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  1. 01-July 11 - Happy Birthday Stonebridge Red :)

  2. 01-July 10 - Happy Birthday Stonebridge Red :)

  3. Here's a small request for the web team at myfc, could someone have a word with your tv support dept. and tell them to have the courtesy to reply to my e-mails regarding viewing problems that I am experiencing with the tv service, I have also e-mailed the web team regarding a refund without success. I will resend the e-mail in the next day or Two.
  4. On and off the pitch. The team clearly didn't seem to want to be there, there was no quality, no commitment, no desire, no pride, the only thing they did do was run around like a schoolboy team not really knowing where they were meant to be or what they were meant to be doing. Off the pitch, my Son went to get some chips just after half time, only to be told "We have run out of food and only have crisps and chocolate left", WHAT? There were only a couple of hundred people at last Nights match, only a few of whom seemed to queue for food at half time, so could someone please explain why there wasn't enough hot food available on a freezing Night at Stonebridge Road.
  5. Come on lads! a good result today and we're back in the chase for the play offs.
  6. The number of regular posters on this forum have depleted considerably over the last couple of years, I suspect part of the reason for this is the constant bickering amongst some posters and also the number of posts that have nothing to do with the actual football on the pitch, myfc is a part of the club and thats a fact, but a majority of the postings nowadays are more related to myfc than Ebbsfleet United Football Club, people are getting bored with it and just want to discuss the team and matches, for instance, we are playing a must win game today to keep in touch with the play offs, but there isn't a single mention anywhere on any posts today. Whether you agree or disagree with myfc, get behind our team.
  7. Falling asleep at the wheel is 1 thing Jeff, but dreaming that you are Liam Daish and fans are chanting your name suggests you could need therapy
  8. Not sure if this is a serious post or not, but I wouldn't completely ignore it if it is a genuine rumour, Liam has looked and at times, sounded a bit disillusioned lately, I know ALL Managers get fed up with the way their teams perform etc.. But I wonder if Liam feels that he has done all he can to take the club forward, if he does, then maybe he should move on. I'm not saying that I want him to go, or that I believe the rumours, but IF it is true that he has applied for a job elsewhere, then he obviously isn't happy at Ebbsfleet, I don't believe the rumours as I reckon that Liam feels there is a job to finish at Ebbsfleet and that's get us into the League.
  9. Hope so, having my footy and Rugby teams playing at the same ground would be fantastic. Although I dont think any ground that we build would be big enough for London Wasps.
  10. Thats not so bad then DA11, I still feel that there shouldn't be ANY extra to pay out though! Cheers.
  11. I wont be paying it every year, unless they make it an all inclusive price.
  12. Nor did I Hannah, nothing, anywhere appears to tell you that there is any extra cost before you sign up, I personally feel that 35 quid is more than enough to cover everything, I'm certainly not paying out another 15 quid.
  13. WHAT? ANOTHER 15 QUID! Not happy with that! Thanks for the info anyway DA11.
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