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  1. Talking of Craig, i thought it was a shame that he took to twitter to slag off cookie and his opinions, if he is touchy about a friendly,i can see him blowing a gasket when the league starts and someone slags him off.
  2. All ready very clear its going to your biggest game of the season.
  3. Porka i havent posted a negative comment about your club for a few years now, which im sure cookie and alan can both confirm, ive kinda grown up,so try not to hold a grudge ,i have, Good Luck
  4. I think we can forget the rivary here, Tony is a friend of mine, and i would like to wish him a speedy recovery.Get Well Soon Mate.
  5. Listened to Kinnear interview on Radio Kent earlier, i wonder if Dover would have come calling so quick if Margate had given the manager a contract ?
  6. 1 whitehawk 2 lowestoft 3 wealdstone 4 lewes 5 canvey 6 margate 7 bury 8 hendon 9 carlshalton 10 thurrock 11 police 12 east thurrock 13 harrow 14 concord 15 hastings 16 bognor 17hampton 18 cray 19 enfield 20wingate 21 leiston 22 kingstonian
  7. There is a single Division, wih a large number of teams dropping out the single League will consist of just 14clubs.
  8. Bill who gives a flying fig, get off this forum your get infected.
  9. Vendre la peau de l'ours avant de l'avoir tué But only if there eggs are not golden.
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