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  1. 14-February 11 - Happy Birthday inthemixer :)

  2. RIP bill, my thoughts are with his family.
  3. well you know what they say, money attracts good players, depends on how much they're shelling out though
  4. account for this 'roads' fella because he has a freakish loyalty towards martin ash that is quite worrying he even believed that manna would be promotion candidates. . . . . lets be honest, they might be looking a top six finish but promotion all because of 1 man(ash) is a little concerning
  5. Originally Posted By: MCP its in his sig..... thats a bite
  6. Originally Posted By: Jerry No.14 What my tunes on Myspace or the songs that are chanted on the terraces??? lol All my songs on there are freestyles mate i am a legend!!!! whats your myspace?
  7. Originally Posted By: Jenko I'll bore you mate....but I'll tell you anyway! In my younger days when I was a quality player I marked Paul Allen out the game in an FA Cup match. He was playing for Purfleet and I was playing for a very good Clapton side under Lyndon Lynch. For all of you who have heard it a thousand times before sorry! theres no way you played against paul allen fella, if theres any1 who can confirm they were on that pitch or see the game please come forward
  8. Originally Posted By: Jerry No.14 ??????????? What ???????????? cant beleive you dont remember your own songs, but then again you didnt even sing em so why should you remember them
  9. what about this 1, bob geldoff goes into the jungle to see how people in the third world really live, he goes int a hut made of leaves and theres a family of 5 sitting there, he asks the man of the hut, 'hows it going mate?' 'not to good bob,' replies the man. 'what are you eating for food? leaves and the like?' asks bob, 'nah bob, i get up in the trees and catch 1 of them brown things that swing around, my wife has a leg, as do i, and the kids have the arms and tail and we then have to rationalise on the body till i catch the next 1' bob storms out and the man follows,'whats wrong bob' bob shouts back at him ' DONT COMPLAIN TO ME IF YOUR ON A MONKEY A WEEK!'
  10. Originally Posted By: Jerry No.14 Thanx for that. When did you see me play im intrigued!!! i wouldnt forget your number, jerry, you know its true, and if you do have a bad game, dont blame it on the rain!!!!
  11. Originally Posted By: smallsy i think hes addicted already i am flattered that some1 has started a topic on me
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