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  1. A rather dull final week as it was nearly all stitched up last week when the congratulations were dished out to Mr D and Blackballed. I mean they're both nice guys, but I feel one week of being nice to them is enough, don't you? Though Blackballed did cement his Golden Boot with another impressive 13 goal haul (and another weekly G Boot award). At this rate he may well stay up next year. The only movement of significance (and I am talking in relative terms!), was Ozz holding his nerve to leapfrog the enthusiastic, but ultimately "not quite good enough" Mysterious Nick for the final pl
  2. OK - so no Mr Hat and no miracle for Lord Upminster, but here are the interim scores and tables with one fixture (Tot-ManU) to come - it can all still change - gosh the excitement.
  3. Better late than never, son. (I got that from Norman Hunter's "Guide to tackling", reently re-edited for you youngsters by Ryan Shawcross). Anyway - PAGING THE HAT- PAGING THE HAT - PAGING THE HAT. (Can't be doing with finishing behind the boyo - I have few enough bragging rights as it is!)
  4. Mysterious Nick Real Madrid 1-0 Barcelona Palace 1-2 Chelsea Crew 1-0 Oxford Utd Cambridge U 2-1 Exeter City Aldershot P-P Yeovil Contingency match Tottenham 1-2 Manchester U
  5. Hmmm. A bit insensitive of me to include the Yeovil game. Very sad. FC Chintastico Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona Palace 0-2 Chelsea Crew 1-1 Oxford Utd Cambridge U 1-2 Exeter City Aldershot P-P Yeovil Contingency match Tottenham 1-1 Manchester U (Sunday)
  6. You're right - I missed that fixture nuance. You have, of course, got form in this department... t The hallowed trophy is currently on our mantelpiece following Lady Jago's unstoppable performance last year.
  7. Well, after 13 weeks of pottering about on this irrelevance of a competition, we enter the final week. SHOW-TIME. Except, errr, rather unexpectedly yesterday’s results contrived to crown the winners of both divisions a week early. Hey ho, there’s still “pride” (whatever that is) and playoff places to play for – and in Lord Upminster’s case, a miracle to pray for. (Mind you, he's playing me so I've forwarded my bank details, just in case). So – it’s a very big well done to the imperious Mr D (who was likened to Martin Peters last week and I can’t think of anything better to say this
  8. The "half time" scores after 2 matches played... I feel it's high time for me and COYS to unite against our unruly offspring's distinct lack of respect for their elders and betters.
  9. Nick's Knockers Twente Enschade 1-2 Vitesse Arnhem Leicester City 1-2 Man City Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool Southend 0-1 Carlisle (13:00) Annan Athletic 0-1 Elgin City Leipzig 1-3 Bayern Munich
  10. Just bumping this up the list as there's been so much activity recently. I wonder why?!
  11. FC CHINTASTICO Twente Enschade 2-1 Vitesse Arnhem Leicester City 1-2 Man City Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool Southend 2-1 Carlisle (13:00) Annan Athletic 1-1 Elgin City Contingency match Leipzig 1-1 Bayern Munich
  12. The thing about non league football is that it's full of trainspotter types (wot - moi?!) so loads of quirky stat sites and groundhopper sites. So I asked your actual question on https://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/forums/index.php#non-league-football-discussion.4 and got a reply within 30 minutes! If you really wanted, you could check the answer provided at say https://fchd.info/indexb.htm to see who Stortford played in the trophy that year and then look at https://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/nonleaguetables/lt1980-1981.html to confirm what division/league those teams were in that seas
  13. I think we're fairly safe on that one!
  14. And the answer is, I regret to say, NO. Bishop's Stortford beat 8 teams above them (on the trot) in 1980/81. Though only one was "Alliance Premier" - now the National League (Worcester City). So we had the glamour win! They beat Sutton United in the final.
  15. Great question - I'll stick it one of the nerdy forums to see if we can get an answer - but I very much doubt it's been done before
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