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  1. One week to Darlo. Let’s hope the boys are more organised than my mysterious fixture selection of Colchester v Tranmere – which is apparently scheduled for the end of March! Still, nice of Diamond Geezer and Luke to point it out (thanks men) – though I note both went on to lose – coincidence? – I think not! The biggest beneficiary was a Mr C. McBride who banged in the maximum 4 goals to claw back an improbable 7-3 pre-contingency deficit against The Baby to run out 7-7. Cue much gnashing of teeth (and whaling wailing) at Jago Avenue. And you have to feel sorry for Mick The Bat
  2. ACtually it's even worse than that Mike! Baby Jago's not too chuffed either. Half time at Bilbao (1-1) ... Still 45mins to go though
  3. Well - you're doing your best 😁. Just the Bilbao-Villarreal bloodbath to come (2 "r"s in Villarreal apparently - thankyou Baby Jago. Mr Know-it-all). Current scores ... (@Luke - I can see you lurking - you're drawing). Dinamo can relax. Adrian can get on the Castlemain XXXX (can you still actually buy that?)
  4. I thought I might as well load in the predictions, which gives me the, err, "half time" scores (OK so only one game played due to the Colchester fiasco). Turns out you lot don't know much about The National League. And why should you?! Week 7 "half time" scores - followed by an avalanche of goals in the second half I'm sure.
  5. Nicholas The Mysterious AC Milan 1 v 1 Inter Arsenal 1 v 3 Man City West Ham 1 v 2 Spurs Col U 35 v 36 Tranmere Aldershot 1 v 0 Wrexham Contingency match: At. Bilbao 1 v 0 Villareal
  6. Well. Nobody's perfect. Though I always like to think I come pretty close. So this is a major shock 🤓 FC Chintastico AC Milan 1-2 Inter Arsenal 1-1 Man City (SOLIDARITY Jordan!) West Ham 1-1 Spurs Col U - errr my mistake! Aldershot 2-1 Wrexham Contingency match: At. Bilbao 2-0 Villareal
  7. Evening all. (Though other parts of the day are available depending when you open this). Whose idea was that pesky contingency game? If it wasn’t for that I’d be top of the league and Blackballed would have scored a fabulous zero – which would have raised a chuckle or two. (For those interested, the Oostende game got PP so we ended up with Tirol v RB Salzberg where the dodgy Red Bullers fluked two late goals to win 4-2). Also the Boreham Wood v Sutton game got switched to Sutton but I'm sure you'd spotted that (!). The top of Div 1 is dominated by the Salads, whose diet of Whitsta
  8. Mysterious Nick's Knockers Oostende 1-1 Genk Leicester 1-2 Liverpool (12:30) Brighton 1-1 Villa (what, AV again!!?) Derby 0-1 Middlesbrough Boreham Wood 1-1 Sutton United Contingency game: Swarovski Tirol 2-0 RB Salzburg
  9. FC Chintastic Oostende 1-1 Genk Leicester 1-2 Liverpool (12:30) Brighton 1-1 Villa (what, AV again!!?) Derby 2-1 Middlesbrough Boreham Wood 1-1 Sutton United Swarovski Tirol 0-0 RB Salzburg
  10. If you read the full thread it was one individual and he's now clarified (see below). They are a top bunch. I know from my 5 years living in Newcastle. Though I did nearly get beaten up in a Darlo town centre pub due to my equally Estuary-accented mate asking for a cinzano and lemonade (honestly!). To be fair to the locals it was after a game v Orient and the pub wasn't exactly an Oysters and Champagne establishment!
  11. Good luck with that HU... but exellent work in remembering to predict!
  12. My apologies for the late posting but the weekend was a blur. Did anything happen? 🤓 It's all been said on other posts but WHAT a performance that was. And Darlo will be "quaking" (chortle) in their clogs. After all we've had a 100% record against them for at least 15 years! The other good news is that the two people who backed against the Mighty Urchins on here both lost (as they should - but well done MikeMike for keeping his dodgy run going). Most who went for a draw also lost (if you see what I mean) - just 1961 COYS had the embarrassment of winning. And most remarkably
  13. This is fantastic. Prose to aspire to. Please note that if you have a low threshold for profanity it may be wise to avoid (but you'll miss a treat...) https://ppmaidstone.medium.com/what-the-f-ing-hell-was-that-512a889a1f14
  14. Nick's Knockers Fenerbahce 1-0 Galatasaray Villa 1-0 Arsenal (12:30) Fulham 1-2 WHU Orient 2-1 Colchester Utd Hornchurch 1-2 Maidstone ... MikeMike will approve. Official membership of The Hasbeen Salads will, I suspect, be under review. Hibs 1-1 Aberdeen
  15. FC Chintastic Fenerbahce 1-2 Galatasaray Villa 1-2 Arsenal (12:30) Fulham 1-1 WHU Orient 2-0 Colchester Utd Hornchurch 1-0 Maidstone Hibs 1-2 Aberdeen
  16. Goodness me. I've been censored! I hope this isn't the start of JagoGate 2
  17. Howdy all. Before we go any further, I am pleased to announce that those clever chaps AndyDick and Fat Tom have got together to create an on-line payment option for this 'ere prediction league. (Mainly Andy I suspect!) This is a voluntary contribution and technically splits 50:50 between the Supporters' Association and the winner of Div 1. Except the tradition is that the winner magnanimously refuses to take the cash - as it is, of course, the glory that is important, lording it over your fellow Eastsiders/Riversiders. And you get to look after the beautiful, hand-engraved trophy
  18. I see the Arsenal match has brought the Spurs fans out in a rare display of unity. NICK'S KNICKERS Marseilles 1-1 Rennes Crystal Palace 1-0 Wolves Arsenal 1-2 Man United AFC Wimbledon 0-1 MK Dons Bromley 1-0 Aldershot Covid contingency: Coleraine 1-0 Crusaders FC CHINTASTICO Marseilles 1-2 Rennes Crystal Palace 1-1 Wolves Arsenal 2-1 Man United AFC Wimbledon 1-2 MK Dons Bromley 1-1 Aldershot Covid contingency: Coleraine 1-0 Crusaders
  19. This time last week we had four teams with 100% records. This week we have none. Who is to blame you may be asking? It’s the King’s Lynn defence. Not content with losing to the merry ol’ Chins, they then follow-up with a last minute capitulation to DiggerDagger FC, thereby knocking me off my rightful and well-earned top-spot. Pah. In other news, the Villa-Newcastle game was the highest scoring non-Hornchurch game in history – even Dinamo got 3 pts. But to be fair I hadn’t realised how woeful Newcastle were until I saw the Arsenal-NUFC game on Monday, and I’d already published the fix
  20. Sorry the fixtures are a bit dull this week - limited choice and I was in a rush I think FC Chintastico AC Milan 1-1 Atalanta Aston Villa 2-1 Newcastle U Ipswich 1-1 Peterborough A Villa Women 1-2 Reading Women (1230) The Daggers 1-1 King’s Lynn Monaco 1-2 Marseilles Knockemdown Nick AC Milan 2-1 Atalanta Aston Villa 2-0 Newcastle U Ipswich 1-1 Peterborough A Villa Women 0-1 Reading Women (1230) The Daggers 0-0 King’s Lynn Monaco 0-1 Marseilles
  21. Hello again. Well what a day that was. Fantastic performance, and more importantly fantastic spirit from the boys. Obviously I don’t want to single anyone out, but I’m rather proud of my “Gotta fancy Joe Wright” whattsapp just before the pens. Not sure about his pants in a subsequent video mind you. Onwards to the smiting of Chesterfield* next. *Other teams are available. Talking of smiting, I think you’ll find I’m smiting all before me in the Prediction League. As is Sir Colin (no surprise - he allegedly knows his football), Diamond Geezer (no surprise – beginners luck
  22. Very honest Baby Jago. Clearly you don't take after your father. Yes - the Villa game is off so the Palmeiras-Gremio game comes into play.... unfortunatley this was switched to the early hours of this morning - and finished 1-1. Which a lot of us went for anyway so well done! Anyway - here are the offline predictions (from before the Palmeiras match!): BLACKBALLED: Antalyaspor 1-1 Trabzonspor Wolves 1-1 West Brom (12:30) Villa 1-1 Everton Orient 1-1 Morecambe Hornchurch 1-1 King’s Lynn (before any extra time) Covid contingency game : Palmeiras 1-1 Gremio
  23. At the end of the day I suppose it’s all about how you seek to live your life. Are you happy to settle for the easy path; the mundane, the rational, the unimaginative? A veritable Jeremy Vine Show of a life? Or do you wish to seek the alternative path; the unimagined, the thrilling, even the sensual? A Lord Byron kind of a life? Some will say the end justifies the means. And who are we to judge those that value pragmatism over romance... those that relentlessly pursue a win at the expense of a life of fulfilment? Both worlds have their proponents; both have their detractors. But I kn
  24. I have a few points to note here: Thankyou for the clarification Ruth!; Good work Adrian and Diamond Geezer - lovely bit of formatting for the scores which means excel won't explode on me; The "Custard Bowl" - PMSL (or whatever the current mot-du-jour is en-ce-moment). Anyway - here are the scores as ordained by FC Chintastico: Antalyaspor 2-1 Trabzonspor Wolves 2-1 West Brom (12:30) Villa 2-1 Everton Orient 2-1 Morecambe Hornchurch 1-0 King’s Lynn (before any extra time) Covid contingency game : Palmeiras 1-1 Gremio
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