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  1. Just a mention for the incredible run by Adam Thompson from his own penalty box all the way through to the oppositions, unfortunately he could not quite reach the return of a one two that would have completed a fantastic goal. I thought he and James Hawes had excellent games at the back today.
  2. I think Maidstone came back in to the game when they changed to 4-3-3, it took us a while to adapt to this, but the last ten minutes were great to watch as we really dominated, ending up of course with the winning goal.
  3. [quote=The Town Crier)one of the many hilarious lines written it the now defunct fanzine, Cow Shed Blues or...Owner of the most expensive car in the car park at any ground and strangely spends most of the game trying to hit it with the ball, As a footballer he plays good golf. 'He's done a Gilbert' became a phrase for a number of years for a clearance 'down the line' by a left back that went over the top of the cowshed.......
  4. As Sutton now play a 'direct style of football' dont suppose there will many tricks on display at all!!
  5. Originally Posted By: finisterre JL, why was Flack already likely to be getting subbed off? I must have missed something. I did sneak away to the pie hut for a minute. Henry was stripped ready to come on after the Shave sending off to replace Flack, but sat down again after the 2nd red card
  6. Not to forget (although am trying to!) the game at Ashford where we had to draft in three 'strangers' to make up the numbers due to injuries.
  7. If Aveley get through I presume Ronnie will be playing against us?
  8. To be fair to the ref (who was actually shorter than Lee H) he did not see the pen incident as a Heybridge defender ran across his line of sight at exactly the wrong moment. I was in a direct line behind the ref and also could not see exactly what had happened. However the lino was closer and did nothing!!!
  9. The 'Chelmo reporter' ended up at Southend Rugby club for their game???????
  10. Chelmsford reporter may turn up at New Lodge then, as kicking his heels now?
  11. Tend to have different reasons for liking/not liking grounds usually based on past performances there! The AFC Wimbledon experience is obviously different from all other league games due to the size of the crowd and that all the away supporters stand together. Chelmsford again is different due to the Derby aspect (cant see anyone saying this as a favourite ground tho!) From the season so far I liked Tonbridge, second time I have been there it has good parking, two refreshment areas and the ground itself is neat and tidy and of course we won! Also like Boreham Wood and Staines.
  12. BBC Essex used to cover every CCFC game (home and away) when they were at New Writtle Street, stopped when they had to move, and have then started again now they have a ground in Chelmsford again. Maybe they dont like travelling too far? Although that would not explain having a reporter at away games as well? They tend to cover Southend, Colchester, Grays, Daggers, Chelmsford and then pick one other which will usually be a club left in the FA Cup/Trophy/Vase or if no such game then a league one. Thus Billericay will probably get about four or five agames a season with a reporter but certainly no away ones (unless at another Essex club).
  13. Another hardworking performance similar to Tonbridge, the midfield in particular are closing down, harrying and showing some much energy a real pleasure to watch the effort they are putting in. That is not to discount the rest of the team, excellent effort all round. Credit to Matt and Jason as well who really seem to have the team playing just as they (and us as supporters) would want. Seemed to me that Adrian's first booking was for bringing the ball back to where the free-kick should have been taken, the ref though had other ideas and decided it should be taken in a different place and so the card was given for time wasting. Good win today and still unbeaten at home in the league.
  14. Another fairly forgetable game with Folkestone. We do not seem to have exciting games when we play each other. First half was poor with best chance a cross from Joe that hit the post. Started the second half better and a goal from Leon should have settled it. Folkestone never looked liked scoring but we decided to give them a chance by giving away a free kick just outside the box from which they scored (well taken). Leon also hit the bar after good work from Nathan. Interesting that we later had a free kick in exactly the same position but hit it straight into the wall! Difficult to give a man of the match, defence played well but did not have that much to do. We have not really got going yet this season, hopefully can improve on Saturday. Team was McMahon McSweeney Kerrigan Blewitt (Swaine) Heffer Dormer Hunter Game Hodges (Collins) Elder Flack
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