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  1. Rhodes, that will be for one of their youth teams. Potten End is nowhere close to Step 7 standard (or certainly wasn’t last time I was there)
  2. I’d suggest anything that earned a 3 match ban or less be waived but long suspensions still count. That way “normal” offences are let off but a ban for something like an assault on a referee would remain in place. Edit - just seen that Enfield Til it died suggested the same on the AGM thread back in April.
  3. This issue is the football pyramid - I don’t think the SSML wont be able to promote one team from step 6 to 5 without permission from the FA. If the FA said yes then other step 6 sides would also want promotion in different leagues. This will probably mean some lopsided leagues next season before being rebalanced in 21/22 as part of the larger restructure.
  4. Just found this sorting out a cupboard. A fair few of the Sun Sports lads went on to play step 3 and 4. This was the second half of the season after a disastrous start. I joined in the October / November when we were rock bottom but by January we’d got a good bit young team together.
  5. We’ve decided to keep our club appearances & goals in the records at Tring. Quite a few youngsters have made their senior debuts & there have been a number making landmark numbers so we wouldn’t want to deprive them of that.
  6. Berko FC’s lease on Broadwater has been extended by another 3 years https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/berkhamstedfootballclub/news/berkhamsted-fc-secure-new-lease-on-broadwater-2524444.html
  7. What used to annoy me more was playing in the reserves & the oppositions first team turning up instead having a training session. We had either Northwood or Boreham Wood do that to us at Tring ... and it was the week they brought in another lad to trial in goal. We lost 10-0 😁
  8. I guess there are a lot of Step 4 clubs groundsharing and not having a reserve side. If you are not in the starting XI at that level then I guess it’s useful for fitness and can help both clubs. Bringing in someone for one or two games would pi** me off if I was dropped for them so you then risk losing your lads who turn up & train week in week out.
  9. Langford 6 wins, 0 draws, 1 defeat Winslow 7 wins, 0 draws, 0 defeats
  10. Welcome Hollower, I remember playing at Potton for Tring many moons ago although think it might have been pre season. The board is a lot different from 10 years ago- a load of warnings & fines from the league sorted that out!
  11. Either to promote Amersham who finished 6th in Div 2 or add in a new club who’ve never played competitively before except by the looks of it on FIFA! I’m sure there are loads in D1 excited about travelling to the town of Hashtag next season.
  12. The FA think a car park is important Ground grading for Step 5 states There must be adequate car parking facilities at or adjacent to the ground. Car parking within the boundary of the ground may not be acceptable.
  13. Any news as to when the FA are going to announce who is going to be in the Premier Division ? One of the latest predictions sees Tring & Holmer playing in some ridiculous league that goes across to the Welsh borders and St Mags & Hoddesden moved to the Essex Senior who appear to have relegated 4 clubs rather than just 2.
  14. That would be pretty disastrous for Tring. 2 hours 40 mins & 130 miles each way to Hereford - I bet that will be a Tuesday night in January! Keep us in the SSML & we won’t complain about traveling to Biggleswade again. Clubs on a map link https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1m7nCg2JJL6A3coMblSWrm0QX3qU&ll=51.771948501300834%2C-0.8086582061728222&z=10
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