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  1. JagoGate

    'OrnchurchFest 2018 - Sunday 14th October

    I second that 1961. Tremendous effort well rewarded with an excellent turn-out and a good time had by all. (Bit like it used to be at White Hart Lane I guess!) Seriously - superb. Looking forward to next year already assuming the liver recovers.
  2. Well I have to say that was a top event yesterday - well done to all who organised it. Extraordinary band too. I had a lovely time and I apologise now to those I offended during the course of the afternoon. Anyway, I did ask CuppaT, Paul C and Hatted Urchin to sort out the fixtures to give me a break and let me enjoy the session without my customary Sunday fixture anxiety. But yes, you've guessed it, "couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery" is the expression I think. Though Mr Hat did suggest we include Wick Academy. Good idea Gavin - except they're not actually playing, are they? As I said. Piss ups and breweries. Couldn't run a bath. Etc, etc. So we'll go with this lot instead: Fixtures to predict : Week 5, 20th October Utrecht v AZ Alkmaar Cardiff v Fulham Wigan v West Brom Eastleigh v Hampton & R (FAC) Chins v Tonbridge Angels Att: All the best to you all on this fine Monday evening (where England appear to be doing the Biz for once). Oops, Spain just scored... don't mention Dorking Wanderers. The artist formerly known as Jago
  3. Hello everyone. Cor Cas eh? Hey-ho, on we go. (Donkey riding etc). Meanwhile the good thing about having our very own Urchin Queen in the league is that she makes the rest of us look vaguely competent - even Mr Hat (once the performance enhancing drugs have worn off- which appears to be the case). I’m doing this on my mobile this week as time is short and I have a beer festival to get to, so it’s anyone's guess how the formatting will work. And I don’t know how to *embolden* on Safari so no point in mentioning any of you as I know you only look for your own results. Though a quick shout out to new leader Mr D and well done Lord Upminster for squeaking the Ozzminster derby Classico. So here we go... UPMINSTER DIVISION Marshland Mardlers (Lord Upminster) 5-4 Dazedandconfused (Ozz) The Wizzzards (Jago) 9-11 The Flat Caps (Mr D) Lt Commander Data (Wivenhoe) 9-3 Back of the net (Paul C) Daley's Dream Team (Fat Tom) 9-10 HuttonDressedAsLahm (UrchinYid) Po Team P W D L F A Pt 1 The Flat Caps (Mr D) 4 3 0 1 41 39 9 2 Back of the net (Paul C) 4 3 0 1 39 35 9 3 HuttonDressedAsLahm (UrchinY) 4 3 0 1 36 29 9 4 Lt Commander Data (Wivenhoe) 4 2 1 1 31 25 7 5 Dazedandconfused (Ozz) 4 2 0 2 30 29 6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 6 Marshland Mardlers (Lord Up) 4 2 0 2 29 30 6 7 The Wizzzards (Jago) 4 0 1 3 33 40 1 8 Daley's Dream Team (Fat Tom) 4 0 0 4 34 46 0 COLLIER ROW LOT Carroll's injured? (Cup of Tea) 7-2 Lana Del Jago (Urchin Queen) AFC Pulisball (Dinamo Urchin) 2-9 Retired & Idle (Blackballed) The New Sheep (Dummy Team) 4-9 Trojan XIX (Cool Hand Luke) Salad Dodger Hotspurs (1961 COYS) 9-5 Dennistoun Dynamos (Hatted Urchin) Po Team P W D L F A Pt 1 Dennistoun Dynamos (Hatted U) 4 3 0 1 31 21 9 2 Salad Dodger Hots (1961 COYS) 4 3 0 1 29 29 9 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3 Trojan XIX (Cool Hand Luke) 4 2 1 1 40 26 7 4 Carroll's injured? (Cup of T) 4 2 1 1 36 30 7 5 Retired & Idle (Blackballed) 4 2 0 2 26 26 6 6 AFC Pulisball (Dinamo Urchin) 4 1 2 1 31 36 5 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 7 The New Sheep (Dummy Team) 4 1 0 3 30 37 3 8 Lana Del Jago (Urchin Queen) 4 0 0 4 18 36 0 Right. That took an hour on the phone and I’ve lost the will to live, so we’ll do the fixtures by committee at the beer fest. BE THERE IF YOU WANT A SAY. Toodle pip The Artist formerly (and indeed formally) known as Jago.
  4. Luke - you are new here but you put the scores BETWEEN the teams or in front. NOT at the end as it's a pain when I do the excel. You have one more warning then it's a 1 point deduction. Currently on final warning are WIVENHOE and CUP OF TEA (next transgression is a point off). Power corrupts don't-ya-know Dr Draconian .
  5. Slovakia 0-1 Czech Rep Netherlands 2-1 Germany Partick Thistle 1-2 Dundee United Gillingham 1-1 Southend Corinthian Casuals 0-2 Hornchurch Att : 266
  6. Apols for the weird line breaks - not quite got the hang of the new site - it appears to chuck in extra lines so often and there's no preview button anymore
  7. I’m not going to make a fuss. Yes I was banned. Yes it’s a private matter. Yes I have lost all my old posts (probably for the best there). Yes I have changed my name to JagoGate until the investigations are concluded. Yes Baby Jago has been killed off in the collateral damage (though I haven’t had the heart to tell him yet). Oh, and Yes Hornchurch were excellent at Hampton and deserved a draw at least. If you need more on this subject (JagoGate not the Hampton match) go here https://www.fansfocus.com/topic/201163-prediction-league-posts/ Anyway, I’m repeating below the results of week 3, and starting a new week 4. Casting our minds back it was a generally high scoring week: I lost despite scoring 13 (YES it IS all about me), Urchin Queen resumed her customary bottom spot, Blackballed finally found his scoring boots, and Dinamoan seems to be doing everything he can to emulate the Urchins drawtastic start to the season. Finally well done to Mr Hat and PaulC who kept up their most surprising 100% starts. If you need more, it’s all here : UPMINSTER DIVISION Dazedandconfused (Ozz) 13-10 Daley's Dream Team (Fat Tom) The Flat Caps (Mr D) 14-11 Marshland Mardlers (Lord Upminster) Back of the net (Paul C) 16-13 The Wizzzards (Jago) HuttonDressedAsLahm (UrchinYid) 10-7 Lt Commander Data (Wivenhoe) COLLIER ROW (South) DIVISION Lana Del Jago (Urchin Queen) 7-9 Salad Dodger Hotspurs (1961 COYS) Retired & Idle (Blackballed) 10-9 Carroll's injured? (Cup of Tea) Trojan XIX (Cool Hand Luke) 10-10 AFC Pulisball (Dinamo Urchin) Dennistoun Dynamos (Hatted Urchin) 13-6 The New Sheep (Dummy Team) Next week you are playing (AGAIN!): Marshland Mardlers (Lord Upminster) v-v Dazedandconfused (Ozz) The Wizzzards (Jago) v-v The Flat Caps (Mr D) Lt Commander Data (Wivenhoe) v-v Back of the net (Paul C) Daley's Dream Team (Fat Tom) v-v HuttonDressedAsLahm (UrchinYid) Carroll's injured? (Cup of Tea) v-v Lana Del Jago (Urchin Queen) AFC Pulisball (Dinamo Urchin) v-v Retired & Idle (Blackballed) The New Sheep (Dummy Team) v-v Trojan XIX (Cool Hand Luke) Salad Dodger Hotspurs (1961 COYS) v-v Dennistoun Dynamos (Hatted Urchin) Please predict on the following fixtures: Autumn League, Week 4, Version 2.0, 13 Oct 2018. Slovakia v Czech Rep (14:00) (it was one country when I was a boy) Netherlands v Germany Partick Thistle v Dundee United Gillingham v Southend Corinthian Casuals v Hornchurch Att : Up the Urchins The Artist Formerly Known as Jago
  8. JagoGate

    Prediction League posts

    Well - I'm back. But all my posts have been consigned to the big web dustbin in the sky. Probably for the best. Many thanks for sorting this out Ian - and reading between the lines I think we can all put the blame firmly on Blackballed. He was certainly mumbling something incoherent in the Hampton bar yesterday (no change there then)... Not that the web is a blame culture or anything, No Sireee. My challenge now is how to break the news to Baby Jago that he has been killed off as part of the collateral damage. A packet of marmite crisps and an extra hour on the xBox should do it mind. The Artist formerly known as Jago.
  9. JagoGate

    Prediction League posts

    Could be... more likely something to do with the site upgrade methinks. And DINAMO - stop Moaning. I know your accent sounds like you're always whinging but now you're doing it on virtual paper too. (This is a test insult to see if I can get the Baby banned).
  10. JagoGate

    Prediction League posts

    Well something is certainly up - my Jago account has been "BANNED" so I've tortured the Baby to extract his password and logged in as him. Maybe all my posts have been deleted as a result of the terrible behaviour which has led to my banning (not sure what this is mind you). I think we'd better CANCEL THIS WEEK until I can work out what's going on. Just when Mr Hat was getting the hang of it too. My apologies, The Artist Formerly Known as Jago
  11. Hi Jago. It appears that the Prediction League posts have disappeared from the forum.  Any ideas?

    1. JagoGate


      Hi Paul - I was banned when you sent this so didn't get it.   All very mysterious but I quite like the notoriety.   Normal service will be resumed shortly.

  12. JagoGate

    Bostik Premier Away Days...........

    I've been looking at this but coming the opposite way from the South West - and the best bet for you lot is probably Waterloo to Kingston (3 or 4 trains an hour) and then a cab or 216 bus or 111 bus. Or go to Surbiton and get a cab (4 trains an hour are running and there's a big cab rank plus minicab firm by the station). Probably more expensive than the above but that will have to be my route. Jago The Trainspotter
  13. JagoGate


    Brilliant stuff Urchins. Bring on Hampton then I fancy a trip to Torquay in the 4Q.
  14. JagoGate

    New forum (go to new post)

    Goodness me you're quick... cheers Ian Anyway - looks like cut and paste works straight out of excel now which is going to save an enormous amount of hassle (test below to see what it looks like). Ye gods - it works. I am very happy. 😀
  15. JagoGate

    New forum (go to new post)

    Aha- you are right... fonts have now appeared. Many thanks. Won't die in a ditch on the "who is viewing"