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  1. Once a player gets to a level where they are getting paid, even if it's only a few quid, and fans are paying to watch then they've got to be able to take any abuse/criticise that comes their way. I couldn't care less what ability a player has if he was was doing something I didn't like and be on his back for sure.
  2. Might have already been posted, but if not here you go - http://www.thefa.com/Leagues/NationalLeagueSystem/NewsAndFeatures/2012/~/media/Files/PDF/Leagues/NLS/steps-1-4-season-2012-2013.ashx
  3. Hornchurch 1 - 2 Lowestoft. Attendance - whatever I said on the other thread.
  4. Whatever Rob says divided by 2.
  5. My eyebrows were raised when I saw team sheet. Haven't seen us play 4-4-3 before but I thought we played really well worked hard and looked solid and fluid. I agree with O let's do the same. Cant wait for Monday. Looking forward to it! Don't think I've seen any team play 4-4-3 before.
  6. Yeah, loads of rain leading up to that semi too if I remember rightly. Let's hope no-one get's arrested this time Think you're right though, was a bigger game because of who we were playing and the size of the crowd.
  7. Divide your guestimate's by 2 would be my thoughts for the attendance.
  8. What's more of a disgrace is that they started with 16 players !!!
  9. Expect it's probably just a rumour that proves to be total nonsense.
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