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  1. Members vote for the Board of Directors, Board appoints Manager, Manager selects players, set tactics etc....
  2. I meant to say “we are JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH”
  3. We can’t wait till the end of the season. We need to plan now for next year. There is very little prospect if playoffs now, we are just good enough, despite the league being the weakest I’ve seen for years. If e got promotion, this team would get whallopped every week! We need to accept that we are mid table at best and put in a strategic plan to improve in the longer term. I for one one would prefer to see a team playing football, on the ground and do away with this kick and hope nonsense we get served up by the current management team. Mid table but good to watch would be bonus after what we’ve seen for nearly two seasons.
  4. I would say words fail me but here goes - hopeless, aimless, inept, no visible tactics, no leadership, prescious life skill. ‘I am not going to waste my time going to away games any more, I’ll go to home games to meet the rest of the fans who suffer this kind of dross and have a beer or two, I have no expectations to be entertained. No excuses just poor tactics and poor performance. Precious little skill, although life skill are needed to cope with this week on week !
  5. Agree entirely, who said this was a classic ? If we were any better we would be second best by a mile. football is a funny and cruel game. We weren’t in it for 75 minutes. long aimless balls, hopeless. I genuinely feel sorry for BS who sent out a second string and should have won comprehensively. Two good things to take from tonight, the guys never gave up trying and we won. It is still not good enough is it ?
  6. Correct 55seasons, dog named Bruce was a black and white border colley, owned by Ray ( known as Judge )
  7. Malcolm’s funeral at Enfield Crematorium Friday 15th February at 4.00 pm
  8. Headington United 1st Round FA Cup in 1959, I think we won 4-3. My dad took me as a treat when visiting my grandparents who lived in Clive Road,opposite the ground. They became Oxford United and joined the Football League in 1960 didn’t they ?
  9. Well AW what do you know. We’ve been watching the AL project for over a year now. I’ve no doubt that he tries his best but the type of football we get us far below what we need. It’s not one or two results that have influenced my judgement it is a combination of intransigence, lack of flair and imagination. I can only really recall four or five matches which I could say I enjoyed. Results are not all, I am realistic in that no team can provide exciting, skilful football all the time, but I think we are entitled to expect to see some progress. We have been patient beyond the call of duty. We know we haven’t got the best budget but the Board have a ten year plus history of progress and I am proud, not only of what we have achieved over the past decade and they now need courage to maintain the progress.
  10. So difficult to argue with the comments above. This was one of the worst performances I’ve seen( and I’ve seen a lot of poor performances). We have no shape, the players all seem to get the urge to clear the lines, booting the ball in the air as far as they can. Tactics are and have been wrong, it’s not fun watching this rubbish, I have no doubt that the players are giving their all, but they collectively have neither the skill, ability, intelligence needed at this level. The manager is responsible and I have reluctantly to agree that AL has not been able to produce a team which entertains. We don’t seem able to win either so we don’t even get pleasure from playing drab winning football. I have to agree that it is clear that AL is not able to provide us with a team that us good to watch and which wins regularly. I’ve had enough, I will continue to support the club, attend the matches but we must find a manager who excites and inspires both players and supporters, now is the time for change so we can prepare for next season.
  11. Oh dear. How very disappointing. A game between an average team and a poor team. We were very poor today, didn’t trouble the Robins keeper at all. ‘It looked like the team didn’t know what they were supposed to do, leaderless, clueless and hopeless. We are getting the same kind of performance we saw last year, no improvement. Same old same old !!! Manager’s responsibility no excuses. I don’t think he can take our club to within the promotion zone this year, I am beginning to agree with others and perhaps the club need to take decisive action now in order to prevent us dropping into relegation battles. We need someone who can motivate, innovate and inspire the players to do better ( I’m sure most of them are capable of performing at this level). If we leave it too much longer, relegation beckons, reduced gates and demoralised players = vicious circle.
  12. We were a poor second best all over the field again on Saturday. If you continue to do the same thing , you’ll always get what you’ve always got ! My view is that we have a squad of players who at best can compete with an average Istmian Premier team. This should come as little surprise, bearing in mind the constraints that we have in terms of available budget. I am not convinced that the manager is playing the right tactics, team structure etc but hey ho what do I know ? However it looks like we have a limited quality of squad which is not playing as well individually or as as a unit. the manager must take responsibility I respect of failing to generate motivation and focus. he recruited the players, and whilst there are individual errors and lack of individual quality it is the manager who must take responsibility. It looks like he has lost the dressing room as the standard of play on the pitch is woeful at times. my view is that we have a team and budget which would see as an average team which will finish about halfway in the league, bearing in mind that there are some very poor teams in the league this year. Changing the manager, recruiting new players, and changing tactics are cited as the answer. In truth it is a combination of all three which is probably the right way, however realistically I am not convinced that any of this will improve our position this year. How Erie something must change! The atmosphere behind the goal is deteriorating, attendances will decline if we continue to play these same type of football. At times it is hard to watch ! We turn up not expecting to win, this has been coming a long time, apart from three or four matches when have we played well ?
  13. The situation at Dulwich and Lowestoft have been brought about by clubs operating at levels which cannot be sustained. The leagues are littered with clubs operating beyond their means, these clubs rise briefly, perhaps obtain some short term success and then fall back, hopefully to restructure and survive at lower but sustainable levels. Some sadly disappear and no longer exist. Supporters need to bear this in mind when they are tempted to pressure the club into making expensive short term decisions which would place us in difficult position in the longer term. Every club has its natural level financially and must adopt investment decisions which are approprite. Thank goodness ETFC is structured in such a way that it is unlikely that this overstretching can happen, however we should celebrate that we have a long term model which can provide a good level of football together with the benefits to community. The founding fathers of ETFC can rightly be proud and we should be grateful that we are likely to survive as a club for many years to come, albeit we may not make the National league or win the FA Trophy !
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