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  1. 10-June 11 - Happy Birthday saf06 :)

  2. 10-June 10 - Happy Birthday saf06 :)

  3. Not this season Robbie, Jesus! They would need the 20 teams above them to be wound up in order for that to happen, i meant in the future seasons! The only problem Kentish have is keeping onto the decent players they have and building on the foundations!
  4. Lee will be bangiong the gaols in in no time! They could challenge for promotion if they add a few extra players and keep the lieks of lee and duffy and clarky!
  5. Rhodes, the point of Non League Daily is, to report "news", this I would condier being "news". If you check the rest of the articles on Non League Daily they are msotly of comings and goings. I think you have a slight soft spot for Broxbourne, you're always looking out for their "news".
  6. Speak for yourself Cliff, Fried Egg Sandwiches with Kethup are my faviourite, it wasn't the horrible scrambled [****!!****] you normally get. What a conversation....!
  7. Well based on saturdays Sausage Sandwiches, Egg Sandwiches and Bacon Sandwiches, i WOULD say so.
  8. Rhodes, Trust me, it's completely the opposite in fact! The club are in very high spirits, things are still looking good. Dissapointing result last night admitedly but, conditions, in all honesty were attrocious. Were we going to beat the likes of Steveanage or Watford anyway?? We have signed some quality players, and if we can hang on to the ones who are still there, then we WILL push on.
  9. Defo the worst pitch to play on is Welwyn Garden, played on there last night! We played on the Kentish Town pitch the week before, i thought (as far as pitches were concerned) things couldn't get worst than Kentish Towns but i was mistaken. Although, Kentish Town do the best grub by a country mile!
  10. Please leave me out of any arguements or disagreements please....thanks
  11. Horace, behave! lol Neutral, our keeper is top class, i'm not quite sure why or which game you viewed to have that opinion, but since i've been at Brox he has performed brilliantly!
  12. Whats going on Tommy, i thought that was you i saw yesterday, think it was your bro though! What has happened to the Kentish Team, the players last night were young mouthy idiots, esp your centre mid (captain)...where has looney, Dawson, Javier etc gone? I can only see it going one way with them players! They needed you in there with a bit of heart!
  13. Drizzy is class! Our squad is still strong! We can do something this year!
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