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  1. 23-June 11 - Happy Birthday PatMan :)

  2. 23-June 10 - Happy Birthday PatMan :)

  3. So - whats the real story with the forum and the associated story about selling the website etc....
  4. Running via Firefox, and really notice the improved page loading time... Also, pages now 'fit' better than a day ago, guess still tweaking the site?
  5. Originally Posted By: cody My god have you not looked 4 miles down the road where a club that is two leagues lower than you has a new ground and pulls in bigger crowds than you do . Not just at home but their away support is 300 plus. I know for a fact that their biggest attendance for a league match this season was over 2000 (paying fans) and even had over 1900 for a mid week league match. Fact? Largest home attendance - 2013 (All paying? Not 100% sure, but Dartford are very good at promoting themselves to local schools so would assume a good few giveaways) Next largest - 1,78
  6. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz They were my suggestioin to the club a few years ago, and Brian Kilcullen thought it such a good idea he introduced it. The club gets some cash up front, and spectators will feel more inclined to attend on a cold wet Tuesday February evening in the knowledge that the entrance is already paid for. Not a view that is shared by all tho Gaz...
  7. Originally Posted By: billy nick The issue of shares is laughable, what happened to the MYFC promice of "own the club" sell shares to MYFC society members that already own a 75% stake! And this idea coming from the very people that have spent the past year telling us we were owners! Am sorry - but anyone who thought they were actually buying a real share in a football club for
  8. Originally Posted By: billy nick Never mind eh im sure the 25,000 fleet fans that went to wembley for the trophy final are just queueing up to replace the geeks with their hard earned cash instead. There were plenty of geeks in that 25,000... Add to that the local companies, pubs, and schools who decided to support the club for the day. Unfortunately the internet crowd disappeared as fast as the "Wembley" crowd when it came to home matches against FGR etc
  9. Originally Posted By: American FLEET FAN No1 I am slowly recovering from St Patricks day in Boston. Some of us are still celebrating - Sat night just topped it up!
  10. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin I have made several enquiries of the GM's and they have not changed any posts I am not arguing - but I will state as INTERNET FACT ( the use of caps means this can be taken as truth) that posts here have been altered. If GM's deny they have done so, and bog standard mod's do the same, surely this is a case for Derek Ancorah to investigate?
  11. Originally Posted By: Darter I wanted to RUN a club, not just follow one. Apologies to Darter for just higlighting this If she feels I have taken it out of context... But most of those who signed up, did want exactly that - to RUN a club. To what extent, I dont know. If it was all about picking the side, surely FM08 was the better choice. Why didn't the project work? To my mind, any single internet based project with 30k plus members will struggle - those of you who use other forums, and seen them 'hi-jacked' by 3 or 4 others will understand my comment. From zero to 30k, a
  12. Originally Posted By: Darter It is of course a huge mistake not to play to win every time when your team is losing league games, as it is psychologically very unhelpful to the players to lose yet again ..... so I am sure he will have told them to play to win. Problem is - when your league commitments mean playing every Sat, Tues, Thurs - a MINOR cup competition takes second place. And yes its is only minor - league status counts for so much more... A win would have helped without doubt, but most fans would sacrifice this competition for league survival...
  13. Originally Posted By: loosely Personally, just an opinion but Mr Daish has had some very loyal support and I wouldn't begin to question his playing management skills but, maybe it is time for a fresh approach at the Fleet. Nothing stays the same forever. Problem is - what kind of man would want to work with EUFC/MyFC just now? Finances are in a right mess, budget cuts inevitable, not even sure if its a full or part-time position. And still there is this unknown spectre of PTT...
  14. Originally Posted By: loosely Well as I said, I can't comment can I? I didn't say that I did not believe you, but that is faith not evidence and you haven't offered any. Abusive can be about context too. Don't be abusive and you can talk about what you like. Can't say the same about the "Officious" Forum though can we? Great escape clause... "So, Mr PatMan - you claim that your posts were deleted from the "revenue" thread on FF?" "Yes, your honour" "Hmm, likely story - can you prove this?" "Well, no - seeing as the threads in question are now deleted." "No evidence then?
  15. Originally Posted By: loosely Well if childish damages you then good luck in the playground Pat. Can't comment about the rest though. I must have had an Arsene Wenger moment, but then, we only have your word for that Pat. Not that I wouldn't take it, but its a bit odd Pat, I wouldn't have thought I'd offended you Pat, wouldn't like to accuse you of trolling either, but I suppose everyone has a different interpretation. I guess it all depends on context. Far from offended. The INTERNET is not the place for those who are easily offended! More upset by the fact you think its ok to sa
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