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  1. COYS 1961 Atlanta 2-1 DC United Norwich 1-1 Watford Villa 2-2 Everton Banks O’Dee 2-3 Turriff Utd (Scot Cup) Chins 3-1 Walthamstow (FAC) Att: 519 Contingency match... Wrexham 1-2 Dag & Red Mysterious Nicholas Atlanta 2-1 DC United Norwich 1-0 Watford Villa 1-1 Everton Banks O’Dee 1-1 Turriff Utd (Scot Cup) Chins 3-1 Walthamstow (FAC) Att: 393 Contingency match... Wrexham 0-1 Dag & Red FC Chintastico Atlanta 2-1 DC United Norwich 1-1 Watford Villa 1-2 Everton Banks O’Dee 1-3 Turriff Utd (Scot Cup
  2. I seem to have forgotten to post next week's head-to-head fixtures. Here they are:
  3. I didn't make the Stortford game so can't really comment. Instead I popped down to see The Dummies v Dinamo. The Dummies had to take a year off as the unfortunate victims of an even number of teams last season. But they’ve rebuilt superbly – some big units at the back and slippery forwards. Men against boys really v AFC Pulisball. So if you want to buy them, DO SO NOW before someone else gets in. Or suggest to a friend. It’s a bit too early in the season to comment on league positions etc, so I won’t. Also I’ve got to get to Marlow for the sister-in-law’s birthday lunch. But I do
  4. Well done and thanks to the club for making this happen - I thought it was a superb evening. (Burford was obviously the star!)
  5. Oops - forgot this one Sir Colin Napoli 1-1 Juventus Brentford 1-1 Brighton Southampton 1-1 West Ham Reading 1-1 QPR B Stortford 1-2 Hornchurch Att : 300 Contingency game: Basildon 1-2 AFC Sudbury
  6. Mysterious Nick Napoli 1-0 Juventus Brentford 1-0 Brighton Southampton 1-2 West Ham Reading 1-2 QPR B Stortford 0-2 Hornchurch Att : 350 Contingency game: Basildon 2-1 AFC Sudbury Clive Napoli 1-2 Juventus Brentford 1-2 Brighton Southampton 1-2 West Ham Reading 1-2 QPR B Stortford 1-2 Hornchurch Att : 402 Contingency game: Basildon 1-3 AFC Sudbury FC Chintastico Napoli 1-2 Juventus Brentford 2-1 Brighton Southampton 1-1 West Ham Reading 1-1 QPR B Stortford 1-2 Hornchurch Att : 389 Contingency game: Basildon 2-
  7. I couldn't make the FAC match but sounds like we need to up it a bit on Tuesday night. Rather like Cup of Tea in ye olde prediction league, who yet again has failed to spend wisely (if at all) in the summer break. And Fat Tom’s alarm clock is clearly on the blink once more. Ah well, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. As they say in South Dover. Meanwhile Blackballed has had an early reminder of the step-up needed in the top division, falling to first-time-in-the-top-flight-and-delighted-just-to-be-here-Brian Diamond Geezer, while reigning champ Mr D fell to Luke, who should
  8. Whoops. Due to a slight miscommunication between Mr and Mrs Jago, (now who’d have thought that could ever occur?), the Colin predictions were actually; 1-1 on the Slovakia-Croatia game and 3-0 to the urchins v Joey Barton Rovers Apologies to all! It’s gonna be a corking week for the Dummy Team - you gotta feel for Paul C!
  9. Breaking news is that the contingency game is off as Ilford have to replay the previous round v Barking. Now there's a first Clive and his Achilles' Back Heels Slovakia 0 - 2 Croatia Newport County 2 - 1 Orient Southend 0-2 Wrexham (welcome to non league Shrimpers!) Warrington Rylands 2 - 0 Whitby (FAC) Hornchurch 4 - 0 Barton Rovers (FAC) Attendance : 514 Contingency game Ilford 0 - 2 Aveley (FAC)
  10. Thanks Mike. Love you too. I've sent you a PM Meanwhile here are the results of the Mysterious Nick jury.... Slovakia 1-2 Croatia Newport County 1-1 Orient Southend 2-1 Wrexham (welcome to non league Shrimpers!) Warrington Rylands 1-2 Whitby (FAC) Hornchurch 3-1 Barton Rovers (FAC) Attendance : 397 Ilford 0-1 Aveley And here are the hapless punts of FC Chintastico... Slovakia 1-2 Croatia Newport County 1-1 Orient Southend 1-2 Wrexham (welcome to non league Shrimpers!) Warrington Rylands 1-1 Whitby (FAC) Hornchurch 2-0 Barton Rovers (FAC) Attend
  11. Thanks DU. The rules are actually well established and are stated below in a fetching brown colour... It's just their interpretation which I like to use to irritate you (and The Hat of course). Plus they are in a very small font as they are the essentially the "small print" with which to catch you all out.
  12. Hello everyone. Let’s face it, we all need some cheering up after the Kingstonian result. So let’s do it. Eyes down for a full house – here we go, here we go, here we go. Etcetera. We have one new player, a Mr “Clive”, who has invoked the help of the Greek God Achilles and his infamous weak-spot. Welcome aboard Clive. And, as someone who knows him well, if his predictions are anything like his racing tips I don’t think the rest of us have much to worry about. As we have an odd number it means the Dummy Team is back in operation, at least to start. Any new joiner is welcome
  13. Jolly Good Mr Hat. Welcome back. I'll try and get the spelling write on the StratherBoyz. Meanwhile both Cuppa Tea and Sir Colin have also confirmed re-entry, which is good news for Diamond Geezer and Urchin Queen as it means your promotion is confirmed. Reassuringly that means ALL of last season's managers are back in. But we currently have no new entrants, despite enquiries from as far away as North Chingford. Maybe we are a dying breed, bravely battling against a drawn out but inevitable demise. Or maybe it's just too scary or embarrassing to be on here. Either way, i
  14. Thanks everyone, including Dinamo and Fat Tom who will no doubt be happy to provide their normal "low bar" to reassure any new joiners worried about lack of experience. Or competence. And let's face it, if both Adrian and Diamond Geezer can get promoted at their first attempt, frankly anyone can. 🤓 Everyone from last season has signed up except Sir Colin, Doctor Hat, and The Tea Man, but I'm assuming this is an oversight as they are all forgetful fekkers and I will be giving them a subtle reminder shortly. Meanwhile - we have room for more joiners, so do get in touch. (Mr D -
  15. Afternoon all. Excellent performance at Horsham I thought. But how's your performance? And will you be (re)joining the Prediction League? Of course you will. Can you let me know please so I can adjust the size of the divisions etc. First week will be Sat Sep 4th, with normal 14 games plus playoffs taking us up to Christmas, with the Spring season starting in January. Ten pounds (voluntary) to join so we can give the SA a bit of bunce, with free ride for last year's champion Mr D. I'll try to collect in person as it reduces the paypal overhead, plus it gives me spending mone
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