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  1. Admin

    Happy Birthday djw!

  2. Ian_W

    26-October 10 - Happy Birthday djw :)

  3. djw

    Curtis Robinson

    Bring back Jason Fenton !!!!
  4. djw


    To be honest Phil you are quite right, but how can we take your word for it? Just like the new comer posting on here. the fact is we never get told anything concrete from the club till at least two weeks after the event has happend !!
  5. djw

    Ben Clarke bombed

    Post and trends like this has basically sumed up Margate FC. I'm glad Iain's in control then. Again Piper FC NOT Margate FC.
  6. djw

    Iain O'Connell as club manager

    Great news !! The board have defo got this one right.
  7. djw

    Who wants to know who your new manager is???

    I hope you lot are right !!! Iain and Jay would be great !
  8. djw

    Fans Forum to introduce new manager

    Lets hope its a long and successful era ! Look forward to hearing the news....
  9. djw


    Dont know why locked but will let BGA answer this one as I dodnt lock ?
  10. djw

    Butler must return

    I dont think Mark would work for Piper again......Therefore i think it would never happen. however, MFC need Mark more than ever.
  11. djw

    BIG Changes are required....NOW !

    LOL Alex. What do you mean....For once !!!
  12. djw

    Bring Back Yorath & Southall

    LOL ! Oh yer because everything in the local press is true ! Ok Wellsie I take your word for it ! LOL
  13. djw

    Bring Back Yorath & Southall

    The deal was done just after New Year but something didnt happen !! Anyways, whats done is done. I thought JK would be invovled. A much needed 3 points on Saturday, as they say no one is as big as the club !
  14. djw

    Bring Back Yorath & Southall

    Harrison was going to sign but guess who blocked it ! Wayne taken training so I heard (maybe a rumor)