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  1. Sam Styles was at Tring at some point as well. I played alongside Jack Brown & Lee Inch at Sun Sports too.
  2. Much like the rest of the season I see this is also null & void - after suspicious voting patterns Edgware accused of buying votes after 500 appeared on their favour in 2 minutes. Biggleswade back in the lead after a tweet by Guilleme asking for his 1 million followers to vote Biggleswade
  3. From reading the article it is more to do with the draw. A non elite team can’t play another non elite team under government regulations. Either you pause the competition or you could end up with 5th round matches played with some 2nd round games still not decided.
  4. Yes Bob has been at the club for at least 10 years, probably closer to 15 so is well known. Unfortunately in 3 years Howard didn’t deliver on any of his grand plans. New stand, new changing rooms, medical centre, 3G pitches - none of them progressed from the idea stage as far as I’m aware. If we’d have carried on as we were, the money would have run out by March without anything material to show for it. There was a vote of no confidence proposed & he resigned, went on 3 Counties to say he’d resigned & then emailed the club to say he hadn’t resigned! We’re lucky to have some
  5. Article from the Mick Dennis in the Daily Express covering our FA Cup win over Ruislip Manor in 2007. https://www.tafc.co.uk/report-r.php?fixture_id=535
  6. Didn’t realise he was on again. Might have to have a listen back. We’ve moved on & definitely in a better position than 12 months ago.
  7. Berko FC petition in relation to their landlords selling Broadwater https://www.change.org/p/dacorum-borough-council-berkhamsted-fc-savebroadwater
  8. A strange game. Fairly even first half. We missed a penalty at 1-0 & could have had two more awarded both for handball. The second half was a different story for 25 minutes they looked like they’d score with every attack. A couple of individual errors & we were 7-0 down and it could have easily been more. On the bright side we won the last 20 minutes 2-1 again when it was much more even.
  9. We lacked in the final 3rd today. Baldock converted the chances they had. Match programme here https://issuu.com/tringafc/docs/baldock_town_12th_december_2020
  10. Hillingdon manager has stepped down with immediate effect
  11. I must admit I quite enjoyed a 2pm kick off when playing in Div2. Finish the game, shower & get in the bar for the last bit of the 3pm games on TV.
  12. In theory they could, but almost impossible in practice. 1) Can only open as a restaurant with table service 2) Alcohol only with a substantial meal 3) Once eaten you have to leave the premises (ground) 4) Can only sit at a table with people from you own house (not friends or teammates) 5) If you do food or drink as a takeaway they have to be consumed outside of the ground but it has to be via delivery, click & collect or drive through 6) If you don’t serve food you have to be closed - doesn’t appear to give the option to just run selling soft drinks/ tea b
  13. Tier 2 for pretty much all of the league I think. I assume clubhouses will have to remain closed unless clubs have suddenly set up a restaurant operation! Those outside toilets will be lovely at this time of year.
  14. Just hope we end up in tier one. Putting on matches without the bar income isn’t great for club finances not would it be fun for spectators when weather turns bad
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