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  1. Is available - any chance ?
  2. I assume that as we are owner / supporters will continue to pay the monthly fee to be a member or not expect a refund of season ticket cost, this will go so way in mitigating the financial impact.
  3. Not a bit miffed then ? Still rankles eh ?
  4. It’s all about opinions, but Cray were much better, individually, tactically and they had a noticeable and well executed game plan. For the first 45 minutes we weren’t in it., if we’d be any better we would have been second to the ball ! A very soft penalty in my opinion, I was less than 20 yards from the incident.
  5. Glass half full or half empty, it doesn’t disguise the fact that we were comprehensively outplayed for the first 45 minutes. Cray could have gone in at half time three up and it wouldn’t have been unfair. The second half we battled gamely, and we got some reward, however we were just about holding on to our undeserved lead ( soft penalty ) when the defence started to commit hari kari again. We are not good enough to compete at the top of this ( poor quality league ), at best I expect us to finish 10 - 12th. If it’s true that our budget doesn’t provide resources to get better players in, we must have a business plan which recognises this and not keep saying our ambition is to be in the promotion mix. Most of us weathered , old fogies can see that this team hasn’t got a cat in hell’s chance of gaining promotion this year and heaven forbid if we were - next year would see us getting stuffed every week. The board have to change tack and get realistic, let’s get a young manager in with new ideas, play some interesting football, the current style us boring, predictable and unsuccessful, I’m sure most supporters would prefer interesting, exciting and perhaps equally unsuccessful in the future, but we might come and watch it!
  6. Not surprised by the silence on here, what happened in the 2nd half ? Another dismal display, how long do we have to endure this ?
  7. Kingstonian thumped Woking therefore is possible to beat higher level teams despite being part time etc.. My point, and , yes WR I attend most matches (, home and away ) is that we need to have a team and tactics which can compete at a higher level on occasions such as these, but this requires a stability and consistency that good organisation and good skill sets are blended with passion and effort . We have seen precious little evidence of these essential attributes over the past few weeks.. We have come up short against better teams in the league, we have been fortunate to gain points from some games where we were clearly second best. My point is, that we need to regroup and improve if we are to maintain our push for playoffs, if we carry on doing what we have been doing, we will always get what we a we’ve already got- and average team in a poor league. If we are content with the current situation and are convinced that this is a matter of form, injuries and bad luck, I fear that we will be death for finishing the season about 15th ish. If we are not then something must change - and soon
  8. Clearly a team not at the races knocked out without an whimper. Tactics inept, players out of their depth and some clearly not trying hard enough ! Ebbsfleet won this at a canter, I’m not sure any if their defence broke swewt. Our season is close to being over if things don’t change and change quickly.
  9. Percy gone to Hertford on loan
  10. It does surprise me when supporters moan that when these good players get better offers from other clubs they leave. We should just make sure we get the best out of them when they are with us and wish them well for the future. This is a situation which all clubs at every level finds itself, when playing budgets are stretched. That’s the reality of non league football.
  11. Teresa May, she’ll be available in the autumn.
  12. No I meant that we could appoint a female manager.🤪
  13. Not necessarily a man surely ?
  14. Very flattering result. Poor match, two poor sides, sliding to very forgettable season finale. Let’s hope for major changes next season, we can’t be expected to be happy watching his next year. Oh dear, what to do ?
  15. What’s happened to Weatherstone ?
  16. Members vote for the Board of Directors, Board appoints Manager, Manager selects players, set tactics etc....
  17. I meant to say “we are JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH”
  18. We can’t wait till the end of the season. We need to plan now for next year. There is very little prospect if playoffs now, we are just good enough, despite the league being the weakest I’ve seen for years. If e got promotion, this team would get whallopped every week! We need to accept that we are mid table at best and put in a strategic plan to improve in the longer term. I for one one would prefer to see a team playing football, on the ground and do away with this kick and hope nonsense we get served up by the current management team. Mid table but good to watch would be bonus after what we’ve seen for nearly two seasons.
  19. I would say words fail me but here goes - hopeless, aimless, inept, no visible tactics, no leadership, prescious life skill. ‘I am not going to waste my time going to away games any more, I’ll go to home games to meet the rest of the fans who suffer this kind of dross and have a beer or two, I have no expectations to be entertained. No excuses just poor tactics and poor performance. Precious little skill, although life skill are needed to cope with this week on week !
  20. Agree entirely, who said this was a classic ? If we were any better we would be second best by a mile. football is a funny and cruel game. We weren’t in it for 75 minutes. long aimless balls, hopeless. I genuinely feel sorry for BS who sent out a second string and should have won comprehensively. Two good things to take from tonight, the guys never gave up trying and we won. It is still not good enough is it ?
  21. Correct 55seasons, dog named Bruce was a black and white border colley, owned by Ray ( known as Judge )
  22. Malcolm’s funeral at Enfield Crematorium Friday 15th February at 4.00 pm
  23. Headington United 1st Round FA Cup in 1959, I think we won 4-3. My dad took me as a treat when visiting my grandparents who lived in Clive Road,opposite the ground. They became Oxford United and joined the Football League in 1960 didn’t they ?
  24. Well AW what do you know. We’ve been watching the AL project for over a year now. I’ve no doubt that he tries his best but the type of football we get us far below what we need. It’s not one or two results that have influenced my judgement it is a combination of intransigence, lack of flair and imagination. I can only really recall four or five matches which I could say I enjoyed. Results are not all, I am realistic in that no team can provide exciting, skilful football all the time, but I think we are entitled to expect to see some progress. We have been patient beyond the call of duty. We know we haven’t got the best budget but the Board have a ten year plus history of progress and I am proud, not only of what we have achieved over the past decade and they now need courage to maintain the progress.
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