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  1. Good old BGA perhaps out with the old is very apt
  2. Whatever this interloper has to say the fact is we have quality players in all positions, and will be a far better team than last season, whether that will be good enough we cant say yet. I was very impressed yesterday, and its great that there is a sense of positivity around the ground. There is certainly a great deal more professionalism in the administrative side of things, with a second bar area and burger van. Wassamer was excellent all afternoon in his best position at Centre Half and all of the new boys played well. As far as Maidstone are concerned, who cares ! If we are good enough we
  3. They are bound to be jealous, they have worked hard to get a new ground and gates of 2000 are fantastic for this level, all of a sudden they have a team in the same league who can compete with them to sign the best players around and there is nothing they can do about it, I think its great and only hope that the Thanet public repay the ambition of our Chairman, bring it on !!
  4. Not purile, just an opinion which is what a forum is all about
  5. am so glad I got my early bird season ticket !
  6. I think that's the first thing that I am in accord with, its been a long time coming !!
  7. " I think the squad as assembled to date is certainly of sufficient quality to avoid relegation which is always a good starting point." Am sure the owner and manager will be happy with those sentiments !
  8. "But what have the Romans ever done for us????" Unfortunately Rome was not built in a day, but we can always dream.
  9. Just a quick resume, debt wiped out, new owner, great new manager, stadium to commence by February, new players on their way, and so much more !!!
  10. Amazing news, its all a bit too much to take in !!
  11. "Favouritable" !!!! is that Essex lingo ?
  12. Looking forward to that, dont know what it is but I will be voting for it !!
  13. It seems the cats out of the bag on facebook,
  14. It seems the cats out of the bag on facebook,
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