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  1. Hello everyone. There's that Blackballed guy. Every time I bump into him he makes the point that he's the unluckiest fella in the league (though to be fair LukeXiX has a similar persecution complex). So what happens this week? Blackballed boshes in 8 (equal second best) but his opponent Mick The Bat manages a frankly astonishing 14 to go top of Div 2 on goals scored. Well done Mick - what is it you're drinking again? So Mr Blackballed, all I can say is it's not bad luck, it's simply a shocking defence.🤣 Meanwhile the Lord-Ozz derby finished all square which helped neither of them, and UrchinYid suddenly made an unexpected appearance in second spot, just 2 points behind his lordship and a point ahead of the fast-sinking Sir Colin (who decided to adopt the Dummy Team selection approach with an inevitable outcome). And welcome back to Mr Hat after his week off - a useful point with Mr D to keep us all guessing on the final relegation spot. As for Mr and Mrs Jago - simply abysmal. So - it's all hotting up for the championship, but also mucho intrigue around who will finish in the play-off positions where it's now very tight. TWO weeks to go. Upminster Division Collier Row Division (south) NEXT WEEK - Tuesday 7th July by 16:30 Please predict on this pile of rubbish: Tambov v Akhmat Grozny (16:30) Watford v Norwich City Arsenal v Leicester Nottm Forest v Fulham (17:00) Reading v ‘uddersfield Up the Urchins Jago.
  2. PAOK 2-1 AEK Athens Bournemouth 2-1 Newcastle Everton 1-2 Leicester Preston 1-2 Derby (17:00) Sheff Wed 1-1 WBA
  3. Well. Lord Upminster was looming ominously last week - and now he's coming off the bend like Steve Ovett. But can he maintain it down the closing straight? Stay tuned to find out. Oh yes, and it's au revoir to Ozz and Cup of Tea, bonjour to Fat Tom and Mick The Bat. * Subject to infamously complex rules if we get less than 18 players next year. Here's the full jobby. 3 matches to go. Upminster Division Collier Row (S) Division Next week - Week 12, by 17:00, Wednesday July 1st. Please predict on : PAOK v AEK Athens Bournemouth v Newcastle Everton v Leicester Preston v Derby (17:00) Sheff Wed v WBA All the best. And stay Safe. Play Prediction League. Jago
  4. Excellent work Wivvers - top formatting this week Plus you've already won this week with 2 games still to finish (mind you it's only vs Dinamo!)
  5. Burnley 1-2 Watford (18:00) Southampton 1-2 Arsenal (18:00) Chelsea 1-2 Man City Eibar 1-2 Valencia Real Betis 1-1 Espanyol
  6. Firstly - well done to everyone - we all managed to post in a prediction. Some better than others (I'm looking at you Lady Jago and Cup of Tea!) It's nice to be back so I can insult you all. We were rather let down by FK Krasnodar whose game was postponed. Had it gone ahead I am confident I would be top of the league today. Instead top dog remains Sir Colin after an entertaining 8-8 draw with Ozz - maybe the break is just what Ozz needed to find his old form. Meanwhile Lord Upminster is looming ominously in second place. (Although never knowingly having met The Lord I'm not sure he does ominous looming - maybe someone can verify?) In Div 2, the surprise leaders Mick The Bat and Fat Tom are continuing their impressive pre-furlough form: I can't see a winner coming from anywhere else. But Golden Boot winner, MikeMike has an outside chance - and a very good chance of securing the third auto promotion slot. I'm expecting the Dummies to fade badly due to the lack of options to find close prediction matches - but I'll do my best. AND THEY REMAIN AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE at a KNOCK DOWN £3 for the remainder of the season (as I do see some non predictors lurking on here) - just let me know. Finally - sorry to mention this, but I have given Wivenhoe an initial warning for unauthorised text formatting (extra blank lines). One more transgression and it's a point deducted - which won't help his play off aspirations! People think I am some kind of keyboard despot (well yes, I am actually), but it's because I have to re-key the results line by line to stop overwriting subsequent rows in my patent-pending spreadsheet. See also putting the scores after the matches instead of at the start or between the teams. Please use Copy&Paste from the original post, or if you do re-key please use <SHIFT><ENTER> at the end of each line, not just <ENTER>. Or do the CMcBride approach if you really really must!. Finally finally, we need to accelerate the pace a bit so please predict by Thursday eening this week - as there are some decent UK game that day. Here it all is: UPMINSTER DIVISION COLLIER ROW (S) DIVISION Next week - Week 11 by THURSDAY 25th June at 18:00 Please predict on : Burnley v Watford (18:00) Southampton v Arsenal (18:00) Chelsea v Man City Eibar v Valencia Real Betis v Espanyol And remember. Stay Safe. Play Prediction League. Jago
  7. WARNING FOR WIVENHOE No extra lines please (you have time to resolve - either use cut+paste or <SHIFT><ENTER> at the end of each line!). Otherwise I have to rekey the scores / or manually delete the blank lines. "CMcBride" approach is also acceptable - if a bit primitive. .Else next time - I regret it will be a point deducted. Cup of Tea knows the score here. Meanwhile - will Baby Jago tear himself away from the xBox in time to make the 2pm ko? We shall find out soon.
  8. FC Chintastic Newcastle 1-1 Sheff U (14:00) Aston Villa 0-2 Chelsea Everton 0-2 Liverpool Real Sociedad 2-2 Real Madrid FK Krasnodar 2-1 Dinamo Moscow
  9. That's my understanding too Riverside. Though not sure if it needs to be level 1 or 2. Check the Grimsby Town section in this BBC article re. costs. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52689622 I'm actually more worried about kids' football - it's all been cancelled and I'm aware of several teams folding because of uncertainty over any restart.
  10. Anyone know why there is a Big Blue Heart on Dinamo's post? Has he finally come out of the closet as a Birmingham City fan?
  11. Beautiful format Luke - well done. Points are deducted for: a) Adding additional line breaks between lines b) Putting the scores at the end c) Anything else that randomly annoys me
  12. BY POPULAR* DEMAND we are back (*OK - a survey of the Salads and Baby Jago). Plus, you've paid your tenner (MOST of you) so I assume you want your money's worth. And just like the Premier League, we will be starting where we left off, but with some important SOCIAL DISTANCING measures as follows : 1. There will be no attendance prediction (as the Belarussian league appears rather unreliable in this respect) 2. For this week only, anyone not predicting will score 4 goals (just in case you miss this post) 3. In order to complete the season it may be necessary to do more than one set of games a week (I haven't quite worked this out!) Either way, we finish at 14 games as per normal. Not sure if we'll fit in the playoffs this season but hey ho, keep calm and carry on - we'll work something out). Any questions? Ask Baby Jago. Oh, and I do hope you are all in good nick. Here we go, including current places : Upminster Division Pos Team P W D L F A Pts 1 Ivor Stand (Sir Colin) 9 7 0 2 80 59 21 2 FC Chintastic (Jago) 9 6 0 3 76 58 18 3 Marshland Mardlers (Lord Up) 9 6 0 3 71 71 18 4 I'm only a Kid (Baby Jago) 9 5 0 4 81 69 15 5 HuttonDressedAsLahm (UrchinY) 9 4 2 3 71 71 14 6 The Flat Caps (Mr D) 9 4 2 3 64 63 14 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7 King's Park Klowns (Hatted Urchin) 9 4 0 5 73 72 12 8 Salad Dodger Hots (1961 COYS) 9 2 1 6 66 75 7 9 aMoyesIng (Cup of Tea) 9 2 1 6 65 86 7 10 Dazedandconfused (Ozz) 9 2 0 7 63 86 6 Romford Collier Row, South, Division Pos Team P W D L F A Pts 1 Daley's Dream Team (Fat Tom) 9 7 0 2 76 59 21 2 Salad Cream Blues (Mick The Bat) 9 7 0 2 73 47 21 3 Binary Choices (MikeMike) 9 5 1 3 67 54 16 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4 The New Sheep (Dummy Team) 9 5 0 4 69 76 15 5 AFC Pulisball (Dinamo Urchin) 9 5 0 4 56 62 15 6 Retired & Idle (Blackballed) 9 4 1 4 87 81 13 7 Back of the net (Paul C) 9 4 1 4 70 63 13 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 8 Trojan XIX (Cool Hand Luke) 9 2 2 5 78 92 8 9 Lt Commander Data (Wivenhoe) 9 2 0 7 50 75 6 10 Lana Del Jago (Urchin Queen) 9 1 1 7 69 86 4 Fixtures for next week: UPMINSTER DIVISION Ivor Stand (Sir Colin) v-v Dazedandconfused (Ozz) HuttonDressedAsLah (UrchinYid) v-v The Flat Caps (Mr D) Salad Dodger Hotspurs (1961 COYS) v-v aMoyesIng (Cup of Tea) Marshland Mardlers (Lord Upminster) v-v King's Park Klowns (Hatted Urchin) I'm only a Kid (Baby Jago) v-v FC Chintastic (Jago) COLLIER ROW (South) DIVISION Retired & Idle (Blackballed) v-v Trojan XIX (Cool Hand Luke) Salad Cream Blues (Mick The Bat) v-v AFC Pulisball (Dinamo Urchin) Lt Commander Data (Wivenhoe) v-v Back of the net (Paul C) Lana Del Jago (Urchin Queen) v-v Daley's Dream Team (Fat Tom) The New Sheep (Dummy Team) v-v Binary Choices (MikeMike) Please predict on : (Week 10, Sunday 21st June) : Newcastle v Sheff U (14:00) Aston Villa v Chelsea Everton v Liverpool Real Sociedad v Real Madrid FK Krasnodar v Dinamo Moscow Stay safe - Play Prediction League JAGO
  13. I hear what you are saying Cup of Tea, but how about a more recent one for Pete etc - do you have Leatherhead away last season when we won with 10 men? One of my favourite all time games (even though a relatively unimportant game in the overall scheme of things).
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