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  1. Looks like Cheltenham Town - FA Trophy 1st round - 1997/98 season
  2. If teams are level on points the pecking order is: (1) Goal difference (2) Goals scored (3) Number of wins (4) Head to head record If still level, and the order the teams finish has relevance (5) Play off at a neutral venue Therefore, if it finishes Enfield Town 2 Leiston 0 and Dulwich draw 0-0, Enfield Town finish 3rd having scored more goals Dulwich draw 1-1, Enfield Town finish 3rd having won one more game than Dulwich Dulwich draw 2-2 or higher, Dulwich finish 3rd having scored more goals
  3. As Percy was cautioned for the challenge which led to treatment being required, the player did not have to leave the pitch. It's one of the law changes introduced by the IFAB over the summer, and one the referee quiet obviously forgot, as he did instruct the player to leave, and needed some gentle reminders from Dulwich's players and bench that there was a change.
  4. If mistaken identity is proved, the caution is not rescinded, it's transferred to the player who committed the actual offence.
  5. No, it's Darrell Ellams, who is on trial at your local outfit Hampton & Richmond.
  6. http://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/ though it's still in its infancy
  7. Expected to be published next Thursday (12th)
  8. How about away to Rothwell Town or Canvey Island?
  9. Or a bigger bus from Dartford to Northfleet
  10. Rudi Hall's 15 League goals Pens 8 Rebound from pen 1 Free kicks 2 Open Play 4 Offence / player fouled for those 9 pens, Handball 3 Ritchie 2 Campbell, Green, Hammett, Smith 1 each in addition, 2 goals FA trophy, both pens (Handball, Hammett) and 1 Middlesex Senior Cup, pen (Smith)
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