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  1. Link to Nonleaguedaily / Hounslow Chronicle story
  2. BFR

    10/11 Fixtures

    I am legitimately sorry for you guys that I called this one correctly.
  3. BFR

    Hemel reprieved

    Looking at the updated map with Merthyr gone and Hemel in, I can't help but think your boxing day/easter pairing may be with Salisbury. I drove there a few years back for a New Years Day game. Wasn't much fun!
  4. There are question marks over the future of Swindon Supermarine, which might pull Hemel back into the division to give another relatively local game.
  5. BFR


    It makes a bit of a mockery of the Midlands division too, with Hitchin playing their last game of the season after Bury and Burnham finish on the Saturday. Mind you, Rothwell have got to squeeze in 12 games between now and 26th!
  6. BFR


    With Coyne's exemplary disciplinary record, I'm sure he'll fit in well under the stewardship of Mr Jarvis, and possibly alongside Mr Nicholls if the SYCOB troops head to The Gore. Bit of a strange one if you ask me, turning down Maidenhead and upping sticks to Burnham from Windsor, but maybe Mal has struck the nail on its head
  7. Should you not be changing your name to Lower Slough Rebel?
  8. I reckon we'll be drawn against each other in the Southern League Cup, as they do like to keep things regional
  9. Managerial overhaul, strong rumours of a new consortium getting involved with the club, and yet not one peep from a Burnham supporter on their forum. Says it all really.
  10. Mal, Margate who have been relegated but are on the cusp of a reprieve also know what their fate is, but have been told to keep quiet about it until 26 May when then announcement is due to be made
  11. Sycob have a different view on events Bucks Advertiser article Didn't Andy Fitzsimons used to be part of the set up at SYCOB? I like the bit about the cowardly attack on Jarvo. Cowardly is not a word I'd use - deathwish might be nearer to the mark
  12. Originally Posted By: Mrs_Cat The way it is shaping up there doesn
  13. Truro won 2-0 to keep things interesting at the top
  14. Correct Windsor Sec - how Williams stayed on the field nobody will ever know.
  15. BFR


    You might be pleased to learn that somebody on the Cinderford forum seems to think you are a bunch of woofters Referees beware!
  16. BFR


    And according Windsor Sec's message you play away at Uxbridge twice!
  17. BFR


    Well, at least our trip to Stag Meadow is not a Champions League midweek night.
  18. FA Cup Preliminary Round Aylesbury United vs Windsor & Eton (note Chesham have a home tie too, so won't be on the Saturday) winners at home to Kidlington or Sandhurst Town or Bemerton Heath Harlequins or Almondsbury Town. FA Trophy Bye in Preliminary Round 1st Qualifying round away to winners or Winchester City or Taunton Town. Enjoy
  19. Its the draw them up on the back of a matchbox fixture system isn't it?
  20. You need to wait a couple of seconds between ticking boxes otherwise the software gets a bit hissy and gives you error messages. If you pay a tenner you get to add the ryman grounds, although the website seems to believe there are only 20 teams in each division. Which isn't a problem if you haven't visited Tonbridge, Wealdstone, Witham, Wivenhoe, Whyteleafe or Worthing
  21. We seem to have lost the IP addresses from the user profile area on forums. Can this be turned back on as it is quite useful for moderators when dealing with troublesome anonymous posters
  22. BFR


    Dansilk - originally this thread was started on the Slough forum, and was moved over by an admin shortly after Tom's post.
  23. BFR


    Source Leighton Town FC Quote: Town boss quits LEIGHTON Town manager Keith Scott quit the club this week to take over at Windsor and Eton. The surprise announcement came on Wednesday – just four days after Leighton's fine 4-1 victory away to local rivals Dunstable Town. Scott said: "My reasons for going are quite simple. The club I'm joining have a much bigger playing budget than at Leighton so I feel it is an opportunity I can not turn down. I have said on many occasions that the squad at Leighton is good enough but not big enough and the club needed investment for
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