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  1. Is that a new rule change this season
  2. But that's obviously the FA's fault...........at least in some eyes
  3. Why should they have to? This isn't an official league forum is it?
  4. You are thinking of Sonar mate. Might head over there this year as heard good things about it. I'm off to Rockness again, will do SW4 if they have sorted the sound issue out and WHP again for sure. I will also finally get round to joining NLN on one of his boat parties!!!
  5. I got that wrong mate! I was thinking of Intershiminter (apologies!!)
  6. Yeah he is Knaphill. Spinning on a Monday is a good cardio workout, although we did a circuits session this week instead for a change. We then train on the 3g at Winston on a Wed. If we have a midweek game we would usually cancel the Monday session for those involved. I think a lot depends on what facilities you have available at your club, or what the club are prepared to foot the cost for.
  7. Doesn't sound like it's changed much since I was there in the mid to late 90's, as the banter was the best at any club I've been involved in.
  8. It has just stopped snowing in Slough where it had been coming down lightly since late morning, but without settling. Unless the temp drops enough to freeze Windsors pitch, I'd be highly surprised if it was called off for any other reason.
  9. Are you sure Ellers didn't just have his tongue in his cheek with that comment?!
  10. That wouldn't be rasict, it would be observational!! Where would the racist element be in your view BJR?
  11. I don't think so apart from within the AFA divisions. There are some very good teams and very good players in the top division. We regularly used to play Old Salesians in PSF at Cobham and they were a very good side with quite a few players who had represented the England team that the AFA have.
  12. He wouldn't even let the captain do that though and told the Feltham captain to go away when he came over to ask him a question near the end of the game!! I have no problem refs being like it if the players are abusing him/her (which unfortunatley is a lot of the time - myself included), but not if they aren't. As I said to him last night, you wonder why players get frustrated with you when you have an ignorant attitude towards them that isn't called for.
  13. I couldn't agree more about the man in the middle last night. I told him that if he want's respect from players then he should also give them it. Ignoring players who weren't swearing and only asking if they could talk to him and ask a question doesn't gain that!! Also, until last night I didn't realise calling somone a "Pikey" was a red card offence......even JB was laughing and asking the ref if he was for real when he sent our captain off for calling JB one after JB had called him a kent!! As for the game, I thought both teams played some good football at times, but yet again poor defensive mistakes cost us on more than one occasion and we also need to take our chances to kill off games when in the lead. Until the sending off I felt we would go on and win, but after that you sensed Feltham would get the result. They stuck to their guns and kept playing in the manor that they had all game and it paid off! Good luck in the semi finals!!
  14. I don't think a player or club official has knocked it though GG!!
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