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  1. 14-March 11 - Happy Birthday LOONEY :)

  2. 14-March 10 - Happy Birthday LOONEY :)

  3. do u play jonno or are u part of the committe at hoddesdon.
  4. sorry jonno, but i am committed to kentish town, i was out on sat nite with a couple of ur players and they were askin me a couple of questions but i am a kentish player. but thanks for the offer tho.
  5. thanks jonno, glad to see some 1 thought i played well on sat, thought i had a bit of a bad game myself thats why i was taken off. Thought it was a good game tho between to very matched teams, who ever scored first was always going on to win this game.
  6. havent some of you lot got better things to do then to try and pick holes in our team.
  7. InformationZone2- u seem to know alot about me and my team mates how is that so then? have u ever played for kentish town before?
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