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  1. Aha... Thanks for the extra payment. You know who you are!
  2. Obviously you will all have been following the excitement of the Play Off Final on last week's thread, so not too much point in re-stating the outcome. But for those who need reminding it was the expected canter for Urchin Queen in a one-sided "match" against Dinamo Urchin who is still wondering how he qualified in the first place. (Final score 11-4 for the stats nerds out there). So a big welcome to the dog-eat-dog world of UPMINSTA for Mrs Jago - which means all three of the Jago clan are now pottering about in the top division (*subject to rule 3.5). Accident? On merit? Fix? You
  3. I popped over yesterday and just want to say well done to all involved in organising this and the enthusiasm generated at the stall. Fabulous stuff.
  4. Me again. Actually yes, I do have better things to do, but just to confirm, the final score was LADY JAGO 11-4 DINAMO URCHIN. URCHIN QUEEN WINS THE PLAY-OFFS. Well Done Mrs Jago - that's all three Jagos in the Top Division. Which is only right. I'll bung a "closure thread" on the forum tomorrow as apparently I have better things to do now. And actually Dinamo, yes I feel your pain in the real world after tonight's late Villa equaliser (not that it would have changed the prediction league result).
  5. UPDATE - It's now LADY JAGO 9-3 DINAMO URCHIN after the end of the Milk Cup final. The only surprise is that Dinamo has managed to get 3. So it's a big welcome to the elite for la belle dame sans merci (SUBJECT TO RULE 3.5 etc, etc)
  6. I'd have managed somehow. Fortunately I can leave my powder dry for a future occasion as you've truly excelled yourself by going 5-0 down after today's first three games. And can only catch up by a max of 4 in the next two. Your only hope is that the League Cup Final gets cancelled or abandoned, and Chelsea win the women's Euro match. But then you'd still have to rely on West Brom beating Villa. So I'd crack open another botle of rioja if I were you. Or get yourself to Wembley and dig up the pitch. PLAY OFF FINAL HALF TIME SCORE (after 3 matches)
  7. Good news Luke. May I suggest some rocking chairs and a couple of tartan blankets for the draught? (The wind not the Guinness). Some of the guys up there are getting on a bit.
  8. That's the thing about the Hatted Urchin. You never quite know what you're going to get! Keep it up Mr Hat.
  9. On the week that the official FA Trophy Final (YES – FINAL) Hornchurch FC shirt was unveiled, it’s understandable if your interest in the normally “captivating” Prediction League play-offs is not at its normal fever-pitch level. But you’d expect the remaining competitors to take a passing interest wouldn’t you? Actually – no. Frankly a very poor attempt across the board... Dinamo top scored with 7. Yes. SEVEN. Pathetic. None of them even noticed that the Dungannon game was played on Friday night so missed the opportunity to scoop a full house. (Well actually Wivenhoe may have notic
  10. A rather dull final week as it was nearly all stitched up last week when the congratulations were dished out to Mr D and Blackballed. I mean they're both nice guys, but I feel one week of being nice to them is enough, don't you? Though Blackballed did cement his Golden Boot with another impressive 13 goal haul (and another weekly G Boot award). At this rate he may well stay up next year. The only movement of significance (and I am talking in relative terms!), was Ozz holding his nerve to leapfrog the enthusiastic, but ultimately "not quite good enough" Mysterious Nick for the final pl
  11. OK - so no Mr Hat and no miracle for Lord Upminster, but here are the interim scores and tables with one fixture (Tot-ManU) to come - it can all still change - gosh the excitement.
  12. Better late than never, son. (I got that from Norman Hunter's "Guide to tackling", reently re-edited for you youngsters by Ryan Shawcross). Anyway - PAGING THE HAT- PAGING THE HAT - PAGING THE HAT. (Can't be doing with finishing behind the boyo - I have few enough bragging rights as it is!)
  13. Mysterious Nick Real Madrid 1-0 Barcelona Palace 1-2 Chelsea Crew 1-0 Oxford Utd Cambridge U 2-1 Exeter City Aldershot P-P Yeovil Contingency match Tottenham 1-2 Manchester U
  14. Hmmm. A bit insensitive of me to include the Yeovil game. Very sad. FC Chintastico Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona Palace 0-2 Chelsea Crew 1-1 Oxford Utd Cambridge U 1-2 Exeter City Aldershot P-P Yeovil Contingency match Tottenham 1-1 Manchester U (Sunday)
  15. You're right - I missed that fixture nuance. You have, of course, got form in this department... t The hallowed trophy is currently on our mantelpiece following Lady Jago's unstoppable performance last year.
  16. Well, after 13 weeks of pottering about on this irrelevance of a competition, we enter the final week. SHOW-TIME. Except, errr, rather unexpectedly yesterday’s results contrived to crown the winners of both divisions a week early. Hey ho, there’s still “pride” (whatever that is) and playoff places to play for – and in Lord Upminster’s case, a miracle to pray for. (Mind you, he's playing me so I've forwarded my bank details, just in case). So – it’s a very big well done to the imperious Mr D (who was likened to Martin Peters last week and I can’t think of anything better to say this
  17. The "half time" scores after 2 matches played... I feel it's high time for me and COYS to unite against our unruly offspring's distinct lack of respect for their elders and betters.
  18. Nick's Knockers Twente Enschade 1-2 Vitesse Arnhem Leicester City 1-2 Man City Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool Southend 0-1 Carlisle (13:00) Annan Athletic 0-1 Elgin City Leipzig 1-3 Bayern Munich
  19. Just bumping this up the list as there's been so much activity recently. I wonder why?!
  20. FC CHINTASTICO Twente Enschade 2-1 Vitesse Arnhem Leicester City 1-2 Man City Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool Southend 2-1 Carlisle (13:00) Annan Athletic 1-1 Elgin City Contingency match Leipzig 1-1 Bayern Munich
  21. The thing about non league football is that it's full of trainspotter types (wot - moi?!) so loads of quirky stat sites and groundhopper sites. So I asked your actual question on https://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/forums/index.php#non-league-football-discussion.4 and got a reply within 30 minutes! If you really wanted, you could check the answer provided at say https://fchd.info/indexb.htm to see who Stortford played in the trophy that year and then look at https://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/nonleaguetables/lt1980-1981.html to confirm what division/league those teams were in that seas
  22. I think we're fairly safe on that one!
  23. And the answer is, I regret to say, NO. Bishop's Stortford beat 8 teams above them (on the trot) in 1980/81. Though only one was "Alliance Premier" - now the National League (Worcester City). So we had the glamour win! They beat Sutton United in the final.
  24. Great question - I'll stick it one of the nerdy forums to see if we can get an answer - but I very much doubt it's been done before
  25. I love your consistency in backing against the Arsenal Mr Diamond!
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