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  1. Interesting predictions chaps - you've basically all gone for the same results (slight variance on Folkestone game). So it's all down to getting that pesky score right.
  2. And now, the end is near, it's time to face the final curtain... THE WINNER - Mr D - well done sir, the youngest winner since Wivenhoe back in 2014 (actually I'm not sure who was the younger - I'll let you two do the math). Ozz - you have a contender for all-round competence. It would have helped if you'd turned up on the last day of the season but I guess fitness is a problem at our your age. GOLDEN BALLS BOOT - 1961 COYS. Just a shame about your defence Les. PERENNIAL ESCAPIST - Lord Upminster He's done it again FFS! PATHETIC CAPITULATION AWARD - Lady Jago - all you needed to do was win, but no, the WORST score of the entire season (1, yes ONE) DIV 2 FINAL PROMOTION SPOT - Baby Jago. Obviously a fix* *copyright The Hat, Dinamo, and Luke. MOST UNLIKELY EVENT - Mick the Bat needed to beat Jago and rely on a Luke-Dinamo draw to qualify for the play-offs. It happened. William Hill have accordingly gone bust. Again. WINNER OF KLOWN V KLOWN PREDICTIONS (Wivvers v The 'at) - Hatted Urchin, showing that essentially a chicken with a keyboard could probably win this thing, Not sure there's anything else to report, so here it all is. Good luck in the play-offs. UPMINSTA GANGSTAS ... ROMFORD COLLIER ROW (S) DIVISION ... THE PLAY-OFF SEMIS - HERE THEY COME.. penalties if a draw (i.e. closest to attendance) 7th December 2019 by 12:30 Prdictez-vous on these beauties... PM or text me if you are shy/ over-competitive. B. Monchengladbach v Bayern Munich (14:30) Everton v Chelsea (12:30) Man City v Man United Folkestone v Horsham Wingate & F v The ‘ornchurch Att: Good luck y'all Jaaagooo
  3. Other Predictions from earlier in the week ... Mr D Genoa 2-1 Torino (17:00) Burnley 1-2 Crystal Palace Wigan 1-2 Reading Kingstonian 1-3 Fylde (FAC) Hornchurch 2-1 Bognor Att : 280 Fat Tom Daley Genoa 1-1 Torino (17:00) Burnley 2-1 Crystal Palace Wigan 1-1 Reading Kingstonian 1-3 Fylde (FAC) Hornchurch 3-1 Bognor Att : 254
  4. Good work Mr Hat - I will accept this as your game is meaningless (cue obvious response!). To be clear, you are predicting Wigan v Reading as a Home Win yeah? I make it 83-32 to the Latics Thanks Dave - I'm pleased to say I can still access the site, unlike last time
  5. Anyone - I mean ANYONE - got any idea why Dinamo inserted 3,000 blank lines on his entry? I'm assuming it's another attention seeking stunt.
  6. I am pleased to announce that Mr D has predicted using the Dark Web. Whatever that is. Nobody else has though! I am also pleased to see that Wivvers is really going for it this week!!
  7. Genoa 1-1 Torino (17:00) Burnley 2-1 Crystal Palace Wigan 1-2 Reading Kingstonian 2-3 Fylde (FAC) Hornchurch 3-1 Bognor Att: 244
  8. Hello everyone. Not a bad day out in the City of Dreaming Spires (or is that Cambridge?). I hope you left enough time to get to the match after overdosing on the architectural magnificence of the Blackbird Leys estate. The Prediction League is now very nicely set up for the final weekend. Ozz and Mr D are still locked together - and face each other next week for the ultimate showdown. Mr D just needs a point thanks to his better goalscoring record - but the vastly experienced Ozz will doubtless have a few tricks up his sleeve. Please feel free to predict by PM to avoid sharing your forecasts (I will then publish just before the games). It's all going to hinge on the glamorous Genoa v Torino relegation dogfight KO 5pm - so start boning up on your calcio now. And talking of relegation dogfights, it's bye bye Blackballed and Paul "LLLLLL" C - good consistency there Paul but probably not as you'd like it - to join Wivenhoe who left last week and tried some wacky scores this week but to no avail. Lady Jago just needs a win to stay up - and as she's playing Paul LLLLLL then my money is firmly on Lana Del Jago FC. That means it's down to Lord Upminster to beat Urchin Yid or his Lordship will finally go down after several reprieves... Urchin Yid just needs a point for safety. Finally well done to Golden Boot winner 1961 COYS and also to Hatted Urchin who are now safe from the drop and can both enjoy their week ahead without worry of the sack. In Division 2 Cup of Tea confirmed his promotion place, and Baby Jago thrashed his long-suffering father to stay in the third auto-promotion spot. But Colin and Fat Tom are both breathing down the Baby's neck after good wins over Mick and Mike respectively. This leaves just 3 teams not mentioned... well as luck would have it, The Dummy Boys completed the double over Dinamo - meaning it's a showdown next week between Luke and Dinamo for the final play off position - Luke just needs a point, unlikely though that is on current form. Hang on - I've just re-run the numbers and of course Mick could also squeak in if he beats me (fat chance) and Luke/Dinamo draw. Oh the permutations. Blimey - for the first time in ages I've mentioned you all, so no more complaints of journalistic bias please. Onwards to the final week... UPMINSTER DIVISION COLLIER ROW (S) DIVISION NEXT WEEK - FINAL WEEK Feel free to PM scores or txt me or whatever. Key games in red Autumn 2019 League, Week 14 - FINAL WEEK - 30th November by 15:00 Genoa v Torino (17:00) Burnley v Crystal Palace Wigan v Reading Kingstonian v Fylde (FAC) Hornchurch V Bognor Att : Good luck everyone. JAGO
  9. Werder Bremen 2-1 Schalke Bournemouth 1-0 Wolves West Ham Utd 1-2 Totteringham H (12:30) Dereham Town 0-3 GT’s Romford Oxford City 0-1 Hornchurch Att: 322
  10. I have two observations on this: Firstly I do hope the Tottenham fans appreciate The Baby's refusal to adopt a childish moniker for his stated White Hart Lane "foes". Secondly - I'm wondering what sort of points deduction to apply for bracketing me alongside those very same "foes" Answers please from fellow parents who know the importance of nipping such insubordination in the bud. STOP PRESS - It appears said "foes" are looking for a new manager... could we be losing Mr D or Ozz to a wider stage I wonder? They must have a good chance.
  11. Hello everyone. What a beautiful Autumnal day (in Standard British fashion I am ignoring yesterday's game and choosing to focus on the weather). Still, no easy games in the Isthmian Prem as they say, blah blah, blah. In the Prediction League it really couldn't be tighter. Last week Ozz sneaked back to the top on goals scored (by 1) - but this week it's swung back in the hands of Mr D who has reclaimed the summit by virtue of fewer goals conceded. Actually neither of our top teams had their best weeks - just 11 goals between them - but fortunately they got lucky with the dross served up by Lord Upminster and Hatted Grumbler respectively. In fact if I hadn't offered up the Cyprus-Ecosse match for everyone's easy goal harvesting it would have been a real shocker across the board (the Scotland match was the highest scoring of the season). Shame on UrchinYid for missing out (oh, and me!). At the bottom, Wivenhoe got back into winning ways (now that the pressure is off and his team can dink it about with freedom). Too late now matey - you're DOWN. But Blackballed is making a valiant effort to stay up (left it too late I suspect). His win gave one of the traditional goliaths of the game, Paul C, his fifth defeat on the trot - and I fear Paul may be joining Wivvers and Blackballed in the icy wilderness of Collier Row (South) after Christmas. But the division is so tight everyone is still in danger except the top two. Meanwhile down in the aforementioned icy wilderness, I'll be waving a cheerful "Goodbye" as my shock well deserved promotion is confirmed. Cup of Tea will have to wait another week at least following The Dummy Team's extraordinary foresight on the 'ornchurch game (!). After that it's anyone's guess for the third automatic place. SO - TWO WEEKS TO GO - WHO WILL HOLD THEIR NERVE? Tune in next week folks for another exciting installment. UPMINSTER DIVISION ICY WILDERNESS OF COLLIER ROW NEXT WEEK - Father and Son Derby Weekend Week 13 : Two weeks to go : Saturday 23rd November by 12:30 Werder Bremen v Schalke Bournemouth v Wolves West Ham Utd v Totteringham H (12:30) Dereham Town v GT’s Romford Oxford City v Hornchurch Att: Give the boys a cheer at 'Aringey for me please. JAGO
  12. Quite why you want a Barnet Estate Agency https://www.seanheaney.co.uk/ - with all their wide-boy antics and false promises*** - to take over the league is beyond me, but feel free to give them a call. I am also rather perplexed at your preposterous level of self absorption; you got a fulsome, almost fawning mention for your record last week, and were merely one of 10 winners not to get a mention this week - yet nobody else seems to have complained. The term "high maintenance" could have been invented for you. (Just checked my Collins - apparently it was 😁 ). It's Cup of Tea who should feel neglected - a 6 match winning streak and never a mention. OK he lost to Sir Colin this week but his luck had to run out eventually. *** Never let it be said I don't offer up the odd tap-in. Anyway, enough of Doctor Paranoia and his Sombrero - here are the WIZZZARDS'' PREDICTIONS Cyprus 1-1 Scotland (14:00) Leyton Orient 1-2 Scunthorpe Dulwich Hamlet 2-1 Billericay Enfield 0-1 Folkestone Hornchurch 4-1 Corinthian Casuals Att : 291
  13. It was only Basildon. Still – they need to know who’s boss, and we bossed’em. Talking of bossing, my Prediction League notes last week seem to have elicited rather more opprobrium than usual from you lot. Even the normally acerbic delightful Lady Jago weighed in. So this week I shall attempt to be a little more lovely, a little less controversial, and frankly a little more snowflake-friendly. Unfortunately that means I can’t think of anything to write : so here it all is ... UPMINSTER DIVISION COLLIER ROW (SOUTH) DIVISION NEXT WEEK ... Please predict on (yes it's international week again so we're going in low) - Week 12 - Sat 16th November by 14:00 please (Including you Fat Tom!) Cyprus v Scotland (14:00) Leyton Orient v Scunthorpe Dulwich Hamlet v Billericay Enfield v Folkestone Hornchurch v Corinthian Casuals Att : Toodle Pip Jago.
  14. I wasn't there but sounds like a decent win! For me it's all about a nice straightforward home tie in the 3Q, then Notts County away in the First Round... Any other preferences?
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