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  1. Firstly – many thanks to everyone as we are all* paid up after a couple of you popped into the Club Shop a few weeks back (* with one distance-related exception – fair enough – plus Baby Jago who presumably expects me to cough up... again). Secondly – we have a winner, so congratulations to first-time champ Cool Hand Luke who just about hung onto the top spot ahead of a fast-advancing Baby Jago. It all came down on the final weekend to a closer attendance prediction than COYS, so suspicions will be raised that money may have changed hands with the gatepeople (not by me, obvs). Lady
  2. SIR COLIN Roma 2-1 Inter Milan Southampton 1-2 Brighton Hornchurch Lincoln 3-0 Hartlepool (FAC, before extra time etc) Dag & Red 1-3 Grimsby Hornchurch 3-1 Kingstonian Attendance: 430 Contingency... Arbroath 2-2 Raith CLIVE Roma 1-2 Inter Milan Southampton 2-1 Brighton Hornchurch Lincoln 2-0 Hartlepool (FAC, before extra time etc) Dag & Red 0-2 Grimsby Hornchurch 1-1 Kingstonian Attendance: 362 Contingency... Arbroath 2-0 Raith NICK Roma 1-1 Inter Milan Southampton 1-1 Brighton Hornchurch Lincoln 0-1 Hartlepool (FAC, before
  3. Ah well you see Mike it's an entertainment-led industry. So the goalscorers get the plaudits while the honest toilers at the back toil on unheralded. You can blame Blackballed as he always used to whinge about being top scorer yet all I ever did was Take-the-Michael when he lost. Which is what I still do to this day. Plus ca change etc. (How do you get that curly thing under the "c" in Firefox?). Anyway, since the red circle came in it has yet to enwrap the goals scored number for the esteemed Mr B. Also I note Baby Jago is only 4 ahead of you on goals conceded - so another thing to pla
  4. Brilliant at Bognor. Just brilliant. And yes, Mr Bognor Reporter, Lewwis DID mean it. Not so brilliant in the Prediction League as it’s now a two horse race between Cool Hand Luke and Baby Jago – and frankly I’m not sure which winner would be harder to bear (personally speaking you understand). By some quirk of nature they are playing COYS and UrchinYid respectively, where the younger Lillywhite needs a win to have any chance of staying up. Imagine the stress at Spud Towers as they contemplate the options, none of which looks good. Meanwhile I (Jago) could relegate Sir Colin, there
  5. CLIVE Cercle Bruges 1-3 Mechelen Norwich 1-1 Wolves Hull City 1-2 Millwall Northampton 1-2 Leyton Orient Bognor Regis 1-1 The Urchins Attendance: 711 Contingency... Dalbeattie Star 2-1 East Kilbride NICK Cercle Bruges 1-2 Mechelen Norwich 1-2 Wolves Hull City 0-1 Millwall Northampton 1-1 Leyton Orient Bognor Regis 2-1 The Urchins WHAT ? WHAT ? Stil I suppose he's from the South Coast Attendance: 650 Contingency... Dalbeattie Star 1-1 East Kilbride SIR COLIN Cercle Bruges 1-
  6. MATCH ABANDONED!! Rule 1.5 invoked. Which is actually good news for some of you (I’m looking at Ozz, Cup of Tea and Dinamo) who would have scored a magnificent zero (between them!) without the Dundee Utd contingency match. No wonder you’re struggling to get back to Div 1 guys (if Dinamo has ever been in it?). Meanwhile Div 1 waves goodbye (or at least farewell) to Diamond Geezer who is now relegated. And it’s not looking good for Adrian either. That step up to the big league catches a lot of teams out first time round but I’m sure you’ll be back – just look at the dross “competit
  7. COLIN Lazio 1-1 Juventus Noocastle 2-1 Brentford Villa 2-1 Brighton Lewes 2-2 Folkestone Hornchurch 2-1 Carshalton Attendance: 370 Contingency Dundee Utd 2-1 Aberdeen CLIVE Lazio 1-1 Juventus Noocastle 2-1 Brentford Villa 2-1 Brighton Lewes 1-2 Folkestone Hornchurch 2-1 Carshalton Attendance: 332 Contingency Dundee Utd 1-2 Aberdeen NICKY THE NICK Lazio 2-1 Juventus Noocastle 1-1 Brentford Villa 0-1 Brighton Lewes 1-2 Folkestone Hornchurch 2-1 Carshalton Attendance: 325 Contingency Dundee Utd 2-1 Aberdeen JAGO CHIN
  8. A football-free weekend. (Does England-Albania count?). Hope you all got through it OK. Anyway – get yourselves down for the title-decider v Worthing on Tuesday. There’s confidence for you! Meanwhile the Prediction League chugs relentlessly on. And on. And on. Unless you are Hatted Urchin or Wivenhoe, who decided on a weekend off and are now joint holders of the Fat Tom Alarm Clock Award. Well done to COYS and MikeMike for the Golden Boot this week (with extra plaudit to Mike who was the only manager to go for an Equitorial Guniea win, and is now odds-on for an immediate ret
  9. Well only MikeMike so far, but I might give them a go. Let's see... SIR COLIN Equatorial Guinea 0-1 Tunisia Burton Albion 1-1 Charlton Southend 1-1 Woking Maidenhead 1-2 Dag & Red Leatherhead 0-2 C Casuals Att: 350 Contingency Gt Wakering 2-1 Romford CLIVE Equatorial Guinea 0-2 Tunisia Burton Albion 1-2 Charlton Southend 2-1 Woking Maidenhead 1-2 Dag & Red Leatherhead 2-1 C Casuals Att: 300 Contingency Gt Wakering 2-1 Romford NICK Equatorial Guinea 1-2 Tunisia Burton Albion 2-1 Charlton Southend 0-1 Woking Maiden
  10. What's happened to all the Equatorial Guinea fans?!
  11. Four Urchin points in a week – it was what I hoped for but doubted, so well done the boys for proving me wrong. Let’s keep the momentum going. Meanwhile in the Prediction League I did say that after a woeful few weeks it was a super-easy set of matches to make you all feel better. Dumbing down, as it were. And so it proved with the biggest ever weekly points haul (and second biggest when adjusted for the number of participating teams behind the infamous week 7 in 2017-18 Autumn). Well done us eh? But you have to feel for Nick who boomed home 15 goals and lost (a record), and for
  12. I'll assume your second set of predictions supersedes the first set Mike! MYSTERY MAN NICK Besiktas 1-2 Trabsonspor Manchester Utd 1-2 Man City (12:30) Blackpool 1-0 QPR Lincoln 3-1 Hornchurch Bowers (FAC) Hornchurch 2-1 Merstham Attendance: 323 Contingency Livingston p-p Hibs CLIVE Besiktas 1-1 Trabsonspor Manchester Utd 0-3 Man City (12:30) Blackpool 1-1 QPR Lincoln 4-0 Hornchurch Bowers (FAC) Hornchurch 2-0 Merstham Attendance: 323 (yes, same as above) Contingency Livingston p-p Hibs
  13. Don’t worry Prediction League fans – I’m still alive. Just running a day late due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. But thank you all for the letters of support and flowers. I’ve been away you see. But it’s fair to say my “away” in the Algarve was rather better than the Chins’ “away” in Finchley. Not that I was there, obvs. Hey ho, we go again. Four points from Folkestone and Merstham will do me just nicely. In my dreams. Still, at least I’m off the bottom of the Prediction Lg. In fact the bottom four is now filled exclusively by "managers" who’d have to support Tottenh
  14. You're so polite Simon I haven't checked the last couple of seasons, but when this complex, in-depth investigation was last undertaken, it was 12. See below. (**) means the loser didn't predict: Seany was the king of this. Some "Blasts from the Past" on this list... 2015-16 AndyDick 12-0 Thomson (**) 2016-17 (Autumn) Ozz 14-2 Baby Jago 2016-17 (Spring) Cup of Tea (!!) 12-0 Seany The Sheep (**) 2016-17 (Spring) Miss AFC Hornchurch 12-0 Seany The Sheep (**) 2019-20 (Autumn) Sir Colin 15-3 Luke And talking of Sir Colin, here's what he reckons this week
  15. Ah right, thanks Ruth - I lose track. I'm getting on a bit. Still technically before extra time I guess ! This is indeed as per rule 1.6 which will always take precedence in the event of anyone looking for a loophole. Meanwhile here we go for the off-line gang. And YES, it's the first running of the massive NICK v CLIVE derby. I understand that police leave has been cancelled for the day. Fur coat and no knickers Nick... Flamengo 1-2 At. Mineiro Leicester 2-2 Arsenal (12:30) Tottenham (again) 2-1 Man Utd (again!) Fulham 1-1 West Bromwich Albion (12:30) Wingate
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