually at the club, playing mens football and scored 8 goals in his last 6 games. I'm sure there are loads of players at in the EOL or local sides who could do a job and are willing to do a job in the ESL but no matter how well they do the common approach seems to be "But anyone can do that at that level" and therefore never given a chance. Or an u18 who is scoring for fun is "He hasn't played mens football yet" and dissmissed. Plus, if you can't pay players in the first team at least it gives the reserve players an insentive that at least you don't have to pay to play..!!
  12. I agree with Vegas...!! Dont take 1 or 2 of the U18's take 1 or 2 of the current first team. Nothing to lose............apart from some players who are not good enough anyway..!!
  13. In my opinion the ESL is in a right old mess for a whole host of reasons. Clubs are struggling financially, therefore the grounds, facilitys and playing surfaces are poor, I wont say the standard of players is poor, but the style of play is terrible and hellish to watch, I also agree with the point above regarding the managers as well. I think, from a players perspective the ESL offers very little these days, its a massive commitment, very few get paid, they don't enjoy the style of football, it's not the shop window it once was and they don't particularly enjoy the grounds they play at...........therefore they choose to play in the ESL because there mates do (Which is why you always get the same old faces), try and play higher or drop down to the EOL. There are a few exceptions to the above of course, but back in the day, the reason you played in the ESL was to test yourself against and play at grounds such as Brentwood, Concord, Hornchurch, Waltham Abbey, Romford, Enfield, Ilford etc all good sides and good grounds. The rest of the sides were then made up with the competative games and reasonable grounds like Southend Manor and Burnham (The second of which used to have a decent budget as well) and because of these 'bigger sides' the smaller clubs could cover costs from the bigger gates, As a player, where would you want to play now...Whitam, Burnham, SM....apart from that I'm struggling..!! The Ryman League is the place to play now if you are a decent player, but having spent my first season in the Essex Olympian I can honestly say that the football is more enjoyable (I wont say the sides are better) the grounds and playing surfaces are just as good (In most cases), the games kick off earlier so the social side is better (Back in the bar to watch the results come in) and there are also some decent players at the top sides. In addition there is a dedicated website that is always updated and in general the league is run better. For example there are 3 reserve devisions which means most clubs are running at least two sides and get all the obvious benefits that brings (Keeping players happy, somewhere to develop the youngsters, a place to get fit etc etc) and thats forgetting the extra atmosphere it brings to the club..!! I can't say I don't miss the FA Cup and Vase games, and it's always nice to play midweek under the lights, but lets be honest the Concord's and Hornchurchs away on during the week made up for the Sawbo's but they dont anymore..!! I feel sorry for some the of the proper clubs, Burnham, SM, Bowers, Whitam, Enfield etc but I fear that the days of the ESL in it's current form are numbered, and in my opinion rightly so.........I just hope it works out for the 'better' clubs..!!
  14. Boycie I agree that the ESL is alot younger these days and I kind of think that it links into Sorry's point around commitment. Personally for an older individual I don't think the ESL is as appealing as it used to be - in regards to quality, facilities and reputation - The stigma of playing for an ESL team seams to have been lost. Its a big commitment and players over the age of 25 who have increasing work pressures are not prepared to commit to playing / training 3 times a week to be a bit part player or even as a regular. Therefore it's more suited for the younger players who are at Uni / early working life and not running a home etc as simply put the effort and commitment isn't rewarded in relation to grounds, facilities and the standard of football. If you look in the Ryman league's the players are generally that little bit older as they are prepared to juggle work / life / football is the facilities, football and reputation (I play for such and such) plus the money are more appealing. I just think that with no relegation, the credit crisis and very few getting promoted the league has gone a bit stagnent. The sad thing is, that the league is getting younger and the football has stayed the same so there is a number of promising players who's progression is being hampered. I now play with a young lad at RT who was with Brentwood youth and made some first team appearences last year and the manager has told him to get some experience in the OL because he doesn't want him playing in the ESL - He will go back to Brentwood next year. It's a shame, as the ESL used to be a 'proper' league 5/6 years ago.
  15. Money is also another funny subject as some people on here seem to think it makes a massive difference. Don't get me wrong, 'proper' money makes a difference but a budget that allows the starting 11 to get £20 a week is more of a negative than a positive. I would never have moved clubs for £20 a week and most of the players I played with wouldn't have either. The players that will move for that money are not really the type of players you want to attract any how, let alone have a dressing room full of them. Southend Manor have the right idea, rather than pay some players £20 / £10 a week it goes in a kitty and pays for what is usually a quality end of season jolly up......no arguments, no moaning, just a common end of season goal.!
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