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  1. The plan for this site is to have one post that is updated with all the latest linkes for Weymouth FC. Main site Forum Club Shop Terras Trust
  2. Looking at that it could have been a lot worse for Weymouth but also a lot better!
  3. First early morning spin in goodness knows how long http://t.co/qomsAVYU

  4. just off to the Christening. Can't wait to be a Godparent again !

  5. 28-May 11 - Happy Birthday Jimmythecuckoo :)

  6. Just wondered if any other subscribers will still awaiting issue 11 and 12 of NLN24 magazine? Have emailed them and heard nothing so wondered what was occuring...
  7. This site is about my travels, trials and tribulations... and it is also as advert for my books Stay tuned.
  8. Not really surprised. He was never fit in his first spell.
  9. 28-May 10 - Happy Birthday Jimmythecuckoo :)

  10. Any UCL'ers out there in Fans Focus land?
  11. This happens to me at work... must be something to do with their corporate fire wall or something.
  12. Is there any way that an email campaign can be created to email the webmasters of all UCL club sites? I used to run yaxleyfc.com and their links page has details of eight or nine clubs in the UCL prem with a website. Anyone on site admin got anything that may help. <img src="/images/graemlins/afro.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/afro.gif" alt="" />
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